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    Physically augmented super-fighter and aerial combat specialist.

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    Bouncing Betty initially appears amongst a team of enhanced meta-humans, enhanced and led by the hyper intelligent Lobe. Bouncing Betty towers over her teammates however (Verre, Thug, and Burst) and also stands out in particular because of her height, and also her very prominent blonde pigtails. She delivered the final blow, when her team was on the hunt for Scalphunter.

    Later on in an actual direct encounter with the X-Men, Bouncing Betty and her teammates manage to hold their own temporarily, granted their preparation for the mutants they fought, however Fantomex's unanticipated arrival sways the odds back into the X-Men's favor, and Bouncing Betty alongside her team suffers an embarrassing defeat. It is however established that Lobe, and therefore by extension Betty, has connections to Sublime.

    At a later date, Bouncing Betty is seen assisting Lobe with more of his plans. Her dress wear varies, ranging from a smart business suit to a fancy dress meant to invoke a similar look as to that of Psylocke's X-Men outfit. As per her role as an enforcer, she crosses paths with the X-Men again, alongside her usual team mates, but again is defeated, this time by Angel. An angry Lobe disappointed with Betty appears to fire her (again) 


    Bouncing Betty is a Marvel character and villain to the X-Men. Created by Matt Fraction and Greg Land she first appears in Uncanny X-Men #515 released in 2009. Bouncing Betty is also an informal nickname given to a type of mine the German S-mine, that bounces into the air before exploding.

    Powers and Abilities

    Bouncing Betty is physically augmented in various ways, most notably her ability to bounce, leap and jump, her strength is increased, and she is unusually large, not just for a women, but for a human. She has sufficient ability to knock Colossus off his feet. She has been described as an aerial combat specialist, and has been known to leap into the air, just to come crashing down into an opponent. Bouncing Betty also appears to have some type of technological aid, which allows her to download physical fighting skills and abilities, as per the assistance of Lobe. The details of this ability and its extent are vague. Presumably they are related to Lobe given his intelligence and resources and leadership role. She seems to have higher than average fighting skills.


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