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    The home of Hal Jordan and Ferris Aircrafts. It is known as "the City without Fear".

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    Coast City is the home of the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, located in the state of California. Coast City is often portrayed as the Los Angeles of the DC universe. Coast City apparently lies approximately twenty miles from Edwards Air Force Base, the location of Hal 's air force unit and is located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Edwards is just one of many air fields and military bases surrounding Coast City , which boasts an equally impressive marina and naval station off of its shores. The private aviation company, Ferris Aircraft, once owned by Carl Ferris, has long been tied to and has employed many retired and discharged airmen from Edwards over the years. Hal worked at Ferris for many years as a test pilot, following in the footsteps of his father, Martin Jordan, who died tragically in an explosion of one of Ferris' experimental jets.

    City of Ruins

    Months after Superman was killed by the brutal monster Doomsday, a giant spaceship engulfed the skies from which rained bombs down upon Coast City, completely devastating the metropolis. Nearly every one of Coast City's seven million residents were killed in the initial blasts, with many survivors falling victim to the high levels of radiation that poisoned the city. The ship was piloted by the alien warlord Mongul and the Cyborg Superman. The duo wiped out Coast City so that they could build a new Warworld where the city once stood. The villains used their advanced science to raise a monstrosity called Engine City out of the ashes of the once iconic town. Many years later, the Cyborg Superman would confess to Hal that he chose to destroy Coast City because that was where his late wife was raised. The destruction of his home and murder of many of his friends, coupled with the stress of battle, led to Hal suffering a mental breakdown. A distraught Green Lantern used his power ring to recreate the city as he had remembered it. When his actions drew the ire of the Guardians, who saw this use as an abuse of his power, a mentally exhausted Hal Jordan proved susceptible to the influence of the fear entity known as Parallax. Jordan left the remains of his home and embarked upon on a nightmarish journey under the possession of Parallax. With the help of several heroes, a memorial was made to honor Coast City 's fallen citizens. When Earth's sun was consumed by a Sun-Eater, Hal/Parallax sacrificed himself to reignite the sun's energy. Afterwards, the heroes buried him in his hometown.

    Coast City Rises Up

    Over time, Coast City was deemed habitable once more. Although large scale construction began, the city remained a ghost town. Stagnant economic development was just a pretense for the real reasons why people were not returning to Coast City . The fear of a second attack, and the uneasiness of living in a city where millions had been murdered, weighed heavily against the prospects of returning to its pre-cataclysm status as a leading city in California . Coast City was only sparsely populated with the majority of its residents comprised of servicemen from Edwards Air Fore Base and the nearby naval station. Among the few civilians that returned were Hal's brother, Jim Jordan; Jim's wife Sue; and their two kids. Jim was moved by Hal's lecture to him about refusing to live in fear. Seeing the emotional toll his overly cautious nature was having on his family, Jim moved them to where his struggling insurance company was one of many businesses floundering in the still vacant city .

    It seemed as if Coast City was destined to remain a ghost town unable to recover from its horrific past. Ironically, the greatest fear haunting Coast City , the return of a second extra-terrestrial attack, was the impetus for its rebirth. When Sinestro and Parallax lead their fear inspired Sinestro Corps to Earth, the villains planned to level Coast City once more, turning it into a holy land of death and fear. With hundreds of Sinestro Corps soldiers bearing down on the city, Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner stood alone against the onslaught. Hal Jordan used his ring to commandeer all television and radio signals, informing the public of the coming invasion and ordering them to evacuate the city. The people of Coast City refused; instead, people from all across the city joined together to cover their lights with green as a show of support. On that terrible night, Coast City burned with the color of their city's champion, the Green Lantern. The city was saved from a second destruction by the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner fought hand to hand with Sinestro through the half finished construction that made up the skyline. With a devastating hook to the jaw, Jordan brought Sinestro down and placed his former mentor under arrest.

    With a unified stand against evil, the people of Coast City sent a message to the world that they were safe, they were strong, and their city would endure. Coast City became known as "The City Without Fear" and in the wake of its bravery, thousands of men, women and children flocked to become residents. The Green Lantern Corps stayed on to aid in rebuilding Coast City under the direction of architect and Green Lantern, John Stewart. Shortly after, Carol Ferris reopened Ferris Aircraft with her new partner, Thomas Kalamaku. Although Coast City remains a hub of supernatural and extraterrestrial activity, the city is once again thriving under the watchful protection of her greatest champion, the Green Lantern.

    City Life

    Coast City is one of the many metropolises which celebrate Tribute Day, the day Superman came back to life. It has become a national holiday in which people celebrate the good works of superheroes and the superheroes who have fallen in the line of duty. Coast City now has a population of 2,765,321 people. Coast City, once again, became a battleground when Nekron, Black Hand and Scar transported the Black Lantern Power Battery to Earth during the Blackest Night.

    Coast City Location

    Over the years, Coast City has been used as an analogue for both Los Angeles/San Diego and San Francisco/Sacramento (located somewhere between them), simultaneously being 20 miles from Edwards Air Force Base and 90 miles from Fort Rock, Oregon. Seeing as how many story elements take place at Edwards AFB and the nearby Ferris Aircraft, one would assume Coast City would be in Southern California, even though there is no coastline within 20 miles of the air base. In fact, the closest coastline to the "real world" Edwards AFB is approximately 70 miles away. However, with Green Lantern Volume 4, a good case can be made that Coast City is indeed located in Southern California. The first, of course, being the proximity of Edwards AFB; then the use of Barstow, CA in Vol. 4's opening story arc; next being the proximity of Palmdale, CA in the following story arc featuring Black Hand and the Shark. With its current population, Coast City seems to currently be analogous to the Oxnard- Ventura metropolitan area just north of Los Angeles.

    Coast City in Media

    In the TV series Arrow in 2012. Oliver Queen's girlfriend told his best friend about a story and that she was in Coast City when it happened.


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