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    Matt Fraction is an Eisner Award-winning American comic book writer. He is known for writing Invincible Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, Utopia, Mighty Thor, Iron Fist, Fear Itself, Fantastic Four/FF, and Hawkeye at Marvel. Currently, he is focusing on four creator-owned works at Image Comics (Casanova: Acedia, ODY-C, Satellite Sam, and Sex Criminals).

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    Current Work

    Fraction currently writes Sex Criminals, for which he won an Eisner Award for Best New Series, as well as his new Image Comics series ODY-C. He is also set to return to his creator-owned series Casanova.


    Matt Fraction made his debut in the indie comics scene with works like Last of the Independents, Five Fists of Science and his continued creator owned Casanova series.

    In 2006, he relaunched Punisher War Journal, as well as co-wrote The Immortal Iron Fist with Ed Brubaker. Staying with Punisher until 2009, and staying with Iron Fist until 2008.

    From 2007 to 2008, Fraction also wrote the series The Order, which sprung from Marvel's event The Initiative.

    He started on The Uncanny X-Men with issue 500 in July 2008. Fraction co-wrote his first story arc with Brubaker (the former Uncanny X-men writer). In 2009, as part of his run on Uncanny X-Men, he wrote the first Avengers and X-Men crossover in 15 years: Utopia, a part of the Dark Reign storyline.

    The Invincible Iron Man marks a milestone for Matt Fraction. It is the series that won him his first Eisner Award-- winning in the category of Best New Series. His run began in 2008 and concluded in 2012.

    In September 2010, Fraction won the first ever PEN USA Literary Award in Graphic Literature for his outstanding body of work.

    Fraction wrote for many Thor-centric books from 2010 to 2012, which included Thor and The Mighty Thor, as well as the 2011 event Fear Itself, a seven issue limited series which Fraction has compared to Civil War. In December of 2011, he started a new Defenders series that spun out of the events of Fear Itself. It was eventually cancelled at issue #12 due to low sales.

    In 2012, Fraction launched Hawkeye with David Aja. A book that was met with both critical and fan acclaim. Fraction garnered another Eisner Award win, this time for Best Single Issue with "Pizza is My Business". Unfortunately, the series was plagued with a series of delays, and eventually wrapped up with issue 22 in 2015.

    From 2013 to early 2014, Fraction wrote both Fantastic Four and FF, which ran alongside one another as sister series. The former attained generally average reviews, whereas the latter was met with much critical acclaim.

    Fraction was initially supposed to launch Marvel's big push for their Inhumans line of comics, where he would write Inhumanity and follow it with Inhuman. But Fraction soon fell out of the project, only writing the two issues of Inhumanity. Charles Soule ended up taking over writing duties for Inhuman. His leaving Inhuman also spelled the end of his work with Marvel.

    In July of 2013, Fraction began writing his creator-owned Image Comics series Satellite Sam, and concluded the second arc in September of 2014.

    Personal Life

    He is married with two kids to fellow writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.


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