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    British beauty Elizabeth Braddock is older twin sister of Captain Britain a mutant, former fashion model, and Charter Pilot. She is a long-standing member of the X-Men, Leader of Excalibur, and Founder of the reformed Captain Britain Corps, multi-versal alternate versions of herself.

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    1st Appearance
    1st Appearance

    Elizabeth Braddock's father, James Braddock Sr used to live in a different dimension. He was sent to Earth to create the ultimate protector, Captain Britain. He ended up having twins, Elizabeth and Brian. Betsy and her twin brother's lives were anything but normal. Betsy was born and raised in Great Britain in a small town called Maldon, Essex. Psylocke is one of the few Marvel characters that was actually given a birth date. She was born a bit after midnight on April 23, 1956. (Since comics characters never age, or age very slowly, the year of her birth varies). Her parents died when she and her brother were in their late teens or early twenties. Brian began pursuing physics as a major during college while Betsy decided to become a charter pilot. Brian would eventually become Captain Britain. Betsy initially possessed precognitive powers, and later developed telepathic abilities as a consequence of being born a mutant.


    Psylocke made her first appearance in Captain Britain #8, a Marvel UK publication, in December 1976 and was created by Chris Claremont. She made her U.S. comics debut just under a decade later, in October 1986's New Mutants Annual #2.

    Character Evolution

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    "Like all admitted to Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, I am a mutant (though, I fear, no longer a "youngster"). I am a telepath... born with the power to project thoughts, and perceive those of others" -- Psylocke (Betsy Braddock).

    Betsy Braddock has been through many changes over the years. Starting in a supporting role with Captain Britain (although she did stand in for him briefly), her move to US Marvel comics made her a key member of the 1980s X-Men. Psylocke differed from many X-Men as she was willing to kill enemies. Her character was portrayed as resilient (as shown in her classic confrontation with Sabretooth), but physically weak, resulting in her wearing armor for a time. Her aspirations to be a warrior were fulfilled during the Acts of Vengeance story arc when she became a ninja, although Chris Claremont has been quoted as saying that the transformation (as he saw it) was a physical/magical one, rather than a "body swap" as established after his departure from writing X-Men comics. After the swap Psylocke's personality changed, becoming much more mysterious and cold, but this was revealed to be Kwannon's personality influencing her. She returned to her normal self after Kwannon died of the Legacy Virus and her mind was clearer. Her first serious brush with death saw her acquire new powers from the Crimson Dawn, where she gained a mysterious red tattoo over her left eye and new shadow bending powers.

    However, the Crimson Dawn was slowly wiping away Psylocke's personality, making her much more cold and distant. Psylocke later battled the Shadow King and locked him in her mind, which meant she could no longer use her telepathy. After this, during training with Jean Grey, Psylocke's telepathy got switched with Jean's telekinesis powers. Her actual death in X-Treme X-Men #2 (2001) and subsequent return in Uncanny X-Men #455 brought her back with a combination of the two powers, her telekinesis augmenting her physical fighting skills. For a time she was placed with the reality-hopping Exiles, but has since returned to her classic role as a member of the X-Men. She was also part of the new Uncanny X-Force, a secret team of mutants led by Wolverine, formed to preemptively kill threats to mutant-kind. Every member of the team has been manipulated in some way with Psylocke acting as the moral compass of the group. Psylocke is willing to kill but has her boundaries, shown when it came to the decision of killing the child Apocalypse.

    Major Story Arcs



    One day Betsy received news that her brother Jamie had been injured in an accident, so Betsy called Brian and the two flew back to their mansion in Britain. Their plane crashed after a psychic attack when they began to close in on the mansion. After the plane crash with Brian, Betsy would be influenced by mind control by Dr. Synne. They would be able to restrain Betsy but it was nothing short of easy. Next Brian would defeat Synne and he would lose control over one of his agents, who would reveal that he was truly working for the Red Skull. Brian would team up with Captain America to defeat the Red Skull. Betsy later discovered that she had precognitive abilities that grew to telepathic powers. For a long time, Betsy had lost track of her brother because of his adventures in America and other dimensions. Betsy would soon quit her charter pilot job and pursue a career in modeling.


    Betsy kills her
    Betsy kills her "brother"

    To set herself apart, she began dying her hair purple and her career took off. While Brian was overseas at college, Betsy was recruited into S.T.R.I.K.E.'s Psi Division. During her time there, she would develop a romantic relationship with fellow S.T.R.I.K.E. member, Tom Lennox. While working with S.T.R.I.K.E. one of her assignments was to infiltrate the Hellfire Club (her father had been the Black Bishop of the London branch), but the mission was soon abandoned when she encountered Sage who warned her to stay away. When the crimelord Vixen secretly took over S.T.R.I.K.E. Betsy and her fellow telepaths were targeted lest they expose the infiltration; the assassin Slaymaster was sent after them, killing all but Betsy, her lover Tom Lennox and friend Alison Double before Betsy contacted Brian, who stopped the assassin. Later, the mutant Mad Jim Jaspers used his powers to warp reality, taking over the U.K. and banning superhumans, forcing Betsy and her friend to go on the run.While Captain Britain went to confront him, armored hero hunters found and raided their hideout. Tom sacrificed himself trying to buy the others enough time to escape, but Betsy was captured and sent to a concentration camp. During her time in the camp she met a woman named Victoria Bentley ( Dr. Strange's friend) and Victoria would teach Betsy how to harness the trauma she had gone through and use it to power her psi energies. Eventually they would be let out after Captain Britain stopped Jaspers. Upon repairing the damage that was caused by the reality warp, an alternate version of Captain Britain called Kaptain Briton switched places with the original Captain Britain, and handed him over to the pursuing Technet. He then proceeded to try and rape Betsy, but in self-defense Betsy attacked him mentally and killed him.

    The New Captain Britain

    As Captain Britain
    As Captain Britain

    At the urging of the RCX, Betsy Braddock takes over her twin’s mantle as Captain Britain when Jeeves presents her with a modified Captain uniform (from the dead Kaptain Briton) that enhances her powers. Together with Captain UK, she foils robberies and the like until Captain UK returns to her previous life. However, soon a group of Warpies are kidnapped by the Vixen, who challenges Betsy out to a fight to save the children. Reluctantly, Betsy accepts even though she knows it’s a trap. What, or rather who, confronts her is her old enemy Slaymaster, also in an enhanced suit courtesy of the Vixen. The ruthless assassin quickly takes out the inexperienced heroine and blinds her. Brian immediately experienced a psychic flash of Betsy’s pain. He flies to her and finds his maimed twin. In a berserker rage, he kills Slaymaster and returns Betsy to the manor where he wants to throw out the RCX agents.

    Betsy forbids him from doing so and reveals that Agent Gabriel, who is in love with her, even tried to stop her from taking this risk. Brian isn’t pleased but accepts her decision and returns to Meggan’s side. He finally accepts that he is Captain Britain and nobody else. She was offered cybernetic eyes from RCX but refused to take them and decided to rely on her telepathy to see. Gabriel would soon propose to Betsy, which she accepted. The couple went on vacation to Switzerland so Betsy could recuperate in peace.


    Betsy joins the X-Men and becomes Psylocke
    Betsy joins the X-Men and becomes Psylocke

    In Switzerland, Betsy was using her telepathy to see the world through the eyes of other people around her. There, she was captured by Mojo and Spiral, who held her captive for about a year, during which they gave her bionic eyes to replace the damaged ones. They named her “Psylocke“ and made her the star of a TV show called “Wildways”, which in actuality was in an other-dimensional realm. Kids all over the world were encouraged to call a certain phone number and join the Wildways and, ultimately, the New Mutants became involved too.

    After Warlock and Cypher finally released Betsy from Mojo’s hold, all of them returned to Westchester. Betsy decided to stay at Xavier’s school, so she could learn how to master her powers, since she felt she had been the victim for far too long. Strangely, the bionic eyes remained with Betsy , giving her visual sight again. Little did she know that the implanted eyes could also function as cameras that allowed Mojo to record everything she saw and broadcast it as TV shows in his Mojoverse. Over the following days, Psylocke discovered, through her telepathy, that Cypher was in love with her. Even though she had similar feelings, she did not explore their relationship further since he was underage.

    In the Mutant Massacre story arc, Betsy would be able to prove herself to the X-Men. Sabretooth invaded the mansion while the X-Men and New Mutants were away on assignments. Betsy protected the children at the mansion and was able to last long enough until Wolverine arrived to engage in one on one combat with Sabretooth. Betsy would then scan Sabretooth's mind to figure out his plans. It was her bravery in risking her life luring Sabretooth away from the Xavier Institute and the injured inside that earned her Wolverine's respect.

    Later when the X-Men shows became an resounding success, Mojo tried to turn them into his loyal servants by reducing them to childhood and raising them anew. They were saved form this fate by the New Mutants. During the fight, Betsy learned the true purpose of her bionic eyes, but she decided to keep it secret. During a battle with Adversary, Betsy was killed, then resurrected and teleported away to Australia by Roma. After this Betsy decided to wear armor to protect herself. Later, Storm was thought to be dead and several other X-Men like Wolverine and Rogue were missing, so Psylocke took leadership of the X-Men. Much to the dislike of Havok who didn't trust Betsy because of her casual reading of his mind.

    The Body Transfer

    Lady Mandarin
    Lady Mandarin

    To prevent the X-Men's death, which she had foreseen in a precognitive vision, Betsy sent the team through the Siege Perilous, a device given to her by Roma, Merlyn's daughter. The Siege Perilous would give them all new lives. Betsy awoke on an island near China without her memories. She was found by the evil ninja group, The Hand. The leader of The Hand, Matsu'o Tsurayaba, wanted to save the life of his brain-dead girlfriend, Kwannon. To do so, he had Spiral's Bodyshoppe switch Betsy's and Kwannon's souls. Spiral not only switched their bodies but also fused their minds and physical features. They shared the same memories and shared half of Psylocke's telepathic powers.

    Betsy was given to The Mandarin to serve as his assassin. While working as an assassin, Betsy changed her armor to a more revealing outfit, and learned to focus her psychic energy and turn them into "psychic knifes". On her first assignment as Lady Mandarin, she had to battle Wolverine. When she stabbed Wolverine in the head with her psychic knife, it showed her his memories and revealed to Psylocke who she truly was.

    Psylocke then rejected her role as Lady Mandarin and escaped with Wolverine and Jubilee to Genosha. In Genosha, Psylocke, Wolverine, and Jubilee discovered that the X-Men and the New Mutants had been captured by Cameron Hodge. They met Havok in Genosha and went on to defeat Cameron Hodge and free the X-Men. Once the X-Men were freed, they all headed back to New York. Soon, Psylocke’s loyalties were put to the test. Shortly after the original five X-Men rejoined the team, they found themselves under attack by Fenris and Matsu'o Tsurayaba. During the battle, he used a post-hypnotic command, causing Betsy to switch sides and oppose the X-Men. Her entire team ended up captive, but it turned out that she was only feigning obedience. Psylocke had truly overcome her brainwashing.

    Flirting with Cyclops caused tension in the team
    Flirting with Cyclops caused tension in the team

    When the X-Men split into two teams, Psylocke joined Cyclops' team. She eventually started flirting with him and when Jean Grey found out, the two started fighting. They were interrupted when Kwannon (now calling herself Revanche) turned up at the Xavier Institute (in Betsy's body) and claimed to be the real Psylocke. Not knowing what or who to believe, the X-Men had no choice but allow her to stay. Revanche then confessed to Psylocke that she had contracted the Legacy Virus thanks to Spiral. Soon after, Revanche was mercy-killed by Matsu'o Tsurayaba. Upon her death Betsy gained her full telepathic powers and the remaining pieces of herself, but was still able to retain Revanche's martial arts skills. Kwannon's fractured memories and personality were also removed from Psylocke's mind by Matsu'o who gained a small fraction of Kwannon's psychic powers. Afterwards, Jean re-trained Betsy to use her telepathy. Betsy then also started a relationship with Angel.

    The Crimson Dawn

    The Crimson Dawn tattoo
    The Crimson Dawn tattoo

    Sabretooth had been living in the mansion pretending to be mentally handicapped and subsequently attacked Boomer. Psylocke, in an attempt to save Boomer, battled Sabretooth. Although Psylocke was now a master martial artist, Sabretooth's raw strength was too much for her. In a desperate attempt to beat him, she stabbed him in the head with her psychic knife. However, due to being stabbed in the head already by Wolverine, he lost part of his brain so he was immune to the psychic attacks from Psylocke. Sabretooth then proceeded to brutally beat Psylocke to near death. In a desperate attempt to save her life, Angel, Wolverine, and Doctor Strange went to the Crimson Dawn to retrieve a magical healing liquid. They found it and used it on Psylocke, however there was a side effect. It left a red dagger tattoo on Psylocke's left eye. This gave her the ability to hide and teleport through shadows. The tattoo also made her personality colder, which put a strain on her relationship with Angel. Her new powers and cold personality shook the team, with even Quicksilver commenting how he thought he found it difficult emotionally connecting to people.

    During their time away from the team, Psylocke and Archangel encountered Maggott, sensing a dark presence within him, Psylocke mistook him for being evil and attacked him. Maggot instinctively fought back but was defeated by the two. Psylocke feels compelled to teleport Maggott and herself in an unknown location, eager to solve the living enigma that Maggott is. Archangel and Maggott’s techno-organic slugs follow along and they are all drawn in the Antarctica citadel. There, Erik the Red ( Magneto in disguise) kidnaps the team and makes them participate in a mock trial for Gambit, where his participation in the Mutant Massacre is revealed.

    When a demon named Kuragari took over the Crimson Dawn, he demanded a debt be paid for the healing liquid they used for Psylocke. He wanted to corrupt Psylocke and make her his queen. However, in order for Psylocke to be freed, Angel gave part of his essence to Kuragari. Once Psylocke was freed from Kuragari, the two of them defeated the demon. After this incident, Angel and Psylocke retired from the X-Men.

    The Shadow King

    Trapping the Shadow King
    Trapping the Shadow King

    Storm received a message from her adopted mother asking for help. Storm gathered Psylocke, Wolverine, and a few other untrained X-Men. Psylocke teleported them all using her Shadow Teleport ability. When they arrived, Psylocke and Wolverine were immediately engaged in battle with sand-warriors. When they finally located Storm and her mother in the village, the other villagers were kidnapped by Ananasi. Psylocke scanned Storm's mother and found out that their enemy was a powerful telepath whose barriers even Psylocke couldn't get past. Psylocke decided to take the fight to the Astral Plane. There they discovered the villagers standing there as if they were mindless. During a fight with Ananasi, Psylocke accidentally stabbed a mindless villager with the psychic knife. This caused a giant shock-wave that disabled the powers of anyone that was a telepath. Ananasi finally took off his mask and revealed that he was the Shadow King. The Shadow King was able to trick Psylocke into using her psi-wave to remove all mutant telepathy on Earth so he could mind control everyone. They battled each other, and the Shadow King destroyed Psylocke's psychic form which nearly killed her. Psylocke was able to survive with the help of the Crimson Dawn.

    She gained a new shadow form with new abilities. Psylocke then helped Storm's mother escape from the prison and together they found Storm. Psylocke turned the two into shadows because the Shadow King could not sense them in that form. Psylocke engaged him in battle again and tried to hold him off; as Psylocke could not hold the shadow covering Storm and her mother and use her abilities to fight the Shadow King at the same time, she tossed them back to reality. Psylocke then submitted to defeat and swore allegiance to the Shadow King. However, he did not believe her and took her to his prison. The Shadow King devised a plan to take over everyone's mind, but was tricked by Psylocke into over using himself. With a weakened Shadow King, Psylocke was able to separate him from his powers. Therefore, she was able to trap him in the psi-plane. However, in order for her to keep him imprisoned she had to keep her telepathic powers focused on trapping him, which is the reason why she temporarily lost the ability to use it.

    Return to the X-Men


    Later, along with many over women in Wolverine's life, Psylocke was kidnapped and brainwashed by the Viper into attacking Wolverine and Jubilee. Psylocke proved to be one of the greatest threats amongst the women as Wolverine and Jubilee couldn't escape her psychic detecting and martial arts skills, however the women were freed from Vipers influence. Also, when Wolverine was brainwashed by Apocalypse into the Death persona, Psylocke, Archangel and others attempted to help him. To help find where Wolverine was, Betsy forced herself into using Cerebro, even though there was a risk the Shadow King would escape. Whilst using Cerebro the Shadow King began to lure Betsy into freeing him, but before it was too late Warren used their psychic connection to stop her and save her from herself, telling her he'd always be there to save her. After this, Psylocke and Angel then helped the X-Men defeat Apocalypse and his forces.

    When Jean tried to help Psylocke deal with the Shadow King, the two ended up switching powers. So Psylocke's telepathy was added to Phoenix's telepathy, and Psylocke gained telekinesis. Psylocke then returned to active duty on the X-Men with Angel, but due to family troubles, he was only a reserve member whilst she remained on the active roster. During her time back on the time she battled such threats as the Goth and the Neo. During a well earned break, the team were attacked by Stryfe an two prime sentinels under his control. Surprisingly, Stryfe was defeated by Betsy, Stryfe swore revenge on her for humiliating him.

    One night during dinner with Warren, the pair were attacked by the Twisted Sisters who were hired by an unknown individual to target and kill one of the two. The couple defeated them and assumed it was Warren who was being targeted. However, from a distance, an unknown telepath watched and revealed his intentions were to murder Betsy. The persons identity was never revealed. But he was suspected to be Stryfe. She also participated in the intergalactic, Maximum Security. Almost immediately after his joining the team, there was some romantic tension between Neal Shaara and Betsy. Their attraction developed to such degree that they did not even care to hide their flirtation in front of Warren which resulted in a break-up with Angel.

    The Death And Resurrection Of Psylocke


    Psylocke then joined Storm's X-treme X-Men team to search for Destiny's diaries in Spain and continued her relationship with Neal. Psylocke fought a man named Vargas, but his sword skills were too much for Psylocke. Vargas ended up killing Psylocke. Psylocke's body was then buried at the Braddock family estate. However, her spirit met with Bishop in one of Gateway‘s Aborigine dreamtime sequences, to help him figure out some hints of the future. Right as she prepared to depart to the afterlife, a glowing portal appeared behind her and Betsy’s spirit was sucked in by a skulled figure. Psylocke was then mysteriously resurrected on the exact spot where she was murdered and her Crimson Dawn tattoo was gone, and so were the powers that it gave her. Psylocke did not regain her telepathy but the telekinesis that she got from Jean became much stronger.

    Betsy had no idea how her resurrection came to be and, worse, she was taken into custody by the Guardia Civil, who then notified Storm’s team of X-Men, now being referred to as the X.S.E. When they arrived, Betsy angrily lashed out at Bishop for not telling anyone about what he had seen in the dreamtime sequence and naturally blamed him as he was the last person she saw.

    The Return
    The Return

    After she had calmed down a bit, the X-Men decided to take her home to the Xavier Institute to confirm whether she was indeed who she claimed to be. The team didn’t have the chance to check Betsy’s credentials, though, due to an emergency. While left alone in the Blackbird, Betsy had a vision about her mindscape and how it had been altered. More importantly, her brother, mad and powerful Jamie, appeared in there apparently pulling the strings. When the X.S.E. were captured and brought to the Savage Land, it was up to Psylocke and fledgling new student X-23 to rescue the others. Trying to track down her comrades, Betsy bonded somewhat with the young female clone of Wolverine. Eventually, they found and rescued the others, and during the fights with the Saurid race, who were behind the kidnapping, Betsy quickly regained the X-Men’s trust and acceptance.

    She learned that her still rather untried telekinetic powers were more powerful than anticipated and also had the side effect of making her immune to all kinds of telepathy - whether communication or attacks. Even Marvel Girl admitted that the level of her telekinesis was beyond hers. After this Psylocke returned to the X-Mansion and re-joined the X-Men, helping battle Mojo and Spiral and the Shi'ar Death Commandos but continued to see Jamie. During this time, Betsy grew very close to Rachel Summers.

    House of M

    Betsy and Rachel get drawn into the House of M
    Betsy and Rachel get drawn into the House of M

    During the House of M, Betsy and Rachel proved to be linked and, instead of being changed like everyone else, they found themselves pulled into the so-called White Hot Room, the core of creation. However, not even there were they safe from mad Jamie’s manipulations, for after claiming that he had bound their lives and fates together, he transported Betsy and Rachel back to Earth. They too ended up caught in the Scarlet Witch’s reality warp, living new lives and unaware of their previous existence, until Betsy’s twin brother Brian was haunted by dreams of the end of the universe. He convinced Betsy and the several others to investigate the problem and they stopped said threat to reality in the nick of time. In this reality, Psylocke was Princess Royal Elisabeth Glorianna Braddock, sister to the Monarch of England. She was actually the elder of the twins, and thus the rightful heir to the throne. However, she chose to abdicate in favor of her brother so that she could travel the world with her "lady-in-waiting", Rachel Grey.

    Post House Of M, Psylocke retained her powers and remained with the team and accompanied several X-Men (Rachel, Kitty Pryde and Kurt Wagner, all ex-Excalibur members) to visit Brian Braddock and helped him get his new team Excalibur off the ground. Psylocke also helped defeat the Shi'ar Death Commandos after they killed the entire Grey family. She also helped battle them yet again in New York, taking down their War Skrull. During her time on the team she often flirted with members of the team including Beast, Nightcrawler and Cannonball.

    First Fallen

    The mystery behind the resurrection revealed
    The mystery behind the resurrection revealed

    It was then revealed that Psylocke had been resurrected by her eldest brother Jamie Braddock. Jamie has the ability to manipulate the quantum strings that comprise reality. Jamie also claimed that he had made Psylocke immune to reality warping. Jamie said that this was all a plan to make Psylocke the ultimate weapon against the "Foursaken" and more importantly, the First Fallen. that having the ability of not being effected by manipulation would ultimately save reality. A Watcher appeared and explained the threat of the First Fallen, saying he was the male equivalent of the Phoenix and could destroy reality. Then, Jamie was grabbed by a mysterious giant hand and Nightcrawler teleported everyone out of the area to chase after Jamie and prevent the interference of the O.N.E. After being teleported, the team fought with the Foursaken and Psylocke and the team were kidnapped by the Foursaken, but they could not detect Psylocke, exactly as Jamie had planned.

    Psylocke, the X-Men, and the Foursaken were then transported to another dimension, the First Fallen's realm. In this realm, the team were powerless except for Psylocke, thanks to her new powers, but was also separated from the team. Psylocke then used her powers to reveal the true form of the First Fallen and shatter the illusion of the 'peaceful' dimension. Angered, the First Fallen tried to kill the others, but Jamie teleported them away, saving Psylocke who planned to sacrifice herself to save her team-mates. It is unknown whether Jamie survived.

    After Psylocke helped Storm free some people in Africa, she returned to England to talk to her brother, Brian, about Jamie. The Shadow King had returned by then and taken over an alternate reality Professor X. He lured Psylocke to visit him and controlled all the members of New Excalibur - minus Sage - into beating Brian. Psylocke created a telekinetic bubble inside Shadow Xavier's brain to give him a stroke, which freed New Excalibur from his control. Just as Psylocke was about to hit the killing blow with her psychic sword, she disappeared in a flash of light.

    Joining the Exiles


    Betsy wasn't unhinged from time as the Exiles usually are, but was still recruited to help mend broken realities. When she was brought to the Panoptichron - the Crystal Palace she was greeted by an alternate reality Sabretooth, who she instinctively lashed out at because of her nearly being killed twice by her reality's Sabretooth. Eventually, after a long fight, Psylocke realized that this Sabretooth was not the evil man she knew, but a much nicer counterpart of Sabretooth. She then met Morph and Heather Hudson, and they told her about the other Exiles members in trouble in Earth-1720. Psylocke, Sabretooth and Morph teleported there to look for their teammates. They battled a few Hydra members and eventually caught up with that reality's Mr. Fantastic. Later, they realized that the other Exiles members were brainwashed and forced to join HYDRA.

    Psylocke then had to confront Madame Hydra (Invisible Woman in this reality) and her lover, Wolverine. Psylocke had the upper hand on Wolverine until Slaymaster showed up. She became so terrified of him that she forgot about Wolverine, who ended up stabbing her in the back - Slaymaster is a man she had never been able to beat and it was Earth-616 Slaymaster that took out her eyes long ago. Later, the entire reality seemingly exploded before Heather's eyes, but in fact Reed Richards actually saved it. Everyone was able to recuperate fully and finally returned to the Exiles command center. However, the entire place was deserted. They discovered that six months had gone by, and since Heather thought the team was dead, she just left and went home to her own reality.

    Psylocke agreed to be a member of the Exiles and decided to work with the computers first in order to get used to her new surroundings. While working at the monitors, Betsy fell asleep. However, she didn't have an ordinary dream. She fell into a little island in space where an old couple were having lunch. They asked her to stay and eat, and while Betsy was thinking the old lady responded to Betsy's question. Shocked that they could read her mind, the couple began talking to her about the universe and how all of time and space were unraveling. The man asked Betsy to save it as she woke up. All of a sudden, a mysterious girl was transported right next to Betsy at the Exiles' Headquarters. The girl turned out to be an alternate reality of Kitty Pryde. Betsy tried to help her but she began freaking out and hurt herself after running into a wall she couldn't phase through. Betsy then took her to the infirmary.

    Brian and Betsy reunited
    Brian and Betsy reunited

    Meanwhile, Doctor Doom of an alternate reality got his hands on the Tallus from Sabretooth. He used it to transport his men to the Exiles' headquarters, where Betsy tried to fend them off. However, they overwhelmed her and electrocuted her unconscious. Luckily for Betsy, Thunderbird, who had been in a coma after a battle with Galactus and kept in stasis in the infirmary, had just awakened, and despite not knowing who Psylocke and Shadowcat were, immediately sided with them and fought off the intruders. After successfully getting rid of Doom's henchmen, the three of them witnessed the annihilation of the reality the other Exiles had been sent to. Psylocke noticed that their teammates had been scattered over various realities, thus complicating the task of retrieving them all.

    Thankfully, the Exiles managed to get back together, and Betsy and Thunderbird treated themselves with a visit to the New Excalibur team's victory celebration. Upon opening the door, Brian was shocked to see his sister - whom he believed dead - alive and well. The twins started talking about their latest respective adventures, leading to Brian being slightly annoyed that the Exiles had seemingly taken up what used to be his task - e.g. defending the Multiverse. However, the doorbell rang once more, this time resulting in Brian being gravely injured by Rouge-Mort. Betsy obviously attacked her in retaliation, but her blows seemingly did not affect Rouge-Mort. Both teams - Exiles and New Excalibur - managed to escape, but this was only the beginning of a series of events related in X-Men: Die By The Sword, which led to a few line-up changes for both teams and most importantly the death of Roma.

    After these events, Betsy told Brian she would stay with the Exiles, as she considered Professor X already had more X-Men than he could use. Longshot decided to stay back with Dazzler, whereas Sage, now with Roma's memories, joined the Exiles. In the meantime old Exiles members Nocturne and Thunderbird took a sabbatical to recuperate after Nocturne's stroke. Blink joined them leaving Sabretooth as team leader and recently added members Rogue (of Earth-1009) and Mystiq (the male counterpart of Mystique from Earth-797) along with Morph, Psylocke, Shadowcat and Sage as the new team roster. Psylocke still couldn't be detected by the Palace's computer so Sabretooth created an armband for her serving as her personal version of the Tallus. As a result Psylocke would now be able to fully function within the Palace although previously it seemed that she was considered non-existent for The Computer.

    The Return of Lady Mandarin and the Slaymaster

    Lady Mandarin and the Crimson Dawn returns
    Lady Mandarin and the Crimson Dawn returns

    Betsy traveled to several realities. Upon arriving on a certain Earth, Psylocke had a mental breakdown due to this world's Psylocke counterpart's psyche being at war with Betsy's own psyche in order to control her body. This reality's Ogun approached Psylocke and offered to train her so she could avenge the death of his apprentice, who was killed by Slaymaster, who was killing different alternate versions of Psylocke due to her defeating him in an earlier mission. Turns out that that reality's version of Psylocke was actually Lady Mandarin trying to take over Betsy's body. During the battle of the psyches, Lady Mandarin begins to start winning over Betsy. This causes Betsy's appearance to start changing into Lady Mandarin's, in-particular, the return of the Crimson Dawn tattoo. Eventually Betsy gets the upper hand and, in tears, kills Lady Mandarin and is 'finally free'. After the fight, Betsy is finally able to face the Slaymaster.

    During a mission against the Shi'ar Death Commandos, Psylocke is shot in the back and uses her TK to keep the wound together whilst fighting. Soon the Slaymaster arrives and stabs Betsy in the back. Psylocke fights him hand to hand while trying to concentrate on keeping her wounds together. She eventually defeats him but doesn't kill him, saying she's not a killer. After trying to attack her again, the Slaymaster teleports away. During the mission, Betsy's teammate Cat was killed. Betsy mourns her death but eventually returns to the crystal palace with Mystique, Sabretooth, Gambit, where they meet Sage. Tessa explains that she has merged the essence of her being with that of the palace and that whenever someone tries to communicate with the palace, they'll be talking to her. Betsy was mad at Sage and ran away. Tessa follows her and says that she did what she had to do because the palace had lost its soul and because of that, whole dimensions were ending and the omniverse was dying. Psylocke and Sage had a heart-to-heart and Betsy asks her what if this has no going back to what Sage responds that she simply doesn't care: she says she has a sense of everything and might as well make existence a better place. Later Betsy and Sabretooth express their feelings more intimately.

    Later, the Slaymaster continues to kill alternate versions of Psylocke, and each time he does Betsy gets slammed by a resonance wave of energy in the Crystal Palace. She decides it's time to bring this to an end. Betsy asks Sage to run a hologram simulation of Slaymaster so she can train, however this simulation ends up defeating her. Psylocke runs away, but Sage catches up with her and share some words. While both are at it, the Crystal Palace shows them a vision of Slaymaster killing Brian, Betsy's twin brother. Psylocke decides to go back to the 616 timeline to stop him. After spending the whole day in London, Slaymaster finally shows up. They fight, but Slaymaster easily beats Psylocke. When Captain Britain arrives to help her, Betsy says this is her fight and asks her brother to let her finish this by herself. Psylocke severely beats Slaymaster, so he tries to run away, but Betsy breaks his teleporter. She says this is a challenge to the death and all the Psylockes from all the different realities that Slaymaster killed manifest themselves to witness the battle's final end and she finally kills him once and for all. Brian and Betsy talk for a bit and hug each other. In the end, she returns to the Crystal Palace and reunites with Sabretooth, kissing him.

    Rejoining the X-Men

    Return to original body
    Return to original body

    When Madelyne Pryor returned calling herself The Red Queen she had Spiral, Lady Deathstrike, and Chimera, all members of her Sisterhood of Mutants, bring the body of Kwannon (which is also Betsy's original body) to their hideout. She revealed that she had found Psylocke's Asian body "dancing between parallel worlds". Through a ritual the Red Queen, using the combined might of the Sisterhood, reanimated the dead body and transferred Betsy's mind back into her original form, while the Asian body of Kwannon simply appeared to die. When the Sisterhood attacked the X-Men in order to gain a lock of Jean Grey's hair that Wolverine had stored, it was Psylocke who did battle with Logan until they managed to escape. When the X-members Dazzler, Storm, Karma, and Emma came to confront the Sisterhood at their base, Psylocke and the Mastermind sisters were left to battle them.

    Dazzler tries to reason with Psylocke and bring her back to her senses, but it's hopeless. Dazzler then generates a huge beam of light and ends up blowing off half of Betsy's face. Psylocke manages to break free for a moment and uses her psi-knife on herself. Inside Psylocke's mind, the real Betsy is at war with her evil self, and ultimately kills the evil being inside of her. Dazzler tries to wake up a seemingly dead Psylocke, when Betsy suddenly awakes in the Asian body. Psylocke freed of the Sisterhood's control rejoins the X-Men. Psylocke reveals she has regained her telepathy (while also retaining her telekinesis) and travels back in time with Beast and his X-Club in order to study the birth of mutant kind and find a way to revert M-Day.

    During Utopia, Betsy is seen trying to handle the riots in San Francisco, later Cyclops gives Psylocke and the X-Club members a mission to install a number of devices on a huge piece of rock under the sea. When the devices are successfully installed Cyclops gives the order to "rise". When risen the rock is identified to be Asteroid M and will now serve as the X-Men's new base of operations called Utopia. Later when the group arrive on top of Utopia they join the battle against Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers and remaining Dark X-Men. The group take on Dark Beast and Betsy impales him with her psychic katana. After the battle is won she is seen with Emma Frost and Kavita Rao, consulting about Emma's void sliver.

    Nation X

    In the sewers...
    In the sewers...

    After Utopia, Psylocke helps Namor, along with the rest of the X-Men, defeat a monstrous version of his deceased ex-wife Marrina. Betsy amplifies Iceman's powers telepathically to an extremely powerful level. Psylocke also witnesses Deadpool begging to join the X-Men and helps invade the Hidden City of Atlas after the Agents of Atlas steal Cerebra, she is defeated in battle by Namora. After this, Psylocke and Nightcrawler try to rescue Wolverine from the clutches of Dr. Rot. Kurt and Betsy find a giant psychic engine built with human brains. Psylocke tells Nightcrawler not to smash it, as the engine is like a giant psychic bomb, just waiting to go off. Betsy explains that the bomb could turn everyone crazy for a few moments, she then defuses it carefully with her psy-knife. After one of the bombs go off, Kurt and Betsy temporarily go insane but are saved by Wolverine.

    After they come to their senses, Nightcrawler finds some of Betsy's hair in his mouth, they promise to never talk about what happened in that thirty seconds again. Psylocke and Nightcrawler are then approached by Pixie's mother, Mrs. Gwynn, asking where her daughter is, they promise to find and rescue her. Emma Frost, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Rockslide, Anole and Blindfold go looking for the missing girls: Pixie, X-23, Mercury and Armor. Whilst looking the group comes into conflict with the Mastermind sisters and Mrs. Gwynn.

    Later Psylocke is the only person present when Dr. Takiguchi passes away, she informs the X-Men in tears and attends his funeral. During the funeral Magneto gatecrashes, Cyclops informs Betsy to use her psychic knife on Magneto, if necessary. Suddenly the island is attacked by three Predator X, Psylocke helps defeat one of the creatures. After that Psylocke helps Cyclops and Professor X attempt to get the sliver of the Void out of Emma Frost's head, Betsy's role was to lobotomize Emma or Cyclops if the void took over. After the sliver of the Void is successfully sealed, Beast tells the small group that he's leaving, much to Betsy's shock.

    Shortly after this, Cyclops sends Wolverine, Psylocke and Colossus to hit NY to track down where the Predator X's came from and the source of the nanites. Logan follows the remaining Predator X's scent to the sewers of the city, where the X-Men find out that Fantomex already dealt with the monster. The X-Men ask for Fantomex's aid to determine where the Predators came from, but Fantomex is not willing to help. The group track the Predator's point of origin inside a building, where the super-powered beings who sent the Beasts are waiting for them. They then engage in battle. The villains easily overcome the X-Men, as they have data on the X-Men's powers and fighting techniques. Fantomex arrives to help the X-Men, while E.V.A. shuts down the Facility's computer with all the stolen data. Wolverine, Psylocke, Colossus and Fantomex now manage to take on their foes.

    On their way back to Utopia, the group receive word of Kitty Pryde returning. They arrive as fast as they can. Psylocke then witnesses Kitty's return to the X-Men. Days pass and after their mission together, Fantomex gives Psylocke flowers, hinting at a new romance between the two.

    Kill Matsu'o

    Psylocke's quest for revenge
    Psylocke's quest for revenge

    With the crisis in San Fransisco past, Psylocke turns her attention to personal matters, namely restoring her old body to the sanctity of its grave in Tokyo. Somewhat shaken by this latest (albeit temporary) body-swap and seeking to make sense of her being and her identity, Betsy hoped that by putting her past self to rest, she would be able to move forward with her life. Taking a Blackbird to Tokyo along with Wolverine (who had some business of his own to take care of), Betsy is attacked by Hand ninjas at the graveyard. While she fights them off, she sees, horrified, as they destroy her old body in the name of Matsu'o Tsurayaba, and vows revenge against the man who had destroyed the last link to her past. As Betsy went on a rampage through the Tokyo underworld in order to find her tormentor, she quickly discovered that things were not entirely as they seemed. The X-Men's old ally Yukio was intent on keeping her from killing Mat'suo, while another assassin, the fiery Jinn, was also hunting him down in retaliation for the murder of his pregnant wife.

    Her anger fading, Psylocke defeated the two before tracking Matsu'o down, intent on understanding why he had done these things in an attempt to evade his manipulations. What she saw horrified her; Mat'suo had been reduced to an armless shell of a man by Wolverine, who had continued his tradition of removing one of Mat'suo body parts on the anniversary of Mariko Yashida's death until there was little left of the man. Mat'suo had engineered these attacks in order to ensure his death at the hands of either Psylocke or Jinn, as he could not longer take his own life, and Mariko's anniversary had come again. Stunned, Psylocke was confronted by Wolverine, who had come once again to take his pound of flesh from the murderer of his love, and Betsy soon found herself fighting against him.

    Psylocke realizes Matsu'o purposefully provoked her and Jinn hoping that he would no longer need to suffer at the hands of Wolverine. Betsy tries to talk Logan out of it, but it's useless. Wolverine attacks Psylocke, and Betsy uses her psi-knife on Logan expecting that he would come to his senses. It doesn't work. Psylocke learns the hard way that only the animal in him remains.

    Psylocke kills Matsuo
    Psylocke kills Matsuo

    The brutal battle continues, Wolverine not stopping, Psylocke is unable to focus until Jinn wakes up; he takes on Logan and tells Betsy that he's going home and that she should follow her own advice: to choose to live. Wolverine returns and stabs Jinn, who flies away in pain. Betsy manages to focus and uses her psi-knife on Logan one more time. Psylocke remembers Jinn's words. She comes to the conclusion that this life isn't hers and that she died a long time ago. She's tired of fighting. Psylocke drops her weapons and tells Wolverine that if he wishes to kill her, then be it. After a few moments of silence, Logan tells her to kill Matsu'o, but warns her that they will have a talk later about this desire to die that she has developed.

    And so he leaves with Yukio to the Blackbird. Psylocke faces Matsu'o once more. He knew it was going to be her to kill him. He's ready. Psylocke uses her telepathy on Matsu'o, making him see his body the way it once was, as well as Kwannon to receive him with open arms. Betsy kills him. "For so long, my life has been out of my own control. Chaos and serendipity, wrapped in insanity. I have suffered. I have lost. Not just my life, but my very soul. Myself. But no more. Now I know who I am."

    Back in Utopia, Psylocke meets Mercury. Betsy praises her for not wanting to kill Sack earlier, despite everything she's been through. Psylocke tells her to "Hold on to yourself with everything you've got". Mercury asks her if she found what she was looking for in Japan, to what Betsy replies: "It's a start".

    Second Coming

    Part of Cyclops' A-Team
    Part of Cyclops' A-Team

    Cyclops assembles a main Alpha Roster team to go to where Cable was detected. Psylocke is part of the Alpha Roster along with, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, X-23, Angel and Magik. The team is teleported to Winchester where Cable and Hope where, but the two are already gone, leaving only dead The Right soldiers behind. Cyclops then orders the team to bring back Hope to Utopia. Magik teleports the Alpha Roster right above the Sapien League's vans. The X-Men manage to beat them, X-23 kills one in cold blood to force the other to speak. Nightcrawler is outraged by Laura's killing. Psylocke is upset as she realizes Wolverine, X-23 and Angel are keeping something from the rest of them. Betsy, Kurt and Peter keep asking who are they, but the X-Forcers don't give them an answer. Wolverine then reveals the secret of X-Force to the three, but they have to continue on with their mission.

    Eventually the Alpha team find Hope and Cable, and they join them in their fight against the Purifiers. During the fight, Warren kills several soldiers and cuts Stryker in half. Psylocke is shocked by what she sees. Psylocke is then assigned to follow Hope with Colossus, whilst driving to their location, Psylocke senses a missile but is unable to stop it and it hits Wolverine, X-23 and Ariel's car. Later in Nebraska, the Alpha Team finally reaches Cable and Hope, after Rogue and Hope leave, Alpha and Cable stay behind as a distraction to Bastion. While being attacked by armored soldiers and a jet. Psylocke uses her TK, to perform a fastball special with X-23, sending her to the jet so she can take it out. Later, the Alpha Team returns to Utopia. Colossus wants to get Pixie to rescue Illyana, but Betsy tells him to wait and that they'll find her. Betsy notices the look on Emma's and Scott's faces. She just asks them "Who?", but Wolverine already knows the answer: "Elf".

    She then attends his funeral. When Bastion is surrounding San Francisco with a giant impenetrable sphere, Psylocke tries to stop it from closing by focusing her Telekinesis but it doesn't stop it and San Francisco is trapped. Psylocke is part of a team of mutants that Cyclops gathers to hit the mainland so as to keep the order and recon. While doing so, they notice a glowing sphere near the Golden Gate bridge. Psylocke realizes this smaller sphere is a portal as she picks up readings through it, not human minds per se. Suddenly, Nimrods sentinels begin to emerge from it with orders to kill them all. Psylocke helps fight the robots, combining her telekinesis with Hellion's in order to rip a Nimrod apart.

    She then rushes to Julian's aid with Surge and X-23, after his hands are destroyed. Later, Scott orders Psylocke to get people far away from the sphere. She goes to the streets of San Francisco, using a motorcycle and her telepathy in order to quickly and safely evacuate civilians. Later she helps defeat the invading Nimrods with Iceman and Fantomex. After, she re-joins the fight on the Golden Gate Bridge. After the Nimrods are defeated, she witnesses X-Force's return, Cable's death and Hope turning into the phoenix. After Cable's funeral, Cyclops tells Wolverine that there is no place for X-Force in the future of the X-Men. Logan agrees with him, but as soon as Cyclops leaves, he gathers his new X-Force: Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex and Deadpool. He says there’s only one rule: No one can know...

    Post Second Coming

    Re-building San Francisco
    Re-building San Francisco

    Psylocke is one of the X-Men that teleport to San Francisco Harbor in order to be celebrated for saving the city from destruction. Cyclops then decides to assemble a team of 'heavy-hitters' to help rebuild San Francisco from the destruction caused by the Nimrods during Second Coming. Cyclops decides to send Magneto, Colossus, Psylocke, Rogue, Omega Sentinel, Danger and Random to San Francisco in order to rebuild and repair the city from the destruction caused by their battle against Bastion. Rogue brings Hellion along, hoping to take him out of himself for a while. Hope also volunteers to go. In San Francisco, the X-Men do their part at the construction site. Psylocke and Hellion are responsible for clearing the ground. Omega Sentinel realizes some of her systems are malfunctioning, which leads her to attack both Hellion and Hope. Cyclops interviews all involved at the scene, Psylocke tells him that her telepathy comes and goes if she's pushing all-out with her telekinesis, which made it hard to focus in on any one point.

    After this, Psylocke and old team-mate Dr. Cecilia Reyes journey to Mexico to assist one of the new mutants that emerged due to Hope's return. His name is Gabriel Cohuelo. The boy is in a state of panic and Psylocke notes that his thoughts are moving incredibly fast. He suddenly vanishes, although Psylocke can still sense his presence in the room. She taps into Cecilia Reyes' head and strengthens her powers with her psychic powers to seal off the room to keep him in while Hope saves him.

    During Curse of the Mutants, Psylocke is part of a squad of X-Men that teleports into a vampire island to help Storm and Gambit take down a horde of vampires. However this is all that's seen of Psylocke during the event. Psylocke is also one of the mutants called in to help save the New Mutants from project purgatory. She also pays her respects to the Human Torch at his funeral.

    Psylocke also teams up with Hercules to easily defeat the Griffin. After the fight, Hercules propositions Betsy, not remembering a past 'encounter' years before, Psylocke proceeds to punch him in the face for being so ignorant. Psylocke is one of the mutants present on Utopia after a mutant virus spreads which removes their powers and slowly kills them. She takes part in the attack against Lobe and the Sublime corporation, even though she was powerless. However they manage to defeat their opponents and obtain their powers again.


    Psylocke joins X-Force
    Psylocke joins X-Force

    Warren and Betsy rekindle their past relationship and after becoming a part of Wolverine's X-Force. Psylocke dreams of Warrens Archangel's persona threatening her. Betsy wakes up by Warren's side and explains that if she were to remove "Archangel" permanently, it would fracture Warren's mind. Warren says he needs Betsy to keep Archangel from going too far, so he can use it do to some good in X-Force. Psylocke and Angel then join Wolverine and Fantomex, and they all head to the place Deadpool found the Clan Akkaba. When they enter the Clan's headquarters, Wolverine attacks another giant statue; however he becomes possessed by it. The same happens to Psylocke when she uses her psi-knife on it. Fantomex misdirects the statue's feelings and destroys it, setting Psylocke free. Betsy then frees Wolverine, using her psi-knife. The team finds Deadpool, and Warrens explains that Clan Akkaba has found a way to resurrect Apocalypse and that his horsemen have been awoken.

    They need to kill Apocalypse. Somewhere else, Clan Akkaba is raising a young boy, the new Apocalypse. At Cavern X (X-Force's new secret base), Wolverine, Psylocke, Fantomex and Deadpool all train in the new Danger Room in a scenario where Apocalypse controls Archangel and Psylocke has to kill him, which she successfully does. Warren interrupts and asks what's going on. Betsy remains speechless as Wolverine explains that he's having Betsy do it with all the team and that she's got the power to 'flick' the teams switches, and that repeating the scenario should make the actual act easier should it come to it. Warren sarcastically replies that he's glad she passes. Later before the team leave for the moon, Betsy tells Warren they should speak first.

    She tells him that her reasoning for joining was not only to help contain Archangel but also that after Nightcrawler's death, she was completely numb, she didn't have anything left to give, she was at a deep hopelessness, an unending avalanche and at the bottom of it, digging forever. She sat for days, searching for the last time she felt human. Only Warren came to mind. She tells him that Apocalypse will not manipulate him again, she's with him to the very end. Once they arrive on the moon, Psylocke senses a Horseman of Apocalypse, saying his mind is full of disgusting anger and that the other Horsemen are surrounding them. X-Force is received by the Final Horsemen. The two teams fiercely fight, EVA is decimated, the team scattered, diseased and terribly injured.

    Psylocke finds Apocalypse
    Psylocke finds Apocalypse

    Betsy looks in the minds of the Horsemen, finding out their names, histories and powers. She tells Wolverine that Death's power comes from metal, using his rings to inflict disease on the team. Wolverine then takes on Death, leaving Fantomex and Psylocke to take on the others. Betsy turns off Fantomex's ears, so he can be safe from Famine's bio-sonic consumption. She also disconnects his peripheral and nociceptor nerves in order to turn off his pain. War then knocks out Betsy with a punch to the head. War, then took Psylocke and returned with her to his room. There she heals and when she wakes, War tells her he is in love with her. After Fantomex's misdirection wears off, the rest of the Horsemen retreat to their base and prepare to lift-off. Psylocke, who made it inside, flirts with War, and gets close enough to him to drive her psychic knife into his skull, incapacitating him. The ship is about to take off, and Wolverine, Fantomex, Deadpool and Archangel are left behind.

    With the ship about to take off, Apocalypse is playing with figurines, when the door opens and a sword welding Psylocke approaches the frightened Kid Apocalypse. While Fantomex and Wolverine dispose of the Horsemen, Fantomex uses his powers to trick the ship that Betsy's on into believing that it has already teleported. Psylocke makes her way to the inner chambers of the child Apocalypse and finds it harder to accomplish her task than she ever dreamed of. The rest of the team find the two and intended to kill him. Betsy fiercely vows to protect the child, stating she will kill anyone that attempts to harm the boy.

    Archangel fiercely argues with her and then goes berserk; which forces Betsy to beat him down, standing over him with her sword ready to strike down, but can't and lowers her sword. The team then comes to an agreement that the child can be saved, until the X-Force members are left shocked looking back at Fantomex who has shot the boy dead with a bullet to the head. Fantomex then closes the child's eyelids and the very stunned team heads back home. After, she attends the team meeting where Deadpool explains his discomfort about the last mission. Seemingly taking Deadpool's side she accuses Wolverine of trying to convince himself that what they did was right.

    But later she tries to comfort him saying that it's been a strain on all of them and no one blames him. But he shrugs her off, stating, 'does I look worried?' After this, Betsy engages in a conversation with her brother, telling him that she aided in an assassination of a child, he tells her that he can never absolve her of what she did, but he will always love her, however, it's only a danger room hologram. Warren finds her and tells her that Fantomex is in trouble,she shrugs him off saying that he can take care of himself. But the team later arrive to help him and complete their mission.

    Return of the Reavers and the Shadow King

    Deadpool does a recon on the Outback town, where he learns from Gateway that the Reavers and Lady Deathstrike are back and planning an attack on Utopia. X-Force decides to learn the details of their plot and then kill all of them. Psylocke is especially happy as she will finally make the Reavers pay for what they did to her and the X-Men years ago. The Reavers are blackmailing Gateway to open a portal to Utopia, otherwise they'll kill his family/tribe. X-Force then confronts the Reavers in Australia. While Logan and Deathstrike fight, one of the Reavers blows up in front of Fantomex and Deadpool. Psylocke and Archangel are left against the rest of them. Some of the Reavers are seen using Gateway's portal to Utopia, and Psylocke goes after them alone. Pixie was on security duty and spotted intruders on radar on Utopia. Cyclops and Magneto find out they're Reavers, but by the time they find them they're all dead. Psylocke had used her telepathy and stealth to get to the Reavers before the X-Men do and kill them. She leaves their corpses and leaves Utopia unnoticed. Later, Wolverine tells Psylocke she doesn't look so happy about the revenge she just had.

    Psylocke and the Shadow King battle once again
    Psylocke and the Shadow King battle once again

    After this, Betsy senses weird psychic emanations coming from a military base and sends Deadpool to investigate. Whilst he's there, Betsy and Warren continue having another psychic therapy session, where Betsy ends up trapping the "Archangel" persona in one of Warren's first moments of rage. X-Force then decides to head to the military base because they have lost contact with Deadpool. Psylocke tells the others there is a powerful telepath working in that base, and asks them to guard her while she investigates; she then finds The Shadow King on the astral plane. They begin to fight, with Betsy donning her Lady Mandarin armor in astral form. The Shadow King finds a crack in Betsy's psy shields and starts filling her head with images of her brothers telling her how shocked they are that she's a killer and that their father would be disappointed however she manages to escape. While all of that was happening in the Astral Plane, the Shadow King had taken control over the team.

    Fantomex was left alone to protect Betsy's body by misdirecting them. The mind-controlled Archangel tries to launch the missiles at Utopia. Psylocke tries to stop him, but she gets locked out of the missiles launch room, where only Warren and one other mind-controlled employee were. The Shadow King frees the Archangel persona which takes full control of Warren and cuts the Shadow King in half, to Betsy's surprise Archangel then casts her out of Warren's mind, telling her she won't remember him being freed. Warren then kills the employee who was about to launch the missiles. Unknown to Betsy and the team, the employee was already free of the control, and Warren had a choice of whether to kill him or not.

    Dark Angel Saga

    Psylocke and Fantomex
    Psylocke and Fantomex

    Unaware of Archangel taking full control of Warren, Betsy approached Warren, asking why he was avoiding her and lying all the time, telling him they were due another psychic session. Warren shrugged Betsy off, claiming to have control over Archangel all by himself. Concerned, Psylocke went to Wolverine, telling him that there was a problem with Warren. Later one, Wolverine then finds Warren attempting to kill a man who knows X-Force's secret. They battle and Warren is able to temporarily hold Archangel back, when Psylocke uses her psychic knife to knock Warren out. She then wiped the memories of the man who knew about X-Force. Unwilling to kill Warren, the team needed to find an expert who could help, leading them to break Dark Beast out of prison. Dark Beast tells the team that to stop Warren from becoming Apocalypse, they need to travel to the Age of Apocalypse and obtain the life seed.

    The team travel to the Age of the Apocalypse where that realities team of X-Men engages them in battle, thinking them to be allies of McCoy. Psylocke stops Wolverine from killing Sabretooth, informing him that this man is very different to the man they know. However, AOA Sunfire destroys the seed of life and Dark Beast leaves the team stranded in the reality without any means of getting home. Sabretooth stops the team from fighting, informing them that he and Psylocke have history together. Psylocke calls Creed a presumptuous ass and that he has no idea what she's been through since they last met. On the way back to the AOA X-Men's home, Psylocke thanks Fantomex for coming to help Warren, but Fantomex merely states that he isn't doing it for Warren. Back in HQ, the team find out that there is only one man who can send them home, Gateway. But he is being held in the Akkaba prison, The Sky.

    After the meeting, Fantomex tries to speak to Psylocke, but she brushes him off. Fantomex grabs her arm and doesn't feel like being avoided or barked at anymore, accusing Betsy of being rude. Still holding a grudge against Fantomex because of the the child Apocalypse's murder, Psylocke feels she is within. However, Fantomex claims he prevented the child from turning into Apocalypse, something which has happened to Warren, who was under Betsy's watch, implying Betsy was responsible for what's happening, saying it's her mess they're cleaning up and that she doesn't love Warren, she loves being needed. Exasperated, Psylocke demanded that they're not through, to Fantomex who walked away from Betsy, saying he has no idea what she and Warren have been through. In a fit of rage, Betsy punches Fantomex, demanding that he looks at her when she's talking to him.

    Psylocke as the Horseman Death
    Psylocke as the Horseman Death

    Insisting that her and Warren have fought through everything because of their love and that he is everything to her. Recovering from the punch, he tells her that she knows there is fire between them and that Warren has no warmth to him and the man she once loved is long gone, but he is here for her. Initially, Psylocke resisted but the two then kissed. However, Betsy pushes him off her, saying she won't give up on Warren. After this, a team led by Jean is sanctioned to find Gateway, and a team led by Fantomex is sanctioned to find the life seed. Psylocke joins Jean's team where they make their way into the prison, only to be ambushed by the Black Legion. Kurt tells them to run, telling them that they are too much for them, however, they are stopped by a very much alive AOA Wolverine, who is the new heir of Apocalypse. AOA Wolverine insists that Jean join him, and kidnaps her leaving Psylocke's half of X-Force and the AOA X-Men to battle with the Black Legion. Fantomex's team finally regroups and they go to rescue Jean. Gateway teleports X-Force with the life seed back to Cavern-X and where Archangel and the Final Horsemen await them. Battle ensues, and Psylocke quickly incapacitates War, and critically injures Dark Beast. An opportunity arises, and Psylocke throws her sword into Archangels torso but hesitates in killing him, purposely aiming inches from his heart. X-Force barely escapes in E.V.A., but as they are flying away Psylocke leaps out in a final attempt to save Warren and the world. She is taken to the Akkaba Metropolis where she tries to convince Archangel that he is wrong and that the man she loves is still in him somewhere. Archangel agrees, but states that he has changed forever and has evolved into something more.

    Psylocke is left under the guard of Pestilence, and while Archangel prepares to use the life seed on Tabula Rasa, the two fight as Betsy attempts to escape. Incapacitating Pestilence, she makes a run for it only to be stopped by AoA Blob. Archangel tells Betsy that her love allowed him to take over Warren, and tries to convince her that what he is doing isn't bad. She then witnesses him kill Genocide's mother who attempts to shoot him, and becomes convinced that Warren is gone. Opportunity arises and Psylocke kicks the gun up to try it herself, but is unsuccessful. Next we see her she is unconscious and Archangel impales her with the death seed making her his horseman Death.

    During Archangel's plot, the X-Men from the Age of Apocalypse universe arrive to aid the Uncanny X-Force. The Jean Grey of that reality find Betsy's mind reliving her memory of first meeting Warren at the Hellfire Club. Jean uses her telepathy to fight off the effects of the Death Seed and also increases the boundaries of Pylocke's telepathy. After a battle between X-Force and Archangel, Betsy manages to stab Warren with a Life Seed. As Warren lay dying in her arms, Psylocke telepathically plays the life they would have left in his mind up until his peaceful death. In reality Warren did not die much to Betsy's shock however all of his memories had been erased. Betsy tried to reconnect with Warren to no avail.


    The Captain Britain Corps had come for Fantomex, to judge him for his crimes and remove him as a threat to the multiverse. They had decided to remove him from existence and history, a decision that caused Betsy no small amount of shock and anger. She took Fantomex's delirious and fading body to a mystique ogre king in a Forest of Sorrows. The King was not eager to help Bets as he had a grudge against her father. Only by offering him her past sorrows and her capacity to ever feel any ever again did he agree to save Fantomex.

    On their way to assist the Captain Britain Corps in their war against a mystique goat mage, Betsy and Fantomex were attacked by the Skinless Man who had been hired by the goat mage. As the Skinless Man tortured Fantomex, Betsy took him out using a poison she had received from the ogre king. With him out of the way, the duo resumed their flight to the Starlight Citadel. On the way, Betsy realized the goat mage was her reality warping brother Jamie gone insane and when her other brother Brian was unwilling to kill Jamie, he had Betsy do it instead. The only way that Betsy is able to get through her brothers death is through the loss of her sense of sorrow.

    Final Execution

    This marks a cold period in Betsy's life. Without any sense of sorrow, Betsy instigates a physical relationship with Fantomex out of curiosity and then claims he is not a person for her to love. An upset Fantomex throws a party in Paris to escape from the hurt of Betsy's rejection where Betsy apparently came to him with an apology. They made love after which it was revealed that Mystique had impersonated Betsy to assassinate Fantomex, something he had been aware of. Betsy was actually at her hotel room where she was psychically ambushed by the Shadow King who had joined the latest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants who had kidnapped Evan, the young Apocalypse. The Shadow King used Psylocke's doubts to defeat her in a psychic confrontation, but she was rescued by Fantomex who suspected the X-Force was under attack and rushed to her location. Fantomex sacrificed his psychic dampener plates to protect Betsy from further psychic assault. However, this left him undefended against the Shadow King and his last act before succumbing to a psychic attack was to get Psylocke on E.V.A and order her away, saving the female X-Mans life. When the remaining members of X-Force attacked the Brotherhood, Elizabeth trapped the mind of the Shadow King in the body of Omega White, a psychic insulator and member of the Brotherhood. When the Brotherhood is defeated, Betsy reconciles with her brother Brian and stores the imprisoned Shadow King in her family's mansion. With X-Force disbanded, Psylocke begins a real relationship with Fantomex and is taken by him to meet his mother.


    Psylocke remains with Cyclops on Utopia but still also performs her duties with Wolverine and X-Force in secret. She is seen as a combat instructor for the students. With Emma Frost injured, Psylocke is acting as the current telepath on Scott's Extinction team. When Cyclops calls a meeting due to the events that happened in Montana, Psylocke fills the team on the new habitat that has arrived called the Tabula Rasa. She is deployed along with the team where they fend off large half bat, half insect like creatures. The team is told to break off into pairs of two to explore the Tabula Rasa. She teams with Magneto. Betsy is confronted by Magneto about the events currently transpiring and Betsy reveals that the new habitat was Warren's doing as a test for an evolutionary jump. The two come across a group of tribal people who believe them to be gods. There is a wall of paintings explaining something about an immortal man. As Magneto turns around the Immortal Man is floating above Betsy and him. Psylocke and Magneto manage to hold their own against the Immortal Man until backup arrives which causes the Immortal Man to flee. The team finds the Immortal Man's home and begins another battle in order to stop it from destroying the habitat and killing everyone and everything in it. The team eventually defeats the Immortal Man and they head back home. As the Phoenix Force hurtles towards Earth, Psylocke joins the X-Men's side of the battle against the Avengers to prevent them from taking Hope.

    Let It Bleed

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    After X-Force disbanded, Psylocke and Fantomex disappeared for six months. She later showed up at the Jean Grey school and attempted teaching, but proved to overly aggressive. This forces Wolverine to "kick her out" of the school but also "offers" her a mission of sorts about a mind control drug being sold around. Betsy is informed she must meet a contact and along with her is Storm as they travel to Los Angeles to find the informant. The informant turns out to be the super-powered dwarf, Puck. Puck brings them up to speed on everything and it turns out the seller of the drug is Spiral. Psylocke assaults Spiral at a dance club where they have a brief fight before the hive mind mob begins to swarm and eventually overwhelm Psylocke.

    Psylocke turns the tides by using her telepathy to mind control some of the dancers to fight for her sake. With Spiral managing to escape with the girl, the team leaves and tracks the new mutant by her psychic aura. They eventually track down Spiral but the group is then assaulted and quickly defeated by the newly returned Bishop. Betsy allows Spiral to help find the mutant girl, whose name was revealed as Ginny. The team tracks her once again but end up only finding Bishop once more. Spiral abandons the group, leaving Betsy to fight off Bishop. When she stabs her psi-knife into his head, she is transported into his mind where she realizes that his psyche was the original trap all along, not the physical fight itself.

    Psylocke battles the mysterious mental entity but is eventually forced out of the Astral Plane by another psychic entity occupying Bishop's mind who states that she is not the telepath they are looking for. She is back with the group and they find Bishop who has just taken hold of Ginny but the girl disappears. The group manages to defeat Bishop and in his defeat the mysterious entity leaves him. With Spiral nearby, Betsy throws her a sword to finish their battle. Spiral falls to her knees in sadness with the loss of Ginny and Psylocke ends up refusing to kill her.

    Psylocke projects herself and Storm into Bishop's fractured mind to collect information through his memories. Both find out where Bishop has been after his psychotic obsession for killing Hope. It is revealed he was trained into a group called The Order. A group dedicating their lives to protect humanity from the dark specters, these evil mirrors of a person's own soul known as a Revenant. While on a hunt for a Bull Revenant, Bishop is attacked by The Great White Owl. The Queen of the Revenants. The Owl Queen takes possession of Bishop which explains why Bishop attacked the X-Force team when he returned from the future. Psylocke finds the root problem which is destroying Bishop's mind, the Bull Revenant known as Demon Bear. She manages to purge Bishop's mind of Demon Bear. In doing so, the demon bear spirit now resides within her mind. During this time, Cluster manages to kidnap Betsy's body. Once awake and realizing where she is, Cluster asked Betsy for her help to find and rescue Fantomex who has been captured by Weapon XIII.

    On their mission to rescue Fantomex, Weapon XIII captures both Psylocke and Cluster. Weapon XIII expresses his true love for Betsy who explains to her that she's on the wrong side and that Cluster and Fantomex aren't loyal to her. Psylocke decides she wants to kill Fantomex herself. While engaged in a battle with Fantomex, she realizes if she kills him she'll have to live her life knowing he'd got to her and instead lets Fantomex live his life knowing she got to him. She allows him to rescue a prisoned Cluster while unleashing the demon bear spirit on Weapon XIII. In the aftermath, Betsy not wanting anything to do with them, declines Cluster's offer to return to Paris. Returning to Los Angeles, The Revenant Queen rises and begins her attack on the city with her army of revenants.

    All-Female X-Men Team

    Psylocke is also part of the first ever X-Men team to consist of an all female roster: Storm, Rachel Grey, Jubilee, Rogue, Kitty Pryde. The roster has changed with the departure of Kitty Pryde during the events of Battle of the Atom and adding M and Karima.

    On their first mission the team take on Arkea, who is the sister to Sublime and has the ability to control technology and takes control of a prime sentinel and attacks the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Psylocke who is accompanied by Rachel Grey are monitoring Sublime in an air sealed interrogation room while the rest of the team engage in battle with Arkea who has activated the danger room's triple-dark security protocols causing the school to go into lockdown. Now in the body of the omega sentinel known as Karima Shapandar and more powerful than ever, Arkea escapes the school. Realizing how powerful she is, the team track Arkea back to her origin of arrival on earth to Budapest. Psylocke leads the attack at the Szent Margit Institute where Arkea has control over all of its patients who have medical cybernetic implants. Psylocke has Arkea at psi-sword point and is ordered by Storm to kill Karima much to Rachel Grey's dislike. Psylocke tries to reason with Rachel by asking her if she senses anything of Karima's conscious in Arkea. At that point Karima's consciousness resurfaces taking over Arkea's hold on her and takes hold of Psylocke's psi-sword and sacrifes herself in order to stop Arkea. Karima is successful in killing Arkea and regaining control of her body but is left in bad shape leaving the team to return her to Beast back at the school.

    With Magneto's X-Men

    After the events of Secret Wars, Psylocke is seen with Magneto, looking for a cure for the T-Mist that was killing the mutant population. Here, Angel has once again become Arcangel, and he is a mindless drone controlled by Psylocke. When Psylocke and Magneto later discovers a village where they see Warren Worthington III without his wings, they decide to investigate. They discover that one of Apocalypse's sons, Holocaust, is using Arcangel again. Magneto and Psylocke are captured by the forces of Apocalypse. Betsy escapes, and runs into her former lover Arcangel. They have a battle where Psylocke defeats him. She then frees Magneto and battles Apocalypse's son. Archangel then merges with the Warren Worthington at the village and once again becomes a sentient being.


    Psylocke has gone through different types of powers during her lifetime and she has lost her original powers, gained new powers, and improved old powers.

    Original Power Set

    Original Powers
    Original Powers

    In her original "British" body, Psylocke had vast psionic powers which, at that time, rivaled other high level psychic mutants.

    Basic Abilities: mind-control, illusion projection, reading and projecting thoughts over long distances, controlling and suppressing others powers, projecting herself & others into the astral plane

    Psychic Scanning: She was able to psychically scan vast distances to learn the status, condition or intentions of others.

    Psi-Bolts: bolts of pure psychic energy that can stun, injure or kill.

    Psycho-Blast: Using a unique ability all her own, Psylocke could shoot a focused beam of telepathic energy at an opponent, knocking them physically while attacking them mentally. This blast was powerful enough to pierce the psi-proof helmet of Juggernaut, a feat Professor X couldn't accomplish upon his first encounter. She also used this ability in an early encounter with Sabretooth, which earned her a place on the team.

    Precognitive Powers: This was her original power before it developed into telepathy. She could randomly and infrequently perceive visions of future events.

    Butterfly Effect: When using her powers, a butterfly shaped aura would appear around her face. When in her astral form, she would take the form of her butterfly aura sometimes depicted with eyes within its wings.

    Body Transfer

    After Psylocke's soul was transferred into Kwannon's (later Revanche) body, which became permanent after Revanche's death, Psylocke's powers changed considerably.

    Psylocke's Psychic Knife
    Psylocke's Psychic Knife

    Psychic Knife - This was all of her telepathic powers focused into her hand (she called this weapon "the focused totality of her telepathic might"). With the "knife", Psylocke could excite the pain receptors in her opponents and while not actually damaging tissue, the knife could cause her victims to become stunned, or even killed depending on the amount of power she used. When stabbed in the head of an enemy (or a friend), the knife allowed Psylocke to read the thoughts of her opponent and in some cases become connected to them.

    Martial Arts - Psylocke also gained much of Kwannon's knowledge became a master in Martial Arts and ninjitsu. Using her new found fighting skills, the brainwashed Psylocke briefly became Lady Mandarin, the Mandarin's head assassin.

    Her changed body effected her telepathic powers as well. Her telepathy was halved until Revanche died, giving full use of telepathy to one mind/body, and she was not seen using her psychoblast, usually opting instead to use force.

    Crimson Dawn

    Psylocke gained new abilities when she used the Crimson Dawn's healing liquid. It gave her the red dagger tattoo on her left eye and allowed her to hide and teleport through shadows. During a fight with the Shadow King, she appeared to have been killed on the Astral Plane, but the Crimson Dawn allowed her to come back in a shadow like astral form. She gained the ability to hide her allies in shadows as well.

    Psylocke lost the ability to use her telepathy in order to keep the Shadow King imprisoned. She focused all her telepathy to keep him contained. When Jean tried to help her, it caused Jean to give Psylocke telekinesis.

    Gained Abilities Included:

    • Shadow Teleportation
    • Shadow Stealth
    • Shadow Astral Form
    • Telekinesis (Gained from Phoenix)
    • Psychic Katana

    However, she later lost the use of her telepathy. Since she had trapped the Shadow King, if she used her telepathy again it would also free the Shadow King once more.

    • Telepathy (After imprisoning the Shadow King)

    Astral Form

    When Psylocke enters the Astral Plane she can take on any appearance she wants. After her Asian transformation, her Astral Form was a toned down version of her Lady Mandarin outfit. Later after her Crimson Dawn transformation, Psylocke had a shadow Astral Form, something she used to her advantage during her battle with the Shadow King. After she was resurrected, it's unknown what shape her Astral Form takes, but it could be anything her imagination can stretch to. In a recent battle with the Shadow King, while on a mission with Uncanny X-Force, Psylocke's astral form took on the appearance of her Lady Mandarin armor.


    Telekinetic Katana
    Telekinetic Katana

    When Psylocke was resurrected again by her brother, Jaimie Braddock, she lost her Crimson Dawn tattoo and the powers that came with it. Her other powers, however, were drastically improved. Jamie also altered her mind so that it was impenetrable to manipulation of any kind, which also had the side effect of making telepathy a useless way of communication. Psylocke has become immune to psionic and mental manipulation including telepathic communication, invisible to all forms of electronic detection, and also resistant to the effects of reality manipulation. Since her resurrection, she has yet to demonstrate any telepathy of her own. Her telekinesis is also much more powerful now, she can use it to levitate herself and others, create force fields, and also to enhance her speed, strength, and agility. She can lift several tons with her telekinesis.

    Psylocke started to create a telekinetic katana instead of the psychic knife. The katana is much more powerful, but she can no longer gauge the level of its intensity. The katana will short-circuit the nervous system (working the same way as as her knife), while slicing through almost any form of inanimate material. For example, she can use the blade to cut through a person in armor, and only cut the armor while stunning the person inside.

    Current Power Set

    When Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey freed Betsy from the effects of the Death Seed during the Dark Angel Saga, she also expanded the boundaries of her telepathy. With her telepathic powers, she can receive and broadcast thoughts to others, manipulate people's minds and possess them, create elaborate psychic illusions, increase another mutant's power to incredible levels, create psychic daggers, erase the memories of others, and blast opponents with overwhelming psychic energy. Psylocke's telekinetic abilities, although not as strong as they once had been, are still strong enough to allow her to achieve her desired effects. She can still move large objects and beings around, create telekinetic barriers to protect her from attacks, and can still create her telekinetic katana but chooses her psychic knife over it in most situations. As of late, Psylocke has been showing even more versatility when it comes to her psionic constructs. She has been seen creating psi-bows and arrows. She has created psi-crossbows with a rope attached bolt that allows not just her to swing on it, but other people as well. She has even been using just her raw psi-energy for energy blasts.

    The downside of her new powers is that the strength of her telepathic and telekinetic powers depend on how much she is using the other. Using two powers at once makes it hard for her to focus and lowers their level of power. For instance if she is using her telekinesis, her telepathy is limited to only reading and broadcasting thoughts and at the tiime, she is unable utilize her other telepathic skills. Aside from this, her previous resistance to both reality manipulation and telepathy seemed to tarnish after the Red Queen's manipulation and she can now be detected by electronic devices.


    Psylocke is an extremely skilled martial artist, but the fighting art that she uses has never been revealed. Her skills and technique in martial arts is shown to be even more advanced that an average Hand ninja, a Crimson Dawn Undercloak and even surpasses that of a ninja master. Psylocke has also received additional training from the Age of Apocalypse version of Sabretooth and an alternative reality version of Ogun that vastly developed her skills in this area.

    As a psychic, Psylocke possess the ability to counter attack as she is able to read the thoughts of her opponents minutes before they make a move. She can also make her presence undetectable from humans and mutants, and is even able to hide herself from Wolverine's super sense and any form of telepathy or mind detection. Psylocke can also cast illusions to distract her opponents. She can use her telekinesis abilities to increase her speed and strength and make her fighting skills far stronger and is even shown to be able to out match people with super-strength like Sabretooth or Juggernaut.


    Known Relatives: James Braddock Sr. (father, deceased), Elizabeth Braddock (mother, deceased), James "Jamie" Jr. (brother), Brian Braddock (Captain Britain, brother), Meggan Braddock (sister-in-law)

    • Citizenship: British
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Adventurer; former charter pilot, super model, government agent, assassin
    • Education: University graduate
    • Place of Birth: Braddock Manor, England
    • Hair: (originally) Blonde, dyed purple; (currently) black, often dyed purple
    • Eyes: (originally) Blue; (cybernetic) purple; (currently) purple
    • Height: 5'11" (both bodies)
    • Weight: 155 lbs. (both bodies)


    Betsy and Warren
    Betsy and Warren

    Psylocke has been involved in a few relationships over the years. While she within the S.T.R.I.K.E team, she dated fellow agent Tom Lennox. They got engaged and shared a psychic bond. His death effected her quite badly as she felt him die telepathically as well as physically. In her early days as an X-Man, she shared a attraction for Cypher though neither of them acted on their feeling. Later on in the X-Men, she manipulated Cyclops into being attracted to her. Even though this was due to Kwannon's personality being within her, she did find him attractive. Later, she had a long- term relationship with Angel, but they split due to them being too different. After this she engaged in a relationship with Neal Shaara (Thunderbird), who she stayed with until she was killed by Vargas . After her return to life, Betsy flirted with different men including Beast, Nightcrawler, and Cannonball but never got into a relationship.

    After joining the Exiles, she ironically started a relationship with the Age of Apocalypse version of Sabretooth, who had the same face as the man who mutilated her back in 616. The two stayed together and it's unknown whether they broke up before she was stolen by Madelyne Pryor. She has recently got back together with Angel after joining the X-Force. It was revealed that years ago, Psylocke had a one night stand with Hercules in London, but he did not remember. When they teamed up again, he tried to hit on her without realizing, prompting Betsy to punch Hercules. Recently she and Angel have rekindled their romance to a certain degree while they serve on Wolverine's black ops squad X-Force. However, during her time on the team, there was some sexual tension between Psylocke and Fantomex, culminating in a kiss between the two after Fantomex insisted that Betsy didn't really love Warren, but was instead in love with being needed. After the events of the Dark Angel Saga Psylocke and Fantomex's relationship becomes complicated after the two sleep with each other.

    Alternate Realities

    Ultimate Psylocke (Earth-1610)

    Ultimate Psylocke
    Ultimate Psylocke

    When her brother Brian followed the path of her father and became a scientist, Besty chose another path and became a pilot. She used her family name to avoid Sentinel attacks and joined the Psi Division and rose quickly to the Colonel rank.

    Psylocke made her first Ultimate Universe appearance in the World Tour story arc. She was Agent Betsy Braddock from the British Secret Service. Betsy was an extremely powerful telepath and she also has her “psychoblasts.” However they appear to be stronger then their 616 counterpart, as she is able to use those blasts like a grenade inside a brain and detonate it anytime she wants. Betsy was to help Professor Xavier search for his missing son David, later known as Proteus. When they finally encountered David, he possessed Betsy’s body and used her powers to wreck havoc and kill many people.

    Betsy was able to regain control and begged Xavier to kill her while he had a chance. Xavier declined but Colossus showed up and dropped a car on her. Betsy’s consciousness was able to survive and moved to the comatose body of an Asian Girl named Kwannon. Luckily for Betsy, Kwannon was dying and ready to go to the after life while donating her body to Betsy. It was later revealed that Betsy’s old body had breast cancer that would eventually have killed her anyway. Betsy was then supposedly trying to build a S.H.I.E.L.D. division in Britain called STRIKE. She is one of the many heroes to die during Ultimatum.

    After an extended period of not appearing in the Ultimate X-Men comic since her body swap, Betsy finally returned in Ultimate X-Men #83. After the X-Men returned from rescuing Toad from the Morlocks, they discovered Betsy inside the mansion. She told them that some students let her in so she made herself at home, and to call her "Psylocke." Betsy revealed that after she was forced to switch to her current body, she technically became a minor and was relieved from her duties with S.T.R.I.K.E. Betsy could not retain her job at S.T.R.I.K.E. despite her parents' efforts.

    Xavier decided to give Betsy a job working as a covert shadow X-Men, busting up drug rings undercover. Betsy was told that her team was to be terminated if they lost contact with Xavier, and to report to his mansion. She decided to wait until the whole thing died down and headed to Xavier's mansion. She wanted to join the X-Men but Cyclops told her that he disbanded the X-Men, and it angered Betsy. Meanwhile, Bishop was recruiting members for his new team. He eventually headed over to Xavier's and asked Jean to use Cerebro to find a mutant. Luckily for him, she was already here. Betsy agreed to go with them and, as the New X-Men, they sprang into action to fight some Sentinels. Psylocke stabbed her psyblades into the Sentinel's heads. Eventually, the X-Men prevailed after Dazzler unleashed her full power.

    Ultimate Psylocke in her Asian body
    Ultimate Psylocke in her Asian body

    Afterwards, Bishop got into an argument with Stryfe, the leader of the Mutant Liberation Front, and Pyro decided to join the MLF and they left the area. After they got back to their base of operations, Psylocke told Bishop that she made Pyro go with them. She said that when she read Stryfe's mind, she saw that he did not want to follow Bishop's way, so she sent Pyro there to also keep an eye on the M.L.F. Later, they decided to go after the makers of the Sentinels after Bishop and Wolverine put a tracking device on one of them. After they learned where the base was located, they teleported inside. However, they were ambushed and Bishop was knocked unconscious. His attackers revealed themselves to be the Fenris twins, who were the true masterminds behind the Sentinels' attacks. They proceeded to blast Wolverine, thus leaving Storm, Angel, Dazzler and Betsy to fight with a group of Sentinels. Betsy took over the leadership of the X-Men, and they valiantly fought, with the help of a fast-recovering Wolverine.

    However, the fight came to an end when the Fenris twins eventually trapped Psylocke and threatened to blast her with their combined power. Bishop regained at that point and warned them not to threaten his "wife", to the X-Men's and especially Betsy's surprise. After he successfully saved her by blasting the Fenris twins, he confirmed that Betsy was actually his wife in the future, but the team did not have time to dwell on this piece of information, as Stryfe reappeared. Psylocke then proceeded to read his mind again, before he hit her in the face and escaped. She could however confirm his involvement with the Fenris twins' plans. After fighting against Apocalypse, Psylocke later died again in the raid led by William Stryker Jr. She successfully warned Rogue of the massacre using Cerebro before she passed though.

    Apparently Ultimate Psylocke didn't died in the Ultimatum Event as she is seen back in Ultimate Comics X-Men 19, in first issue of the "Reservation X" story arc. She is one of the Twenty mutants who refused to take the cure and keep her power. Her and the nineteen other mutants are sent to The Grand National Experimental Range in Utah, wich is now no longer a in U.S.A but a country of his own for the mutants left. When a vote is taken to elect a chief Psylocke take the side of Nomi Blume a.k.a Mach Two instaed of Shadowcat's, thinking they they can do better that what was done. Later in this issue she asked telepathically Mach Two to send Warpath into Kitty's trailer, knowing what he's searching once he found it.

    Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

    Age of Apocalypse
    Age of Apocalypse

    In the original Age of Apocalypse, Psylocke was never mentioned and therefore it was at first assumed that she had been one of the telepaths that became part of Apocalypse’s psychic defense. In the mini-series for the 10th anniversary of the Age of Apocalypse, Psylocke was however introduced. In the AoA world Psylocke is an Asian ninja with black hair and blue eyes. She was still a telepath and was able to manifest two psychic knives at the same time. Her psychic knives are also able to cut through solid matter. Psylocke could also hide in the shadows but it is doubtful that it is due to the Crimson Dawn tattoo as she does not have it on her left eye. Psylocke came in as an acquaintance of Weapon X from the past. Psylocke rescued Logan and the X-Men that were captured. She first released Charles and helped the rest of the captured groups escape. She talked with Logan for a bit after they were rescued and she showed a grudge against Logan. She later reappeared and aided the X-Men in their fight against Sinister. She defeated some of the enemies, and battled the brainwashed Dagger and easily defeated her, while also removing her of her brainwashing. In the end, Psylocke returned to Japan to undo the damage that was caused by Apocalypse in Japan.

    Age of X

    Force Warriors
    Force Warriors

    In this reality, Elizabeth Braddock never switched bodies and still remains in her Caucasian body. Betsy came from a privileged background back in her home of England where she was officially a 'lady', giving her the title of 'Lady Braddock'. However, after the 'decimation' of mutants began, Elizabeth was one of the many mutants expelled from the United Kingdom, with the apparent intention of settling them on a series of small islands in the Irish Sea. However. the Mutant Liberation Front seized control of the ship carrying Betsy (also carrying Pixie and Chamber) and ultimately were able to berth it at the Canadian port of Saguenay.

    This probably led to Betsy joining the mutant cause inside Fortress X and fighting the human forces that try to invade it. Psylocke is a powerful mutant on the island and is part of the Force Warriors , who are a group of psionic mutants who use their powers to construct the protective Force Walls around Fortress X. They're never called in to combat (only to recreate barriers after the battles) and are therefore seen as superstars by some of the younger mutants. Betsy carries two knives, with carved butterflies on them, attached to scarf and uses her telekinesis to attack with them. In this reality, Psylocke is also in a relationship with Iceman.

    X-Men: The End (Earth-41001)

    X-Men: The End
    X-Men: The End

    Psylocke was among the joined forces of the X-men and the Shi'ar who fought against Cassandra Nova who was consumed by the Phoenix. As Cassandra gets worse on her rampage, Jean Grey who was fused with Madelyne Pryor have said that she was an X-Man and she does not fight alone. Psylocke then appeared behind Cassandra and stabbed a psychic blade to Cassandra's head which have disrupted her powers. Jean then told Betsy to stop and thanked her saying that Betsy's part in the fight was done. She then disappeared and was brought back to Earth. The remaining X-Men have continued fighting Cassandra. After 20 years, Psylocke was among the mutants who remained and listened to President Pryde's speech.

    Earth X (Earth - 9997)

    No Caption Provided

    In this realty, Psylocke never switched bodies with Kwannon. Prior to the release of the Terrigen Mists into Earth's atmosphere, Betsy was brought into the Siege Perilous by Merlin and Roma who decided to teach her in the ways of magic and she became their disciple. This would spare her life when the psychic birth of the Skull would cause the death of almost every telepath on Earth. Betsy was briefly seen when Captain Mar-Vel traveled into the Siege with Captain America, Medusa, Black Knight, and King Britain to seek the book of Darkhold. Her training and increased powers were vital in the final battle against Mephisto. With the help of Merlyn and Doctor Strange, they weakened the demon well enough to be kill by his brother, King Britain. Betsy was also later in attendance at her brother's wedding to Medusa. Presumably she has since returned to the Siege to resume her training.

    House Of M (Earth-58163)

    Psylocke was Princess Royal Elisabeth Glorianna Braddock, sister to the Monarch of England. She was actually the elder of the twins, and thus the rightful heir to the throne. However, she chose to abdicate in favor of her brother so that she could travel the world with her "lady-in-waiting", Rachel Grey.

    Cross Time Caper - World without Heroes (Earth-23238)

    No Caption Provided

    In this world, there was a war between super-beings had nearly devastated Earth. As a response, Brian Braddock and his sister, Betsy, created a police state where superpowers were outlawed. They themselves served as Chief Justicer and Examining Magistrate respectively. One of the last undiscovered superhumans, Illyana Rasputin aka the Darkchilde, was about to kill the dimension-hopping Excalibur when they arrived in this world, prompting Brian and Betsy to reveal their own powers to help stop Illyana. Elizabeth proved instrumental by using her Telepathy to boost Phoenixes powers.Their superhuman status revealed in front of the police force they had created, they were about to be arrested. Alistaire Stuart pleaded their case, and told Justicer Bull that were they to arrest the Braddocks, they would have to arrest themselves also. Justicer Bull seemed to understand the case. It is unknown what became of the Braddocks afterward.

    X-Men Forever (Earth-161)


    In the Forever Universe, Psylocke chose to go back to England and join her brother Brian and Excalibur. She and her brother attend Wolverine's funeral where they are greeted by Shadowcat and Nightcrawler. Betsy is reluctant to go home but Kurt tells her it is better if she stays away from the X-Men at the moment and remain 'free'. Kitty describes Betsy as a big sister. Years before this, Wolverine and Jean Grey are kidnapped by the Hand whom brainwashed Wolverine. Betsy, Jubilee, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler come to rescue them. When they arrive Psylocke's telepathy is blocked and she has to rely on her fighting and sword skills in order to fight. Psylocke displays a tougher more blood thirsty attitude towards the Hand ninjas after what they did to her. After Jubilee tries to go to Wolverine and help him, he smacks her down and is about to kill her until Betsy intervenes and challenges him. Wolverine defeats her and Nightcrawler has to step in. Later the Hand is defeated and Jean and Wolverine are freed.

    Cable has Destroyed the X-Men and Magneto took over the U. S. A. (Earth-21993)

    Psylocke joined Wolverine's group of X-Men to avenge for the death of Professor X in the hands of Cable. She witnessed how Wolverine killed Cable. However, she became tired of their revenge after the encounter with the Nasty Boys. She then confronted Storm and it was revealed that the mutant race is in danger because of the future that might happen following some events. Together with Storm, they have confronted Magneto in his White House. Though, Magneto became hesitant about the information and destroyed the Sentinels proving that the mutant race's safety is still existing. Accidentally, he destroyed a Sentinel with explosive properties and it killed Psylocke with Magneto and everyone present in the White House.

    Old Man Logan (Earth-90210)

    Psylocke was one of the X-Men Logan was tricked into murdering by Mysterio when the villains got organized and attacked the heroes at once.

    MC2 (Earth-982)

    The Psylocke of the MC2 universe acted as a guardian, trainer and godmother of Wolverine and Elektra's daughter, Wild Thing. She also had trainings regarding her psychic powers.

    5 Ronin

    5 Ronin
    5 Ronin

    When she was 9 years old, Captain Braddock told his 9 year-old-daughter that back in England, he and his friends used to catch butterflies and pin them to a board, not for their beauty, just for the sport. He explains to her that in Japan, the butterfly is revered for its vigor and grace, something that she would need if she wants to make her way in this violent world. At the time she didn't understand, because she thought that her father would always be there to look after her.

    12 years later, Elizabeth Braddock, now assuming the alias of Butterfly, became an Oiran, a courtesan, who learned how to read men so well it was like she was reading their mind. Unlike the other Oirans, she's tough and stands up to her friends. When she sees Logan, a samurai who's seeks entertainment, Butterfly immediately becomes attracted to him.

    After spending the night together, Logan tells her that he has heard about her European father and how the Daimyo confiscated his land, which led to him to commit suicide. Logan tells her that her father was a weak man who abandoned her. This puts Butterfly over the edge, she thinks the Daimyo is the only one to blame, he's the cause of her sorrows. They fight. Logan tells her the Daimyo killed his master and his brothers, so he's planning to avenge them. Butterfly doesn't want anybody else but her to have the satisfaction of killing the Daimyo. Not coming to a agreement, Logan pinned her to the wall with a sai, and leaves. Butterfly is left wondering that all these years she's been hating the wrong person.

    Two days after her encounter with Logan, Butterfly is asked to see the Daimyo. He, however, is somehow scared of her and dismisses her services. Deadpool ends up killing him for the Daimyo has betrayed him in the past as well. Rumors circulated around Butterfly being the killer, but she merely returned to her life as an Orian, always knowing she would of killed him if she got the chance.

    Captain Britain Corps (Earth-?)

    Aside from that Earth-616 Psylocke briefly was Captain Britain there is at least one other reality where a counterpart of Psylocke is a member of the (Captain Britain) Corps.

    Days of Future Past (Earth-811)

    Alternate future evil Psylocke/Red Queen
    Alternate future evil Psylocke/Red Queen

    In this reality Psylocke not only has the Crimson Dawn tattoo over her left eye, but had other tattoos on the right side of her face. Psylocke is first pictured as a hooded female that sneaks up and attacks Logan. This woman is later revealed to be Psylocke, the new Red Queen and one on the Hellfire Club's lords.

    Psylocke was mentally corrupted by Shinobi Shaw and was his second in command. The team sought the Scarlet Witch and captured her. Following some events, Wolverine led a group against her team and wounded her. Logan then took her to Brian Braddock, her brother in order to see if her old ego would be restored.

    Marvel Mangaverse (Earth-2301)

    Mangaverse X-Men
    Mangaverse X-Men

    In this reality, Psylocke was a disciple of Master Toad and an ally of the X-Men. While the X-Men are at Master Toad's lair Logan asks Toad what the energy is in the room, Toad admits he doesn't know, but senses Jean isn’t controlling it. Cyclops interrupts his sensei, informing him that they’ve got a visitor. Wolverine quickly gets up and snikts his claws open, but Scott already tells his brother he can relax: it’s a friend. Purple smoke appears in the room, and a woman steps out of it: it’s Psylocke. Toad is happy to see Betsy again, as it has been a long time. Betsy only wishes this reunion were occurring at a happier time. Toad takes it that means Betsy has learned of the plight of the X-Men.

    He explains to her they have yet to discuss a resolution, but if Betsy has come to help out they’ll be happy to have her on board. Betsy ashamedly reveals to the sensei that the police are rounding up every mutant they can find. They say it’s for questioning, but they’ve yet to release anyone arrested. And any who resist...there are reports of several deaths already. Psylocke then helps the X-Men save Cannonball and Husk from being arrested. Wolverine asks Psylocke to take Sam and his sister back to Toad’s. Psylocke gently places her hand on Paige’s shoulder, promising the two kids she’ll explain everything. They can trust her when she says they’ve got to get out of there before more officers arrive.

    Last Gun On Earth (Earth-?)

    One of the infected superhero's who became a cannibalistic beast. Worshiper of the Thing, killed by the Punisher.

    Morph's Reality (Earth-1081)

    Psylocke is a member of the X-Men and also one of Morph's friends.

    Marvel Apes (Earth-8101)

    Betsy is an Ape and is part of the Ape X-Men.

    Days of Future Tense (Earth-9620)

    Psylocke, and others such as Wolfsbane and Tangerine, were members of the X-Men. She had a relationship with Archangel but broke up. For her to move on, she moved back to United Kingdom. Meanwhile, her former team were killed. Psylocke then joined Pete Wisdom's Excalibur and became a valued member of the team. Their former team mate Douglock was abducted and to save him, their team have to operate a mission. During this mission, they were trapped inside the base and were defeated by Secret Service Black Air, Douglock's kidnappers and were able to kill most of the team including Psylocke.

    Hulk Had Killed Wolverine (Earth-93600)

    No Caption Provided

    Psylocke was a member of the X-Men and the team had a mission in Dallas, Texas where they must fight a villainous being called the Adversary. Killing most of the team, Psylocke had tried to Psychically Soothe the Hulk who was unwittingly in league with the Adversary. Due to the violence and aggressiveness of the Hulks mind, Psylocke was overcome by his rage, and it led to a Psychic backslash, knocking her out. She later awoke, but then soon after the Adversary then disguised as Wolverine killed Mystique, and easily killed Psylocke and Destiny.

    Nocturne's Home Reality (Earth-2182)

    Psylocke was a member of the X-Men. The team, including her, fought the Exiles led by Cyclops.

    Bullet Points (Earth-70105)

    Like most of the super heroes existing in this reality, she helped defend Earth from Galactus.

    Bladeless Sword (Earth-10291)

    Psylocke's family was attacked by an Ovi. Psylocke, unfortunately was bitten and it caused her to be given superhuman strength and also virtually immortality. However, she seeks for human flesh.

    Age Of Xavier (Earth - 77995)

    Three months after the deaths of Charles Xavier and Apocalypse, Psylocke joined the Followers of Apocalypse after they were nearly destroyed by Phoenix.

    Black Bolt Talked In his Sleep (Earth- 9012)

    Psylocke was Captain Britain in this reality.

    Future Ultimate Universe ( Earth-2107)

    In this reality, Psylocke is married to Bishop and is seen in flashbacks when she gets killed in a battle.

    Slaymaster Slew Betsy Braddock (Earth- 7794)

    After Betsy receives a compliment on her beauty from a unknown person, she thanks him. However, he responds by saying a woman should always be told the truth right before their death. Betsy is then killed by Slaymaster.

    Wolverine Hibernated (Earth- 34992)

    Psylocke was one of the X-Men members who reluctantly had to attempt to wake up Wolverine to aid them in a battle when Sentinels attacks the Mansion.

    Sword of the Braddocks (Earth-?????)

    No Caption Provided

    The Psylocke of this earth is another victim of the Multiverse hopping Slaymaster of Earth 1720.

    She is in a relationship with the Slaymaster of her world when they encounter Slaymaster of E1720

    She is put out at the interruption to her and her lovers kiss, and casually reads his mind since he's not shielding his thoughts. She discovers he's been murdering her analogues, and her Slaymaster promises to kill the other quickly. He attacks but is defeated extremely quickly. Psylocke cries out in anger and fear, then attacks his mind with her Telepathy, but he shrugs off her attacks. She then tries her Telekinesis, and again is rebuffed due to an energy field surrounding him. When he killed his counterpart, he gained his skills and powers. Knowing she can't beat him physically or mentally she flees. But he cuts short her escape by tossing his sword into her back. Her armoured costume stops full penetration, but she is helpless. She pleads for her life, then he kills her. This version of Psylocke is still caucausian and possesses both Telepathy, and Telekinesis. She wears a black skintight suit of armour, and appears to be an assassin in league with her worlds Slaymaster.

    Weird War III (Earth-597)

    No Caption Provided

    An Earth where the Nazis won World War 2. The Psylocke of this Earth is Sister to the Leader of the Lightning Squad, Brian Braddock. She herself is a member of the Fuhrer's Reichsmen. This worlds version of the mutant team the X-men. Her role on the team seems to be that of support, and information gathering. When the Earth 616 team known as Excalibur were brought to this world. They encountered this world's version of Moira McTaggert, creator of the Reichsmen. They placed themselves between Excalibur and the Dr. When the two teams engaged each other, Psylocke didn't participate in the melee, preferring to go after and Probe Rachels mind as she sensed the power of the Phoenix, but could not define it. Rachel opened her mind fully to Psylocke, who then suffered a Phoenix powered backlash, and was defeated. Brian looked on in Shock as she collapsed to the floor, then he realized that this Betsy resembled his sister, but was not her. Excalibur manhandled the Reichsmen before Moira called them off, and scolded them about their performance. When the merger ended it is unknown what became of the Reichsmen and this world's Psylocke.

    Alternate Psylocke Earth 616

    No Caption Provided

    During the time the X-men were considered to be dead. A Military group known as X-Force was created to fill the void during the Acts of vengeance storyline. They were created using a mix of Cosmic and Gamma radiation. However the results proved unstable, and some of the team began to suffer from radiation poisoning. The "Psylocke" of this team was the first to succumb and die of the poison.


    In this universe, Lizzie Braddock is a secret agent for S.T.R.I.K.E. with telekinetic powers. She also had experience in martial arts, fencing, marksmanship, lock picking, counter security, linguistics, and social policy. Morgan Le Fay went after Lizzie in an attempt to use her for her own gain, as Lizzie was not a member of the Captain Britain Corps. This caused Earth-616's Elizabeth Braddock and Rachel Summers to follow in pursuit of her. Lizzie was known to be the primary contact of her universe's Captain Carter.

    Other Media


    X-Men: The Animated Series

    Psylocke in X-Men: The Animated Series
    Psylocke in X-Men: The Animated Series

    Psylocke makes her first appearance in this animated series as a brief cameo in the episode "Mojovision." Her first full appearance was in "Beyond Good and Evil Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse." In this episode, Psylocke was attempting to steal valuable property from Archangel's castle. She battles Archangel when he discovers what she was doing. Psylocke would be able to defeat him and escaped in his car. She later runs into Wolverine, Mystique, and Sabretooth. As Psylocke tried to flee, she would be captured by Magneto. She later reappears in "Beyond Good and Evil Part 4: End and Beginning." She is shown to be captured by Apocalypse. Psylocke would eventually be freed by the X-Men and join them to defeat Apocalypse. This version of Psylocke was depicted as a thief working for her unnamed brother, who is stated to be helping mutant causes. Her voice was provided by actress Tasha Simms, who did not give the traditionally English character a noticeable accent.

    Wolverine And The X-Men

    Psylocke in Wolverine and the X-Men
    Psylocke in Wolverine and the X-Men

    Psylocke appears in the episode 'Time Bomb'. In the beginning of the episode she is seen using her powers on a traffic warden who gives a woman a ticket, effectively making the warden eat the ticket. Psylocke is seen to use her telepathic "butterfly-effect" here. It is hinted that Quicksilver rescued her from a mutant prison, as he asks her to do a favor for him. That favor is to keep a mutant, Nitro, power's under control whilst traveling to Genosha. The X-Men arrive to stop the Brotherhood and Psylocke is effectively taken out by Emma Frost, very early in their "battle", Emma also calls Psylocke an amateur after defeating her. This version of Psylocke was played by Grey Delisle.


    X2: X-Men United

    Psylocke's name is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.

    X-Men: The Last Stand

    Psylocke in X-Men 3
    Psylocke in X-Men 3

    It had been widely speculated by fans that Psylocke would be in X-Men: The Last Stand, and that she would be portrayed by Meiling Melançon. However, there have been many confusions on who this character really is. In an interview with Wizard magazine, she told that she played Psylocke and had the ability to change into shadows and use her psi-blades. However, the psi-blades were nowhere to be seen in the movie, and her only ability shown was phasing out of a wall, even though there was no shadow near there. Writer on X3, Zak Penn told in a Q&A section that the character Melançon played was never meant to be Psylocke, as the writers were still throwing names out for Melançon's character. There was even more confusion when X3: The Last Stand came out on DVD, and in the Brett Ratner commentary, he stated that Melançon was playing Psylocke.

    X-Men: Apocalypse

    Olivia Munn as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse
    Olivia Munn as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse

    Psylocke appears in the movie, portrayed by Olivia Munn. This version is completely unrelated to the one seen in X-Men: The Last Stand.

    In the movie, Psylocke is recruited by Apocalypse to be one of his Four Horsemen, and fights against the X-Men. Apocalypse is ultimately defeated, but Psylocke survives anf manages to to escape.


    Butterfly Signature

    The song "Butterfly Signature" by the musical artist Jerome explores periods of Psylocke's life in its lyrics.

    Video Games

    X-Men II: The Fall of Mutants

    Psylocke in X-Men II: The Fall of Mutants
    Psylocke in X-Men II: The Fall of Mutants

    Psylocke first appeared in video gaming in the 1990 role-playing game X-Men II: The Fall of the Mutants for the PC, featured as a player character in her original body.


    Appears in the 1991 game as a non playable character but is available for backup.

    X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

    Psylocke is the only female playable character in the 1994 action game X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse for the SNES.

    X-Men: Children of the Atom

    Children of the Atom
    Children of the Atom

    Psylocke appears as a player character in the 1994 arcade, Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation and PC fighting game X-Men: Children of the Atom. She was voiced by Catherine Disher (who voiced Jean Grey in the animated series).

    X-Men 2: Clone Wars

    Clone Wars
    Clone Wars

    She is one of the main playable characters and the sole female in the 1995 action game X-Men 2: Clone Wars for the Sega Genesis. Her psychic knife is her special attack, and also carries a katana. As a nod to her ninja training, she can cling to walls. According to GameSpot, "Psylocke's sai could damage humans and robots, while her psyonic blade was useless against anything metallic."

    Marvel Super Heroes

    Psylocke with the Infinity Gems
    Psylocke with the Infinity Gems

    She is the only female character in the 1995 arcade, PlayStation and Saturn fighting game Marvel Super Heroes (not counting Anita from the Darkstalkers series, a secret character available only in the Japanese Saturn version).


    Psylocke was one of the four player characters in the canceled Sega action game X-Women, which was planned to be released for the Genesis in 1996.

    Marvel VS Capcom 2: Clash of Super Heroes

    Psylocke in Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    Psylocke in Marvel vs. Capcom 2

    Psylocke is featured as a special assistance summon character in the 1997 arcade, PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. Eventually, she became a playable character in the multiplatform sequel Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes in 2000.

    X-Men: Mutant Academy 2

    She is an unlockable player character in the 2001 fighting game X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 for the PlayStation.

    X-Men: Next Dimension

    Psylocke in X-Men: Next Dimension
    Psylocke in X-Men: Next Dimension

    Psylocke is a playable character in the 2002 fighting game X-Men: Next Dimension for the Gamecube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox, voiced by Masasa. She can use her powers to form a "psychic dagger" and relies on her high speed and agility, using quick kick and punch combinations, which take advantage of her psychic knife, and fast evasion moves.

    X-Men Legends

    Psylocke in X-Men Legends
    Psylocke in X-Men Legends

    She makes an appearance as the final playable character in the 2004 action role-playing game X-Men Legends for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox, again voiced by Masasa Moyo. In the game, Psylocke is rescued by the team after Sentinels attack her during a riot in New York City. She later meets new team member Alison Crestmere (Magma) in the day room and joins the team to help the X-Men save Professor X from Shadow King on the Astral Plane.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    Psylocke in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
    Psylocke in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

    Psylocke makes an appearance in the 2006 action role-playing game Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox and Xbox 360 as a miniboss, voiced by Kim Mai Guest. After being among the many superheroes who tried to stop Doctor Doom, he transformed them into evil versions of themselves after he stole Odin's power and began corrupting the Earth. Psylocke teams up with Cyclops and, when defeated, gives the Crimson Dawn item.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Psylocke in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
    Psylocke in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    She is a playable character in the 2009 action role-playing game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 in the Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions of the game, voiced by Kimberly Brooks. Psylocke is also available as a downloadable character for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. Her default costume is an updated version of her classic 1990s ninja uniform with the Crimson Dawn mark over her eye. Her alternate costume is the costume she wears in the House of M storyline. Her powerset includes telekinesis as well as mastery of martial arts and swordplay. She fits under several team bonuses including X-Men and Femme Fatale.

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

    Psylocke is a playable character in the 2011 PC and Macintosh massively multiplayer online role-playing game Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, voiced by Laura Bailey.

    Her Description says: Psylocke can use her amazing mental powers to create psychic blades, move things with her mind, or just beat you at chess.

    A second costume was released based on her time in X-Force. Her description says: Telepath... ninja... mutant... warrior. Psylocke brings it all to X-Force!

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Marvel Avengers Alliance
    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Psylocke appears as an unlockable character in the Marvel: Avengers Alliance video game on Facebook. She is an Infiltrator Class character. She is a reward for the season 3 of the player vs player mode and became permanently reclutable after the end of season 4.

    Her bio says: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock is the twin sister of Brian Braddock, aka Captain Britain. Originally a charter pilot and model, Betsy developed mutant Psychic abilities which she used to join the X-Men as Psylocke. Saving her teammates from the Reavers, and found unconscious on the coasts of Japan, Psylocke's mind and soul were swapped with that of a dying Japanese assassin.

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    War Of Heroes
    War Of Heroes

    Psylockes appears in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her card so far are:

    • Psylocke
    • [Beautiful Ninja] Psylocke
    • [Psychic Katana] Psylocke
    • [Psychic Blade] Psylocke
    • [X-Treme] Psylocke
    • [X-Force] Psylocke
    • [Otherworlder] Psylocke
    • [What If?] Psylocke
    • [Pretty Deadly] Psylocke
    • [Do You See What I See?] Psylocke
    • [Wildways] Psylocke
    • [Addicted to Blood] Psylocke
    • [Cutting Edge] Psylocke

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    Psylocke is featured in the mobile card game X-Men: Battle of the Atom based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

    • Psylocke
    • [Red Queen] Psylocke
    • [JGS Sr. Staff] Psylocke
    • [New Exiles] Psylocke
    • [Messiah Saga] Psylocke
    • [Muir Island] Psylocke
    • [Blue Team] X-Men
    • [Onslaught Saga] Psylocke

    Psylocke, as the Red Queen, is a boss in the Hellfire Mission. She is also a boss in the Nechrosa Event under the influence of Proteus.

    Marvel Puzzle Quest

    Psylocke in Marvel Puzzle Quest
    Psylocke in Marvel Puzzle Quest

    Rare Character in the game (3 Stars).

    First was available as reward on The Simulator event.

    Her bio in the game: A powerful mutant with a complex past, Betsy Braddock is a key member of the X-Men. As Psylocke, she uses her telepathic and telekinetic gifts to manipulate thoughts and focus psionic energy into lethal psychic knives capable of rending flesh and mind alike.

    In addition to her supernatural abilities, Psylocke possesses the body and training of an elite ninja, making her a formidable hand to hand opponent.


    Red, Blue, Black.

    Psychic Knife Red 8 AP

    Bewilder Blue 10 AP

    Psi-Katana Black 6 AP

    Marvel Heroes

    Psylocke in Marvel Heroes
    Psylocke in Marvel Heroes

    Psylocke is a playable character in the game Marvel Heroes.

    Her bio says: Sister of Captain Britain, Betsy Braddock is the psychic X-Man known as Psylocke. Originally just a telepath, Betsy ended up switching bodies with a deadly assassin that allowed her to become the psychic ninja she is today. Psylocke uses her telekinetic powers to manifest a "Psi-Knife" and her trained ninja skills to slip into the shadows and cut enemies down with her martial arts and katana skills.

    She was released in several costumes.

    She is voiced by April Stewart.

    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Psylocke in Marvel Contest of Champions
    Psylocke in Marvel Contest of Champions

    Psylocke is a playable character in the game. She is a mutant type champion.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Psylocke in Marvel Future Fight
    Psylocke in Marvel Future Fight

    Psylocke is a playable charcter in the game.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

    Psylocke in UA3
    Psylocke in UA3

    Psylocke appears as a playable character in the third Ultimate Alliance game, voiced by Erica Lindbeck.


    Psylocke in Fortnite
    Psylocke in Fortnite

    In 2020, Psylocke was added to the Fortnite online game as a downloadable skin.

    Other Games

    LEGO Psylocke
    LEGO Psylocke
    • X-Men vs. Street Fighter (1997): Cameo in Cammy's ending.
    • Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (2000): Playable character.
    • X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse (2001): Psylocke appears as one of the "bosses" of the game. It is possible to play with her, through using the "Game Shark" codes.
    • Marvel Pinball (2011): Present in X-Men table.
    • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Cameo.
    • Deadpool (2013): Cameo.
    • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (2013): Playable character.



    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Psylocke received an action figure in one of ToyBiz's 90s X-Men lines.
    • Psylocke was also present in Toy Biz's X-Men: Ninja Force line.
    • ToyBiz later released a 6 inch Psylocke figure as part of the Marvel Legends line for the Mojo Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Hasbro released a Psylocke figure for their 3.75 inch Marvel Universe line.
    • Hasbro later released a new Marvel Legends Psylocke figure as part of the X-Force box set.
    • Hasbro released a 90s Psylocke figure as part of the Apocalypse Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Hasbro later released an Uncanny X-Force Psylocke figure as part of the Marvel Legends 3-pack alongside Fantomex and Nimrod.


    The Bishoujo X-Force variant
    The Bishoujo X-Force variant
    • Bowen Designs released a Psylocke statue and a bust.
    • Diamond Select released a Psylocke statue as part of their
    • Kotobukiya released a Fine Art Psylocke "Danger Room Sessions" statue.
    • Kotobukiya also released another Fine Art Psylocke statue, this time showing the character in her X-Force uniform.
    • Kotobukiya released a Psylocke statue in their Bishoujo line. The statue proved popular enough that another Psylocke statue was also released, this time showing her in her X-Force uniform. This one also saw a variant showing Psylocke in her classic uniform.

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