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Major Story Arc

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Green Lantern #47

Flicker is hired by Carol Ferris's mother to capture Green Arrow and Green Lantern and bring them back to Crosswinds Corners. He is able to capture Green Arrow by overpowering him and using high tech alien tech. He lures Hal with the promise of anwsers. When Hal gets to Crosswind Corners, he teams up with Green Arrow to rescue Carol.

Green Arrow shots Flicker but he teleports out of the way and the arrow appears to his Carol. This causes Carol's mother to turn on him and he barely escapes with his life. Carol is not dead Hal knew Flicker would move and he made the arrow harmless to Carol

Revenge of the Green Lantern

Flicker is in London trying to convince Loragg to give him the contract on Hal Jordon, but Loragg tells him its already been promised to Hunger Dog. Flicker protests saying if he can beat Hunger Dog he gets the contract, and after Loragg agrees Flicker tries. Flicker is unsuccessful and Hunger Dog stabs him with his spear.


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