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    An assassin who has the powers to turn invisible in direct sunlight.

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    Verre appeared along with in a team of super powered villians lead by Lobe.  Their true motivation remained a mystery, but they claimed that they wanted to save the world's mutant population.  They kidnapped a clone of the Marauder known as Scalphunter, and forced him to deliver five Predator X's which Lobe had previously created and modified.  Although all five of the Predators were successfully delivered to Utopia, they were killed by the X-Men. Colossus, Fantomex with EVAPsylocke and Wolverine were sent on a mission to discover the origin of the Predators. Unknown to them ,data had been transmitted during the fight.  Information on the X-Men, their powers, fighting techniques and weaknesses were broadcast back to Lobe's group. When the X-Men arrived, Lobe was stabbed in the chest by Wolverine, but Verre managed to successfully avoid Psylocke's attacks.   
    Verre's powers made her a difficult opponent to fight, since she became invisible in direct light.  As a side-effect, it appeared that her unique brand of invisibility also made her immune to telepathy.  Psylocke found it difficult to use her telepathy against someone who's thoughts seemed to become 'transparent'. While Fantomex and E.V.A worked to shut down the computer database which held the downloaded information on the X-Men, Wolverine issued the command that the other X-Men were to swap their opponents. Instead of Psylocke, Verre was faced with Colossus. As she struggled against the powerful X-Man, the true goal of Lobe's group was revealed. They planned to replicate all the mutant powers of the X-Men. Facing near defeat, Lobe released a viral strain of Sublime into the air.  Protected by EVA, the X-Men escaped. Verre and her team-mates vowed to return and repeat their agenda against the X-Men. 


    Verre is a Marvel character and villain to the X-Men. Created by Matt Fraction and Greg Land she first appears in Uncanny X-Men #515 released in 2009. 

    Powers and Abilities


    Verre is capable of becoming invisible in direct light.  However, her invisibility power doesn't affect her clothing forcing her to strip in order to become truly invisible. As evident during her fight against Psylocke, even Verre's thoughts become invisible and difficult for a highly trained telepath to detect.

    Weapon Master

    As an assassin, Verre is highly skilled with a unique weapon.  Her weapon of choice is the Indian Urumi Whip.  

    Verre can speak fluently in both English and French.

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