Team » U-Men appears in 122 issues.

    A group of humans led by Sublime that uses mutant body parts to augment themselves with superhuman powers.

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    The U-Men tracked down mutant girl by the name Angel Salvadore, who possessed flight-related powers. They are about to dissect her in a mobile lab in the middle of the road, when Wolverine tracks them and attacks, who has been searching for Angel with Jean Grey. The U-Men are killed, and Angel is taken to safety by the X-Men.

    A short time later after Angel is rescued, a squad of U-Men attack the X-Mansion through the front gate. Jean Grey is the only X-Men in the area but with the help of several students, they were able to fend off the U-Men. The U-Men are able to counter mutant abilities. Jean humiliates the U-Men with her telepathy and psychic fire. As Wolverine and Angel reach the premises, the U-Men are seen fleeing, screaming as Jean Grey telekinetically destroys their suits.

    The U-Men are again seen when Xorn held his special class outside and U-Men were spotted. Balisk blasted one while Xorn bashed another's skull in. As Xorn was drawn away, the students were left to fend against a single U-Man which they later defeated. The remaining force were wiped out by Xorn.

    The U-Men's base was attacked by Kid Omega and his crew, and destroyed it killing all the members.

    Other Media

    X-Men Anime (2011)

    U-Men will be shown in the upcoming 12-episode anime series. In this series, the U-Men captures the Japanese mutant, Armor where they plan to harvest mutant organs in order to grant them superpowers. The X-Men were sent on a mission to save Armor and stop the U-Men from harvesting the organs.


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