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    Jaime Reyes was just a regular high school student from El Paso, Texas, until he found the Scarab after Ted Kord lost it. With the Scarab, he has great power and uses that power to protect the innocent as the the third, and current Blue Beetle.

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    This page is for the current Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes

    For the original Blue Beetle see Dan Garret

    For the second Blue Beetle, see Ted Kord


    Jaime Reyes
    Jaime Reyes

    Some time before Ted Kord's death he left Dan Garrett's Scarab in the Rock of Eternity with the wizard Shazam. After the destruction of the rock by the Spectre, the Scarab landed in a vacant lot in El Paso, Texas. There it was found by a high school student, Jaime Reyes. The scarab bonded itself to Jaime's body, and entered into a far more interactive relationship with the boy than it had with Dan Garrett. The scarab now allows Jaime to cover himself in a kind of bio-mechanical armor, which can be modified to enhance his speed and strength, as well as to create weapons, wings and shields. Batman and his group tracked down Jaime because the Scarab was the only thing that could find Brother Eye and stop it. After Brother Eye's destruction Jaime was trapped between dimensions for a whole year and was forced to reveal his secret to his family and friends.


    Jaime Reyes was created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hamner. In Setpember of 2011 all of DC Comics went back to number one's and Blue Beetle origins in the new series has changed in the DC Relaunch series.

    Character Evolution


    Blue Beetle III (New Earth)
    Blue Beetle III (New Earth)

    Even while being trapped for a year after becoming the Blue Beetle, Jaime has met many other superheros and villains in a really short time including Livewire, Eclipso, Superman, Phantom Stranger, and Oracle. Oracle worried for his safety as a new hero so much that she dispatched Peacemaker to keep an eye on him. Unfortunately for Jaime the Sinestro Corps and the Reach teamed up to attack Jaime, and made Peacemaker a secret agent. Peacemaker then removed the scarab that was implanted in him by cutting it out, and though he had to be hospitalized, Jaime still survived.

    Inside the mother ship where his scarab was forcefully removed, "killing" the scarab, Jaime was left powerless and naked. Accessing the knowledge that the scarab had previously input into his brain in case he had to fight without the armor, he made his way back into the Reach's hands. With his death imminent and a gun in his face he is given the chance to give his last words. At this point he says Khaji Da. Hearing this the scarab, supposedly dead, flew from the receptacle that the Reach had put it in and latched itself onto Jaime's spine once again. Then it started explaining things in English text, no longer the cryptic text as was in the past. The scarab revealed its name, Khaji Da, to Jaime (Khaji meaning its Infiltrator Function, Da being it's serial number) although it is the first scarab to take that as its name. Receiving help from many different organizations, the Posse, La Dama, and a portion of the Justice League, Jaime is set on destroying the mother ship, even at the cost of self-sacrifice. Booster Gold, however, saves him at the literal "last moment" prior to activating the destruct sequence.

    New 52

    Blue Beetle (Earth 0)
    Blue Beetle (Earth 0)

    After the events of Flashpoint, the DC Universe was rewritten and Blue Beetle's origin was changed. Jaime was an ordinary high school student living in El Paso. When he sneaks out to go to Brenda's quinceañera with Paco, they drive into the middle of a super-villain showdown. They are fighting over an artifact called the scarab which has been put into a backpack During the fight, the backpack ends up next to Jaime and to draw the villains away from Paco he puts it on and runs down an alleyway. The scarab then burns through the backpack and bonds with Jaime, transforming him into the Blue Beetle.

    In this series there is no mention of any previous holders of the Blue Beetle name. In fact Jaime seems to have been the only one to have been called Blue Beetle. Ted Kord and Dan Garrett are seemingly retconned out of existence or at least don't have anything to do with Jaime Reyes or the Blue Beetle name in this continuity. Thoughout the New 52 series Blue Beetle encounters several new foes in Blood Beetle, Silverback, Rompe Huesos, Coyote, Brutale and Stopwatch as well returning foes in La Dama and The Reach. Jaime also finds himself crossing paths with established DCU characters in Booster Gold Kyle Rayner, Bleez, Mr Bones and the Brotherhood of Evil (Phobia, Warp and Plasmus). All of his friends and family also make a return but it seems that unlike his previous series they don't know Jaime is Blue Beetle. The series ends with Jaime being trapped in outer space on a distant hostile planet with his stories being continued in a spin-off series featuring several cosmic DC characters.


    Blue Beetle (Earth Prime)
    Blue Beetle (Earth Prime)

    Jaime Reyes once again returns with a new on-going series. It appears as though the events of the New 52 series have been retconned out of existence and we once again get a new history for our hero. In this series he still a young high school student who winds up having his spine bonded to a mysterious scarab. Unlike Jaime's previous two solo series, Ted Kord is very much known to Jaime and alive. He is mentoring Jaime and is very protective of him.

    There has been no mention of the Reach, Black Beetle or anything associating Blue Beetle to an alien origin. In fact it was revealed by Doctor Fate that the scarab is not of alien origin, but of magical origin effectively tying Jaime and his mythology to the original Blue Beetle Dan Garrett. At school, Jaime describes having dreams about his scarab fighting Fate as a colossal beast to his friend Brenda, who tries to reassure him that these visions are just dreams. Jaime doesn't think so and instead feels that something big is coming.

    Post Crisis Story Arcs

    Jaime's personal life and superhero life

    Jamie's sister Milagro
    Jamie's sister Milagro

    A notable element of the Jaime's Blue Beetle series has been its focus on Jaime Reyes’ family. This has given Jaime’s story a strong emotional foundation and is considered to be a fan-favorite feature of the comic book. Jaime Reyes and his family are Mexican-American Catholics living in El Paso, Texas. Whether their religious affiliation is devout or nominal is not clear, but the Catholic crucifix hangs in the family room of the Reyes home. Jaime’s father Alberto runs a garage. Jaime has offered to work for his father, but Alberto has rejected his offer, regarding Jaime's education as paramount. Alberto is an old-fashioned man with fierce protective feelings about his family. He is clearly very proud of Jaime and on one occasion describes him as “a perfect son”. In the past, Alberto was crippled during a shooting incident and is forced to walk with a cane. At one point Jaime also confronted Luis, the man that crippled his father, although Jaime was forced to forgive Luis and had to keep the Spectre from killing a group of prison inmates at the same time.

    Jaime’s mother Bianca is a paramedic. She has appeared in uniform in a number of issues. She struggles with Jaime’s Blue Beetle alter ego and has freaked out at the appearance of the Blue Beetle in her home. Nevertheless, she loves her son and is slowly coming to terms with his alternative super life. Jaime also has a cute little sister called Milagro. Although they argue like any brother and sister, the brother-sister bond is nevertheless strong. The love and affection between them has been demonstrated on a number of occasions. Milagro thinks that having the Blue Beetle for a big brother is cool.

    Jaime x Traci 13

    When Eclipso, wearing Jean Loring's body, attempting to find a more powerful body in the form of two of the Posse's new baby, Traci stepped in to prevent her from succeeding. Being completely over powered, Traci managed to escape and locate Jaime Reyes, to enlist him, as the Blue Beetle, to help her defeat Eclipso. After tracking Eclipso, they find the Posse trapped by Shadow Weaver magic, and the pair attack Eclipso. After a pitched battle, where Eclipso turns Blue Beetle into his ultimate dark fantasy, a Dentist, she is eventually defeated by Traci, as she revealed that her part in this battle was to avenge her friend, and “family” member Sue Dibny. The pair form their new relationship together, beginning with a kiss.

    Jaime & Traci
    Jaime & Traci

    When they next came into contact with each other, Jaime called Traci to get her expertise in an incident related to magic, as Giganta tore through La Dama's house. Traci was helping Edo and Detective Chimp with a closed Room murder in Russia.

    While chasing down a criminal selling Fake helmets of Nabu, Traci offered Jaime her advice on how to deal with the Spectre – That he couldn't do it. She also suggested that the next time they meet, they go on an actual date rather than talking “business”.

    When Blue Beetle took the fight for the freedom of Earth to the Reach directly, Traci was there to protect his family from the Reach's assault from space. She also aided La Dama, the Posse and Peacemaker in the protection of the Reyes family from Reach agents. After the Reach are official defeated, by the newly reformed Justice League International as well as Jaime, Traci and the others relax in the Reyes family garden.

    Traci is next invited along to meet Jaime's family, on his fathers side. None of them speak any English, which leaves Traci in an unenviable position of not knowing who was saying what. She offered to help Jaime deal with a situation where the Ley Lines were being upset in Ciudad Juarez, but Jaime handled it solo.

    Traci and Jaime were out on a date when a number of misguided youths summoned a demon into El Paso. Traci couldn't identify the Demon, and spent many hours researching in a large, occult library, only to discover that the demon itself was not a real demon, but a revenge spell worked by three kids to get back at their teachers – Traci solved the situation, but left Jaime feeling helpless as there was nothing he could do.

    After a short time apart, Traci appeared with Jaime as he and his father traveled into Mexico to uncover information about drugs giving kids super-powers. Since magic had been acting strangely, Traci was unable to do anything that didn't involve Carrots for that day, and set about helping Jaime and his father, to deal with the mobsters and super-powered drug users in any way she could.

    Traci was present for the attack of the Khaji Da Revolutionary Army, as they attacked the Blue Beetle at his prom. After a pitched battle, Jaime had all of his bones broken, and Traci flew out to visit him in hospital.

    Jaime's Friends

    Brenda & Paco
    Brenda & Paco

    Paco and Brenda are Jaime’s best friends. All three teenagers attend the same high school in El Paso. Paco and Brenda were with Jaime on the fateful day when he first discovered the mystical scarab in a disused lot on the way home from school. During the year of Jaime’s disappearance after becoming the Blue Beetle, Paco hooked up with a meta-human Hispanic gang known as the Posse. Meanwhile Brenda was taken in by her aunt - later revealed to be a local crime lord, La Dama - following the death of her abusive father. On Jaime’s return, Paco and Brenda quickly discovered that their friend had become the meta-human and crime fighter known as Blue Beetle. They quickly adjusted to Jaime’s superhero status and have risen to the challenge of being his crime fighting accomplices, as well as his friends. They even helped Jaime thwart the alien civilization known as the Reach from fulfilling their ambitions to take over the Earth.

    Family Reunion

    Jamie's personal life and superhero life came smashing in on itself when Jaime and Traci arrived at a family reunion and he introduces her to his extended family members. There Jaime finds that his grandmother knows about him being the Blue Beetle and his mother told her. Although Jaime is not quite happy, his grandmother excepts him as a hero and even defends Blue Beetle from another family member who disrespected his alter ego (not knowing his secret). He has to leave the reunion after Khaji Da picks up the energies of the Posse. He finds that they have been attacked by Parasite who drained their combined powers. He, at first, seems like too much for the Blue Beetle, but Jaime reveals he can allow Khaji Da to take over and this increases their power enough to easily defeat Parasite. He returns to the reunion and even gives his grandmother a ride flying.

    Jamie joins The Teen Titans

    Teen Titans
    Teen Titans

    Jaime first teamed up with the Teen Titans in a fight against Lobo. After Jaime helped the Teen Titans against Lobo he was given the chance for a trip to the tower. He finally took the chance but sadly this came upon when the Titans from the future choose to travel to the past and make sure their future happens. However these Titans are from a far more violent future and make sure things will happen their way by force. To make matters worse Starro has begun to use his powers on super villains due to the Sinestro War. Jaime fights along side the Titans and helps fight against not only the Starro controlled foe but the army of future Titans. However it should be noted that throughout the battle Kid Devils' future self Red Devil said Jaime could not be trusted. His experience with with the Teen Titans leads him to reluctantly train at the Teen Tower.

    Jaime befriends Kid Devil

    Despite his distrust of Jaime, Kid Devil was forced to work with him when the two where attacked by Shockwave. Jaime attempted to settle their issues as Kid Devil distrusted him not only because of his future self's words but also because of his closeness to Ravager, but Blue Beetle assured him he has no feeling for her and is somewhat afraid of her. The two soon work together to beat Shockwave and the experience allowed Kid Devil to activate new powers. After that he decided to change his name to Red Devil and showed a new friendship towards Jaime.

    The KDRA

    The KDRA
    The KDRA

    After Jaime is attacked by foes of Ted Kord's including Masked Marauder, Squid Gang, Fire Fist, Madmen, Catalyst and Carapax (now using steam power) and beats them he goes to a valentine's day dance an hour later. Traci 13, whom he developed a relationship, is there along with Paco and Brenda. Brenda is very worried that because she is now dating Paco it may have a negative strain on hers and Jaime friendship. However the dance is broken up by the sudden arrival of the KDRA (Khaji Da Revolutionary Army). Their showing up makes it almost public that Jaime is really the Blue Beetle. The leader of the KDRA, Djo Zha, explained that the KDRA was really made by the scarab sharing its information with the Reach computers and spreading its want to be free from their oppression. They told Blue Beetle the real reason they where there was to have him become the army's leader to destroy the Reach. Meanwhile Jaime's ally Nadia has translated the scarabs language and knows that the KDRA have a secret plan and tries to warn Jaime. Back at the dance the KDRA is revealed to not be as benign as it would seem and feel that the best way to help worlds such as earth is to remove all oppression by destroying countries such as the U.S.A and China and what they call "terrorist" cells like the Justice League. Of course Jaime is against them and now the KDRA chooses to kill him.

    Jaime begins to fight the KDRA (while Nadia saves his secret with a hologram). Despite Hector's arrival Nadia is killed while Jaime is fighting and, believing the hologram to be him, becomes angry (the hologram was just standing doing nothing without orders). Jaime later interprets something Nadia had told him and realizes he can use Khaji Da to control the others and the scarab decides to use a reboot (however it will last 27.4 days and the scarab isn't sure if it will survive.) After the reboot begins Jaime loses his powers and is forced to use the host of Djo Zha (the host has wings) to break a fall. However he is wounded enough to need to go to the hospital. While there he becomes aware of Nadia's fate and for days he is in the hospital. Nadia had a funeral and Hector has vanished. Finally the scarab makes a small appearance , but just long enough to heal Jaime. Meanwhile the KDRA have been arrested by the GL Corps and Peacemaker even drops by on Jaime. Later the scarab is back to full strength but Hector is still gone and he has the Djo Zha scarab. Hector is seen in L.A getting a car using the scarabs name (implying he is the villain Black Beetle).

    Robot Attack!

    While with Paco and Brenda at a fast food place Jaime notices that the city is under attack by a giant robot named Thinko. The fight lasted three whole hours before Jaime was able beat Thinko. After doing some investigating they found out who created Thinko back in the 1940's. The man's name was Alan Von Neuman. they go to a prison looking for him but find only his son Alan Von Neuman Jr. He tells them that he didn't reuse the robot and he didn't want them to get his daughter involved but as they left Neuman Jr. his own robots appeared calling themselves the Unimate.

    The robots free the doctor and take him to his daughter Maria while Jaime still fights a few. He is able to trick them into attacking each other by making them think they are attacking him. Paco later locates Maria, but is kidnapped by her. Blue Beetle and Brenda realize he is missing and go after him only to be attacked by Maria with robotic arms.

    The Blue and The Gold

    The Beetle Team
    The Beetle Team

    Around this time Jaime was also called together by Booster Gold and various Blue Beetles to help save the life of Ted Kord. However doing so altered reality and it was revealed this was planned by the Blue Beetle who was actually Black Beetle, a future enemy of Jaime's. However Ted allowed himself to die to fix reality (although later it was implied he may have found a way to live and secure the time stream). The Blue Beetle team up with with Booster Gold in the series to help Booster Gold defeat Ted Kord who is a Black Lantern.

    Generation Lost

    Although Jaime is a young hero he is also part of the Generation Lost Justice League with Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire, Ice and Rocket Red 7. All the Generation Lost members are ex-members of the Justice League International team. The Blue Beetle, Ted Kord was originally part of this group and Jaime has filled in for Ted's spot on the team. The group was never officially put together but drawn together by Max Lord's manipulation. The team is now dedicated to finding and stopping Max. When Maxwell Lord kidnapped Jaime Reyes, he tried to make him become a soldier in Max's army. However, Jaime resisted Max's mind control and was no more of use to Max. With the Justice League International hot on Jaime's trail, Max decided to make his plan fall into action by (first) killing the Blue Beetle. Sealing the ships doors shut, the Justice League International came to late to save Jaime, however witnessed his death. Ironically being shot in the head like Ted Kord, Jaime was as same and even more, a hero the very end.

    Jaime is Back!

    The Death of Blue Beetle?
    The Death of Blue Beetle?

    With Beetle dead, Booster promised that he would kill Maxwell Lord when he gained the chance. Wanting to make sure that Jaime is really dead, the team takes Jaime to an abandoned island where they check to see if he is alive. Red Rocket delivers the bad news and states that he isn't alive. Another beetle has fallen at the hands of Maxwell Lord. Jaime's supposed death was only temporary however, he is shown to be alive and well. The Scarab armor was able to block Maxwell Lord's shot and put Jaime's in temporary stasis while his body healed. Back to full health and is ready with the team to help hunt down Max Lord again with the Justice League International, where they left off at. After the events and fighting Max Lord to the end to defeat him and with the help of Batman returning from the dead to help the team.

    New 52 Story Arcs


    The scarab, Khaji-Da, was sent to cocoon planets for the Reach with the help of an organic host. However it is damaged from a Green Lantern blast and is unable to take complete control over Jaime and is forced to allow him little control. The Reach have found that their scarab Khaji-Da has activated after years assuming it to have been destroyed. Reach agents, Lu-Kreeza and Khaji-Kai set the cruiser for Earth to investigate. After escaping from the Brotherhood of Evil agents (Phobia, Warp, and Plasmus) and La Dama's men (Brutale, Rompe Huesus, and Coyote), he flew Paco to Brenda's party but Khaji-Da caused him to toss his cookies on La Dama's shoes when he tried to explain things. He returned home and managed to force the scarab to retract as he was reunited with his worried family.

    In the morning, his mom noticed the scarab on his spine and thought it was a tattoo, which she scolded him for before he left for school where Khaji-Da tried to kill the bullies when they began to harass Jaime. After hearing that the Brotherhood were hunting down Paco to question him about the scarab, he tracked down his friend and battled Silverback and the others. He defeated Silverback who was then abandoned by the other members of the Brotherhood. Paco witnessed the suit revealing his face and Khaji-Da, finding the mission compromised, forced Jaime to stab him through the heart. In an effort to save his friend, Jaime managed to override the suit and supplied Paco with a transbiotic antitrauma unit (T.A.U.). When paramedics arrived, he left the scene and hauled Silverback along, tossing him in an abandoned building, before heading to the hospital as Jaime. La Dama, who was accompanying her niece, told him that they needed to talk and lured him to her home where she trapped him in an attempt to acquire the scarab. He managed to escape but the entire house disappeared immediately afterwards.

    Returning home, he had to face Paco, who the T.A.U. had turned into the Blood Beetle to replaced the 'flawed' Khaji-Da. Jaime and Khaji-Da managed to convince the Blood Beetle that the former had relinquished control to the latter, causing the T.A.U. to recede from Paco, but requiring Jaime to strike and threaten Brenda's life. To protect his family and friends, he left for the east coast, settling in New York City where he was scraping by.and trying to get a hold of the powers provided by the scarab.

    Blood Beetle and the Reach

    Blue Beetle vs Blood Beetle
    Blue Beetle vs Blood Beetle

    During Green Lantern: New Guardians other representatives of the Reach attack Odym, homeworld of the Blue Lantern Corps, where it is revealed that their armours have taken control of them; Jaime speculates, during a confrontation with Kyle Rayner, that his armour is damaged, explaining why he is in control of himself where other Reach soldiers are enslaved to their armour. Jaime next came into conflict with Bleez, and Glomulus, but ended up working alongside them and Kyle Rayner in the end to defeat an alien who had sought out the Lanterns.

    After digging through a dumpster in the search of food, he decided to seek out the DEO as Green Lantern had handed over the alien that they had captured. He headed into the building, but they subdued and then restrained him. Mr. Bones talked with him, attempting to determine his plans and then offered to hire him, but he refused the offer and escaped. Booster Gold sent a message of welcome to Blue Beetle but fought him, recognizing Khaji-Da as part of the Reach. Jaime was saved by his paternal grandmother, but battled Blood Beetle once again when the T.A.U. sensed that Khaji-Da wasn't carrying out his task. Managing to gain an upperhand, Jaime sacrificed tissue from his own heart to repair the wound to Paco's and then extracted the T.A.U. The friends returned to Jaime's grandmother's house, neither of them aware of his identity as the Blue Beetle.


    The Reach capture Jaime Reyes and trade him to The Game on Planet Tolerance. The Controlled Blue Beetle is to hunt Jediah Caul while also being hunted. Jaime Reyes is knocked unconscious by Catain K'Rot and the Scarab transforms him into the controlled Beetle. Blue Beetle chases K' Rot and Pig-Iron into a building he sees Caul. Blue Beetle pursues Caul into a new building until the scarab gives Reyes back control. Reyes is hiding atop the ledge of a building where he meets another being hunted, Lonar of The New Gods.

    Rebirth Story Arcs

    Jaime Reyes is Blue Beetle!

    Dan Garett and Ted Kord are revealed to have not only known each other but worked together in the past. Dan Garrett is pushed into committing suicide by Dr Fate. His last phone call was to Ted Kord before Fate appeared and caused his car to crash into the river, along with one of his newest discoveries, an ancient blue Scarab.

    Flash a bit forward and It's a normal day towards the end of summer vacation. Jaime Reyes is hanging out with his best friends Paco and Brenda by the river. They spot a mysterious blue item in the water and Paco jumps in to retrieve it. The mysterious item starts moving in Paco's hands which freaks him out. He tosses it closer to Brenda and Jaime but the item emits a strange energy blast which knocks everyone out except for Jaime. The item then bonds to Jaime Reyes and thus Blue Beetle is born!

    The More Things Change!

    Blue Beetle Rebirth
    Blue Beetle Rebirth

    Jaime Reyes and Ted Kord are now working together with the latter mentoring the former. Two meta humans (Rack & Ruin) are hired by La Dama to take out Blue Beetle but fail to do so when Ted intervenes. After the altercation Dr Fate shows up in Ted's lair to reveal that the Scarab is of magical origin and that Jaime is in danger.

    The next day Jaime discovers that several families in El Pasohave gone missing and follows a tip on their whereabouts given to Ted by the meta human street gang known as The Posse. When he arrives Jaime is ambushed by a meta human named Blot and discovers an even bigger conspiracy! According to the Posse, who show up after Jaime defeats Blot, every clue leads to a dead end. The Posse then inform Jaime that his mother is their personal doctor which leads to a flirtatious scuffle between him and a female member named Blur. The next morning Jaime wakes up to a battle between him and a horde of enemies with no recollection of flying there. He's apparently losing control of the Scarab and that freaks him out enough to convince Ted to help remove it. While examining Jaime, Ted discovers that the Scarab is changing Jaime's skeletal morphology.

    Elsewhere Doctor Reyes is treating a member of the Posse with Blur keeping watch. They are ambushed by a being calling himself Mordecai. This brings Jaime into the fray as he transforms into Blue Beetle to defend his mother. Mordecai makes short work of Jaime and right when it looks like victory is imminent, The Posse intervene. Morecai is then summoned back by his master.

    After Ted fills everyone in on everything he knows about the Scarab, its connection to the death of Dan Garrett, the missing families and Mordecai, Jaime storms off in a fit of rage looking for Mordecai. He finds him and the two battle it out! The Scarab takes over and is about to kill Mordecai until Dr Fate shows up to stop it. The two power houses battle it out until the real enemy is revealed as Arion, sorcerer supreme of Atlantis! Arion removes the Scarab from Jaime and claims it as his own. Ted shows up to help Jaime but Dr Fate teleports the two of them away to safety. After that Arion quickly defeats Dr Fate.

    With the Scarab removed, Jaime is taken back home with his family. On the way there they run into Kevin Kho aka OMAC, one of Jaime's friends. They are then ambushed by Mordecai's army, now powered by Arion. Kevin transforms into OMAC and saves Jaime but Doctor Reyes is unfortunately turned into one of Arion's monsters. This leads Jaime back to Ted's base for help. Jaime suits up in Ted's old armour and goes into battle with Teri (Ted's speedster assistant) and OMAC. Arion continues to turn the people of El Paso into monsters (Paco, Brenda, Milagro, Jaime's parents...etc) which brings Ted into the fray. Dr Fate is also reawakened when our heroes reunite Nabu with Kent Nelson.

    Our heroes take on the horde of Arion's army and its revealed that Jaime has a telepathic link to the Scarab. It is with this link, this unique bond so to speak, that Jaime is able to call out to the Scarab and rip it from Arion's body! In doing so Jaime Reyes is Blue Beetle once again and together with the Scarab defeats Arion!

    Beetle and the Bat

    The battle of El Paso between Blue Beetle, his allies and Arion drew the attention of none other than the Batman! He has stopped by to determine if Blue Beetle is trained enough to continue operating. Batman ends up in Ted's office and criticizes the way he's been training the hero. After a rather one sided conversation Batman leaves to seek out Blue Beetle in action.

    Elsewhere Jaime Reyes is caught off guard while preparing for a date with Naomi by new villain Ghostfire! The two duke it out before Jaime realizes he is fighting a terminally ill man under the armor. Batman observes the fight from afar until civilians are put in danger. Batman and Blue Beetle take down Ghostfire together but end up disagreeing on what to do with him. Bats wants to send him to prison but Blue says the man needs help and recommends a hospital. Jaime stands his ground, which impresses Batman. Batman then says that Blue Beetle has the heart of a hero but requires more training. Batman then leaves and admits thay he'll be keeping eye on the young hero.

    Jaime X Naomi

    Jaime & Naomi
    Jaime & Naomi

    After nearly dying at the hands of Arion, traveling to the future, defeating Ghost Fire and meeting Batman, Jaime decides "life is too short" and asks his crush Naomi out on a date. She says yes and two start dating, however Jaime decides not to reveal his alter-ego Blue Beetle to her. The two go on a run summer road trip with Paco and Brenda but the trip goes awry when Stopwatch and his Short-Timer army attack them. After nearly dying at the hands of Stopwatch, Naomi deduces that Jaime is Blue Beetle since every time the hero popped up to save them, Jaime disappeared. Angered she punches Jaime, and doesn't speak to him the whole trip home. After several days however she forgives him and makes him promise never to lie to her again. He agrees and two enter their senior year of high school as a couple.

    Powers and Abilities


    Jaime doesn't really have a uniform like the other Blue Beetles, his is more of a sentient techno-organic weapon that covers his body. He seemingly had no control of the way his uniform would look when it first appeared but it did have elements of Ted Kord's costume.

    This is ironic because Ted was never able to get the scarab to work for him and yet Jaime's costume looks the most like his.


    Blue Beetle, Blue Print
    Blue Beetle, Blue Print

    The Blue Beetle scarab is the most powerful weapon of all the Blue Beetles. The only Blue Beetle to have not used the Scarab is Ted Kord. Jaime has had the most unique powers and has fully bonded to the Scarab. The Scarab can still use many of it's powers on it's own and can take over the armor if Jaime is being manipulated. Jaime even believes that there may be weapons powerful enough to hurt the Spectre due to the scarab giving him options after options on how to handle him.

    The Scarab won't hurt nature unless reasoned with and it causes Green Lanterns to act violently towards him and defends itself in response. The nature of the scarab is still unknown. It has a strong reaction to the Green Lantern rings as Guy Gardner attacked him, and is driven to escape from them whenever possible. It has recently been revealed that the scarab is a piece of ancient alien technology created by a conquering race called the Reach.


    1. Tracking Systems: The suit can track any form of energy, biological, magic or technology.
    2. Scarab Sight: The Scarab can track anyone Jaime has encountered and search for anything concealing itself even if they are in other dimensions, he was able to see someone who uses a tachyon energy to make himself invisible by shifting between space-time. It can also determine a persons conditions such as pregnancy.
    3. Symbiotic Telepathic Communication: Jaime and the Scarab can communicate but the Scarab talks in it's own language.
    4. Wireless Network Connection: He accessed the Internet with his suit and sent and e-mail to Booster Gold
    5. Superhuman Strength: Estimate of Baseline Enhanced Strength Capacity: roughly 5 ton lifting/carrying capacity.

      *Strength Augmentation: The AI of the Scarab has proven capable of further enhancing the strength output of the armor’s wear. In the "Young Justice" animated television series, Jaime is able to hold his own in melee weapon combat against Black Beetle when he allows the scarab to control his actions. Black Beetle’s scarab has proven capable of increasing its wearer's strength level to match that of Mongul, who has tremendous superhuman strength. It can be assumed that as Jaimie's mastery of the Blue Scarab's ability increases, he will also become more adept at enhancing his strength to Class 100 levels.

    6. Superhuman Agility -Armor Resilience.
    7. Partial Armor Manifestation/ShapeShift: The scarab is capable of totally or partially covering the form of its wearer. In either instance, the wearer still has full access to the scarab's function array. When the scarab's armor fully covers the wearer, it also provides a limited shape-shifting ability (as seen when the wears arms/hands become complex weapons systems).
    8. Dual-Purpose Wings: the wings could act as a shield but have changed to be more translucent.
    9. Flight Mode: The scarab is capable of sub-luminal flight velocities, and can enter sub-space [but it told Jaime that entering sub-space travel would annihilate him].
    10. Battle Analysis Adaptation..
    11. Vibrational Frequency Manipulation: He was capable of touching someone moving at a different vibrational frequency
    12. Weapons Array: The Scarab has hundreds of different weapons configurations that it can instantly make available to its wearer. From clubs, blades and grappling spikes, to sonic blasters, ion cannons and anti-matter blasters, the Scarab can instantly generate and provide a tool for almost any need that arises.
    13. Translation: He can understand most languages in the known universe
    14. Waste Disposal: He doesn't need to use the bathroom in the suit.
    15. Healing factor: Capable of healing himself after Maxwell Lord shot him in the head, he replicated his own heart and fused it to his friend, Paco, to save his life when the scarab said such measures are meant for only the host (Jaime).

    Personal Data

    • Real Name: Jaime Reyes
    • Height: 5'8"
    • Weight: 145 lbs.
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Brown


    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Student, adventurer
    • Known Relatives: Alberto Reyes (father), Bianca Reyes (mother), Milagro Reyes (sister)

    Other Versions

    Justice Society of America #37-38

    An alternate version of Jaime appears in Justice Society of America #37-38 as part of the Fatherland storyline. Set twenty years in the future, Jaime has lost his powers after Captain Nazi and his fellow white supremacist villains activate their Great Darkness Engine, a device which neutralizes most of the world's metahumans and allows a Neo-Nazi regime known as the Fourth Reich to take over America. Held prisoner alongside the world's few surviving superheroes, Jaime is ultimately killed by security guards after attacking Mr. Terrific during the execution ceremony for Batman and the Joker.

    Earth 3

    Said to be the birthplace of evil; rather than "right" and "wrong", the ruthless nations of Earth 3 cared only for strength above all, the weak deserving only annihilation. This hopelessly corrupted world was thus ruled by the sadistic, unstoppable Crime Syndicate, twisted counterparts to the Justice League.

    A psychotic mirror of regular Earth's Blue Beetle, Scarlet Scarab, is from this Earth. His insanity is represented by regularly using the powers his own suit gives him to create armament far in excess of his enemies' response capabilities and harming innocents, even when they've cleared a path for him.


    Jaime appeared in Flashpoint as a member of the Battalion of Ambush Bugs. The team consists on him, Queen Bee, Firefly new characters Cockroach and Canterbury Cricket. The team's mission was to stop the amazons in England. Unfortunately all the team, with the exception of Canterbury Cricket who was able to escape, was killed by the Amazons.


    In this universe Jaime Reyes is under the tutelage of Ted Kord after the scarab attaches itself to his spine. He is a young hero who is trying to do the right thing after surviving the Regime's reign of terror. When his mentor, Ted Kord, is killed on live tv by the Society, Jaime alligns himself with Batman and the Insurgency as the new Blue Beetle!

    Other Media


    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Blue Beetle, Batman: Brave and the Bold
    Blue Beetle, Batman: Brave and the Bold

    Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) first appears in Batman: the Brave and the Bold. The episodes he appears in are ' Rise of the Blue Beetle', the opening sequence of 'Invasion of the Secret Santas', "Fall of the Blue Beetle" (along with Ted Kord and Dan Garrett in flash backs, and Jarvis Kord as the main villain of the episode), 'Game Over for Owlman', and 'Night of the Huntress'.

    Jaime is a recurring character of the series. As a teenager Jaime is an inexperienced hero, he is naive and talkative, and often in awe of other heroes. His attitude sometimes annoys Batman, but he has an appropriate sense of justice. His suit has its own intelligence and advises Jaime during missions.

    It's revealed that Jaime was chosen by Blue Scarab to become the new beetle, and the device allow him to use his full potential. In the series its shown how the two former Beetles died. Dan Garrett passed the mantle to Ted Kord in his final act and Ted dies in an explosion of a rocket that was sent to Hub City by his uncle Jarvis.

    In the series exists a place named Science Island, home of the ultimate Blue Scarab Technologies and headquarters of Jarvis Kord. He appears in "Darkseid Descending!" as a member of the Justice League International and helps defend Earth from the Invading parademon army. He also appears in "Time Out For Vengeance!" again in the J.L.I and goes with Booster Gold to save the Batman in pirate times.


    When an alien weapon in the form of a scarab fuses itself with teenager Jaime Reyes, he is turned into Blue Beetle. Unfortunately, he is unable to control the scarab and ends up attacking Metropolis. This episode also includes Ted Kord and a mention of Dan Garrett.

    Young Justice: Invasion

    Blue Beetle, Young Justice Invasion
    Blue Beetle, Young Justice Invasion

    In July 2015, on the night that Ted Kord (Blue Beetle II) died in an explosion in Kord Industries, Jaime stumbled upon the Scarab, which bonded to his spine. He believes that it was created by Kord, but it is actually of Reach origin. Though he has never personally met Kord, he has been widely informed that his predecessor was a good man. Shortly after he began his career, he met (on separate occasions) Peacemaker, Guy Gardner and Captain Atom, all of whom reported their findings to Nightwing. Grayson later had Wondergirl find Jaime, and offers membership to the Young Justice team, insisting that Ted Kord would've wanted him to join and that it'd give Jaime plenty of training and experience. The discussion is cut short by an emergency in Metropolis, and soon after Jaime finds himself enjoying the excitement and heroics, and agrees to join the team.

    Jaime's first appearance on the show was in the first episode of season two, "Happy New Year". He aids "Delta Squad" in capturing Clayface in the sewers, commenting on Beast Boy's horrid odor. Later, he is assigned to "Gamma Squad" along with Robin III and Lagoon Boy to capture the remaining Kroloteans in New Orleans. The group eventually located the alien base under-water and were attacked, until his suit translated their alien language and discovered they were attempting to vacate before the base self-destructed. Jaime then took an alien hostage to locate the kidnapped citizens, and he along with the rest of Gamma Squad rescued them just before the building exploded.

    In "Alienated", Jaime and Karen Beecher visit Bibbo's Diner, where they find that "Bibbo" is actually a krolotean impostor. They chase "Bibbo" into the ally, when the real Bibbo cuts them off and knocks out the faker. A krolotean climbs out of the suit and escapes into the sewers, while Jaime argues with his suit on what he should have done to stop the alien.

    While Nightwing and a few leaguers attempt to help the cloned Roy Harper, Blue Beetle III and Superboy take care of personal business in "Salvage". He and Conner follow a white van on it's way to the Hall of Justice, suspected to be Intergang, they find Whisper A'Daire and Bruno Mannheim. Superboy has Jaime scan the Hall, and the two discover Bruno using Apokoliptan device, awakening husks of Appellaxian warriors the Justice League had previously defeated. The two fight the golem, while Sportsmaster and the Black Beetle watch from afar. Eventually, Blue discovers that the creature is in pain and only wishes to end it's suffering, but before he or Superboy can do anything to help it, the Black Beetle disrupts device controlling the golem, shattering it to smithereens. The Hall's guards thank Superboy for saving them, while Jaime wonders what had killed the mysterious husk.

    In "Beneath", Jaime attempts to find his abducted friend Tye, launching a full investigation throughout his hometown, but finds no trace of his missing friend.

    Blue Beetle, Young Justice Invasion
    Blue Beetle, Young Justice Invasion

    In "Satisfaction", Jaime, Tim, Garfield, and Bart pay tribute to fallen heroes, most recently Artemis. Jaime is upset never to have met the previous Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, so Bart invites him to hang out, and to replace the bag of chips he stole, to which Jaime agrees.

    In "Darkest", Impulse surprises Jaime by appearing on his front doorstep, asking to "chill-hang". To avoid having his secret identity compromised, he suits up and they head out of town. The two wind up showing off their powers in the dessert, trying to one-up each-other, but run into Aqualad's strike team (himself, Tigress/Artemis, Icicle Jr., and the Terror Twins). Jaime gets captured, and placed in an inhibitor collar. The scarab reasons with Jaime that they could escape, but Jaime declines, not willing to risk the lives of his friends. The scarab takes over command of Jaime's body, taking out Tigress and Icicle Jr., and knocking a detonator out of Kaldur's hand. Tigress tranquilizes Blue, and Kaldur detonates the Mount Justice, as well as captures Jaime, Impulse and Beast Boy.

    At the beginning of "Before the Dawn", we see a flashback of how Jaime found the scarab on a shortcut home. We then see Jaime awaken in captivity, unable to suit up, the scarab simply translate what is being spoken outside his cryo-tube, two scientists and the black beetle discus what to do to Jaime, wanting to "reboot" the scarab and kill Jaime. Later, we see a flash-forward where a larger Blue Beetle threatens to kill Bart. We then return to present where Impulse is rescuing Jaime from his containment, while also explaining to him how Jaime later brings about a Reach apocalypse. Blue then allows the scarab to take full control and saves Wonder Girl and Miss Martian from Black Beetle, allowing the two to escape the alien ship with the rest of the team. The ship crashes into the water and Jaime regains control of himself, and Black Beetle knocks him out. Lagoon boy dives back into the sinking ship and rescues Jaime. The team departs and Nightwing congratulates the group on a job well done.

    Blue Beetle DC Nation Short

    Blue Beetle, DC Nation Short
    Blue Beetle, DC Nation Short

    In 2012 a live action short starring Blue Beetle premiered on Cartoon Network during Green Lantern the animated series. It starred Garrett Plotkin in the titular role of Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle.

    DC Super Hero Girls

    Blue Beetle makes a cameo as a background character in several episode of the series. He has yet to recieve a speaking role.

    Justice League Action

    Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle is a reoccuring character on the CN animated series titled JLA. He is once again voiced by Jake T Austin. The character made his debut in the episode titled "Timeshare" where he teams up with Batman to stop Chronos from distorting the timeline.

    Young Justice: Outsiders

    In October 2016 it was confirmed that WB animation would be reviving Young Justice for a third season set to air in 2018. At San Diego Comic Con 2017 Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle was confirmed to still be a member of the team in a promo photo released for the show.


    Justice League vs Teen Titans

    Blue Beetle, JL vs TT (DCAMU)
    Blue Beetle, JL vs TT (DCAMU)

    In March of 2016 Jaime Reyes made his debut in DC's Animated Movie Universe. He appears in the animated film Justice League vs. Teen Titans, voiced by Jake T. Austin, where he's shown to be a member of the Teen Titans. Like the comics, he has trouble controlling his suit, as during a confrontation with new member Damian Wayne it unleashes a large laser on Robin and nearly kills him.

    This version has a mohawk and is seen frequently interacting with fellow Titan Beast Boy and the scarab attached to his spine. Jaime was also able to save Cyborg from Trigon's possession during a fight with the Justice League and help the Titans defeat Trigon.

    Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

    Jaime Reyes appears in the DC Animated movie, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, a 2017 sequel to Justice League vs Teen Titans, with Jake T Austin reprising his role as Blue Beetle. The film shows that he has a strained relationship with his father thanks to the scarab and reveals Jaime hasn't seen his family in over 2 years. Jaime attempts to feel closer to home by working at a soup kitchen, where he meets a girl named Traci, loosely based on Jaime's girlfriend from the comics Traci 13. He is captured by Slade when his chair at the Soup Kitchen is electrocuted (similar to how Cyborg was captured by Slade in the comics). After helping the Titans defeat an amped up Brother Blood, Jamie's family visits him at the soup kitchen where he reconciles with his father.

    Video Games

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold : The Videogame

    Blue Beetle appears as one of the main side heroes, in episode two is a playable character, he has four special moves: Bomb Cannon, Ground Pistons, Laser Shot and Stun Gun. During missions Jaime is repeatedly scolded by Batman because of his talkative attitude. They pass through different levels to stop Gorilla Grodd that wants to own Science Island (Ted Kord's Sanctuary), all these is because Jaime accidentally told him about the existence of the Island.

    Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure

    Maxwell, the main protagonist of the Scribblenauts series, unites with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of The Justice League to restore order to the DC Comics Universe. The Blue Beetle Costume is one of the costumes wearable by Maxwell in Scribblenauts Unmasked, unlocked by paying 200 Metropolis reputation points.

    Equipping Blue Beetle's costume slightly increases Maxwell's melee damage and allows him to fly and fire energy beams.

    Young Justice Legacy

    Blue Beetle is available as a playable character through the season 2 DLC characters pack. He is voiced by Eric Lopez.

    Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle appears as a playable character in this game and is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

    Infinite Crisis

    Blue Beetle appears as a playable character in this 2015 mobile app DC game. He is once again voiced by Eric Lopez.

    Teeny Titans

    In order to become the best Teeny Titans champion in Jump City, Robin must collect and upgrade Teeny Titans action figures to win tournaments and matches against other characters from the Teen Titans Go! universe. Blue Beetle is one of the playable action figures.

    Injustice 2

    At San Diego Comic Con 2016 it was revealed that Blue Beetle would be a playable character in the popular "beat em up" series. He was revealed in an announce trailer alongside Wonder Woman to much fanfare! In the game he is voiced by Anthony Del Rio.

    Blue Beetle, Injustice 2
    Blue Beetle, Injustice 2

    In this universe Jaime is a new superhero on the scene and is relatively young at 18 years of age. He joins Batman's Insurgency because he wants to prevent something like the Regime from ever happening again. In story mode he, alongside Firestorm, is tasked with safe guarding Superman's cell because according to Batman he is one of the most powerful insurgents. You get to play as Jaime for chapter 6 of storymode but afterwards he appears sporadically, once as part of the JL roundtable and again as a brainwashed antagonist.

    Blue Beetle's multiverse arcade ending reveals that after the heroes defeat Brainiac and lock away the Regime members he chooses to go back to living a normal life with his family and friends until he is needed again.

    DC Legends

    Blue Beetle appears as a playable charcter in this DC mobile app game. He is a part of the Teen Titans expansion pack event and is classified as a character with a mystical affinity due to the scarab.

    Justice League Action Run

    Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle appears as a playable character in the DC mobile game based on the show of the same name, Justice League Action.


    DC Collectibles

    • DC Icons: Blue Beetle Infinite Crisis Action Figure

    Toy Wiz

    • DC First Appearance: Blue Beetle Action Figure
    • DC First Appearance: Blue Beetle Stealth Variant Action Figure


    DCU Classics Blue Beetle
    DCU Classics Blue Beetle
    • Batman Brave and the Bold: Blue Beetle Bug Zapper Action Figure
    • Batman Brave and the Bold: Blue Beetle's Bug Action Figure
    • Batman Brave and the Bold: Blue Beetle Twin Turbo Action Figure
    • Batman Brave and the Bold: Blue Beetle Cosmic Crawler Action Figure
    • Batman Brave and the Bold: Cyber-Tank Action Figure
    • Batman Brave and the Bold: Blue Beetle and Plastic Man 2-pack Action Figure
    • DCU Classics: Blue Beetle Action Figure
    • Justice League Action: Mighty Minis Blue Beetle Action Figure
    • Justice League Action: 4.5" Blue Beetle Action Figure
    • Justice League Action: Blue Beetle 12" Action Figure


    • Lego DC Superheroes: Blue Beetle Minifigure

    Gentle Giant

    • Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Blue Beetle PVC Figure

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