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    Mini series, spawned from the Green Lantern Corps volumes.

    Effects on Soranik Natu

    When first confronted by the Oan power ring, Natu was in the midst of a brain surgery that was going badly. Her patient was crashing and was sure to die unless Natu did something no sane Korugarian would dare. She accepted the ring which had long been reviled as a symbol of the oppression of Sinestro, the homicidal former tyrant of Korugar. Natu quickly used the ring’s power to save her patient’s life. In doing so, one nurse remarked that she had saved her patient but had "damned herself".

    Natu was taken to Oa for training where she immediately made it clear toKilowog, Salakk, and the other senior Green Lanterns that she had no desire to join their ranks. Ordering the ring to take her home, Natu left Oa presumably never to return.

    Before returning to Korugar, Natu felt compelled by her people’s reverence for the dead to visit the site where her ring's former bearer, Tarkus Whin, had died. Like Whin before her, Natu was ensnared by an artificial black hole created by the Spider Guild. There, amongst the bones of many of the Guild's victims, Natu found the remains of her predecessor.

    Recognizing danger all around her, Natu quickly swallowed her ring while ordering it to decrease her vitals to the point where she appeared dead. She reasoned that whatever killed Whin would have no use for a lifeless Lantern. At the same time, she ordered the ring to send out a distress signal to any nearby Lanterns.

    Her gamble paid off when her distress signal was picked up by Kyle Rayner,Green Man, Guy Gardner, and Stel. Ignoring the Guardians' of the Universeedicts against traveling into the Vega system, Rayner and Gardner followed the distress call beyond it's borders. There, they infiltrated the Guild and recovered the comatose Natu.

    Still defiant, Natu briskly thanked her rescuers and reiterated her desire to rid herself of the Green Lantern Corps. Her principles were quickly challenged by Kyle Rayner who suggested that, if she truly wanted to honor her predecessor, she would take up his ring and fight as a member of the Corps.

    Natu was swayed by Rayner's passion, as well as by Gardner's sarcastic challenge that she "didn't have what it takes". Using the ring she had once feared and despised, Natu created a funeral pyre for the fallen Lantern and then a Lantern's uniform for herself. She would join the Corps.

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