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Greg Land was born in 1956 in America. He is a comic book penciler best known for X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong, Ultimate Fantastic Four and for various comic covers. He entered the comic industry in the 90s. After he completed StormQuest, he went to Chicago and got his first big comic; Birds of Prey (DC Comics). Later he began working at CrossGen in Sojourn.

Greg Land was able to move on to Marvel Comics, along with his inker and colorist from Sojourn, after the fall of CrossGen. Originally at Marvel, Land did covers to various series. This led to a collaboration with Greg Pak as the main artist of X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong. Next he penciled Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-32 written by Mark Millar. He was the one who drew Ultimate Power written by various writers such as Brian Michael Bendis, J. Michael Straczynski and Jeph Loeb. He was scheduled to draw 3 covers for Marvel Zombies.

Land then served as the artist for the Uncanny X-Men, a position he shared with artist Terry Dodson. Land and Dodson changed places on the title's regular art duties with Land drawing the first arc and Dodson doing the next one and so on. His first official stint as regular artist began with issue #501.

Greg Land was the artist on the Marvel NOW! title Iron Man. During All-New, All Different Marvel, Land returned to X-Men doing the artwork on Uncanny X-Men volume 4.


Controversy has come up regarding Greg Land's work. Using a form known as photo-realism, he uses reference from real life in his artwork. But some have said that Greg traces when doing his artwork, stealing from other artists, and using facial expression and body poses over again.

Brian Cronin of Comic Book Resources remarked that Land's art in Uncanny X-Men #510 "possibly has the most harmful art to a story that I’ve seen in a comic," saying that Land's limited supply of poses and use of the same models for multiple characters "results in terrible art and particularly terrible storytelling."

Not only this, but Greg Land has made the term "pornface" very popular. Many female and male characters throughout his artwork have been seen with porn facial expressions and in porn positions. Although Land says that he does Google searches for reference material, he denies the accusations that he does digital manipulations.


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