Spider Guild

    Team » Spider Guild appears in 42 issues.

    A large collection of arachnids who feeds on the energy of collapsed or collapsing stars.

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    They have spun a universe-wide sub-space web which connects each black hole to their nest on Vega. The nest shares its anatomy with the spider occupants and their command center is in the cephalothorax. Their abdomen presumably stores and processes the energy of the collapsed stars. While the webbing serves as organic filters for the excreted waste. This waste is rich in nutrients which then provides food for the young spiders.

    Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #4

    The original home world is unknown, but about 50,000 years ago they developed space travel and began to spread throughout various parts of the universe.

    Their methods are to establish a Control Nest and spend the natural resources to build their mother ships with colonizer robot. It heads to a targeted area with only a few real spiders aboard: a Captain and a few Robot Manipulators. Once the robots have conqured the planet and wrapped any life-forms in their webbing, the real spiders land and begin to build deep nests. Spider eggs are laid and the webbed life-forms are used as food to feed the newly hatched. The planet becomes a new Control Nest and the process begins anew. The Spider Guild have had run-ins with The Green Lantern Corps and have learned to sheathe their ships in gold. The Vegan Star System are currently infested by the Guilds because of a pact by the Guardians of the Universe and the Psions. The rings are no longer vulnerable to the yellow impurity and The Guardians are taking a more direct approach to other sectors of space that were thought to be off limits , creating a new status quo. It is very unlikely that an encounter with The Spider Guild and Green Lanterns is inevitable.


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