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    SublimeCorp, founded by John Sublime (The guy from Weapon X), is a powerful company in the Marvel Universe. A group of humans who were given powers by Sublime, led by Lobe, seem to have taken over his work and have become very prominent enemies of the X-Men in San Francisco.

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    The first thing they did was capture Scalphunter of the Marauders, and force him to fly a plane to Utopia to become a resident. They wanted him to bring several modified Predator X's they enhanced with nanobytes and expected the X-Men to kill. Upon the Predator X's dying, they would release trillions of microscopic devices made to spy on each mutant and learn all about them, their powers, and anything else they could. When Madison Jeffries discovered them in the air, a small team of X-Men were sent to SublimeCorp and faced off against Lobe and his associates. In the end of the battle, Lobe revealed that their real plan was to spread a virus, which they infected all of the present X-Men with, and ended up bringing to Utopia.

    Current Members:

    Former Members:

    • No-Girl (Sublime was seen with Martha several times)
    • Predator X (5 modified predators were sent to the island containing recording nanobytes which helped SublimeCorp learn more about the inhabitants of Utopia; all 5 were killed)
    • Scalphunter (forced into helping them against his will)
    • Sublime (Deceased)

    The virus they unleashed will be featured in the "Quarantine" story arc of Uncanny X-Men.


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