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    A mutant and original member of the X-Men, Warren received his angelic wings at a young age along with a unique healing factor in his blood. After being twisted into a weapon of Apocalypse, Warren became the cold and distant Archangel. In the years since then, he's gone back and forth between his two identities.

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    Angel's powers emerging.
    Angel's powers emerging.

    Warren Worthington III was born into an extremely rich family, but his comfortable life changed in his late teens when his mutant powers developed and he began to grow wings. Warren kept them hidden under his clothes and even wore a special harness that bound them down to his back to make them harder to notice. One night at school, a fire broke out and Warren had no choice except to jump out a window, in the hope that the wings would slow his fall. He found out that he could fly with them, and saved the other boys in his dormitory from the fire. The rescue inspired Warren to fight crime as the Avenging Angel. This brought him to the attention of Professor X. Professor Charles Xavier ran a school for mutants of which he secretly trained his mutant superhero team, the X-Men. When Angel had his first meeting with the other X-Men (Cyclops and Iceman), he thought at first that they were thieves after seeing they had a vial which he had retrieved from some other thieves that night.

    However, it turned out that the "vial" was actually a miniature nuclear bomb. Angel was able to fly into the atmosphere, where it was cold enough to deactivate the bomb. Angel then became one of the founding members of the X-Men (which was foreseen by the young mutant Mary Margaret many years earlier). At first Warren disguised his face with a mask, but later discarded it because he felt that his handsome, telegenic features would gain his team public support. Angel had a crush on Jean Grey at first, but Jean secretly loved Cyclops, so whenever she and Angel would go somewhere, she would try to invite Scott along as well. During a fight with Kukulcan, Cyclops missed their enemy and accidentally hit Angel with his optic beams. Angel claimed that Cyclops had done it on purpose since he also loved Jean. Angel apologized the next day, as he had been delirious. He gave up on Jean so that she could be with Cyclops, and started dating an old friend of his, Candy Southern.


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    Angel was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and made his first appearance in The X-Men Vol.1 issue 1 (1963). He became a regular character in this title until Len Wein and Dave Cockrum introduced the "All New, All Different X-Men" in 1975. After Angel left the X-Men comics for a while, he became a part of The Champions, along with Iceman and later on with the Defenders and X-Factor after that. Angel was changed into Archangel after his apparent death in X-Factor Vol.1 issue 15 (1987). He appeared in his Archangel form (with the name Death) for the first time in issues 23 and 24 of the series, with some shadowed cameos in the issues before.

    Major Story Arcs

    The X-Men

    Avenging Angel
    Avenging Angel

    During his first years as a hero, Angel still showed a touch of the vanity and flippancy of his privileged childhood. After a fight with Grotesk, it appeared that Professor X was dead, which made FBI agent Fred Duncan order the X-Men to disband. Warren still kept fighting crime, and dating Candy. During a date with Candy, masked men sneaked into Angel's house and killed his father, under the order of a villain called the Dazzler (who predated the much better known superhero/singer Dazzler). Angel blamed himself for this death, since he could have stopped them if he had been at home. Whilst Angel was investigating the Dazzler, Candy was kidnapped by the villain, so that he could get Warren's cooperation. Dazzler forced Angel to take off his mask, and upon discovering that Angel was Warren Worthington, Dazzler revealed his own identity - he was Angel's uncle, Burt Worthington. Burt had used Worthington Industries as a cover for some diamond smuggling, but when Angel's father found out, he had him killed to keep him silent. In the battle that followed, Candy also found out that Warren Worthington was Angel, and Dazzler apparently died when he fell from a great height.

    Deciding not to listen to Fred Duncan, the X-Men reformed again. Havok, who was the team's latest member, had been injured fighting Sentinels and so was taken to Dr. Karl Lykos for treatment. Unfortunately, Dr. Lykos was a mutate who drained energy from his victims. Draining energy from Havok turned him into the Pterodactyl-like Sauron. While Sauron committed robberies, Angel was thought to be the criminal due to the similarity of powers. Tracking down Sauron, Angel was hypnotized into fighting the X-Men. To stop Angel without hurting him, the X-Men tied him up whilst they went to the Savage Land to stop Sauron. Out of his trance, Angel followed the X-Men to the Savage Land only to be downed by the flying reptiles that lived there.

    Just as it seemed that Angel would die, a mysterious man called the Creator appeared, who had created a sanctuary for mutants. The Creator treated Angel's wounds and gave him a new costume. The X-Men arrived in the Savage Land, looking for their friend, and encountered Ka-Zar, who told them that Mutates were attacking his Fall People. The X-Men encountered the Mutates and Angel, both of whom were convinced that the Creator was a hero. The other X-Men told Angel about the attacks on the Fall People, which led him to confront the Creator. The Creator turned out to be none other than Magneto, the X-Men's greatest foe. The X-Men and Ka-Zar eventually defeated Magneto and his Mutates, and were able to return home.

    Angel's new look
    Angel's new look

    Xavier returned shortly after wards, revealing that it had been Changeling, who had been murdered whilst he had been preparing for an invasion of an alien species called the Z'Noxx. Xavier used the consciousness of everyone on Earth to drive them back. Shortly afterwards, Xavier sent the X-Men back to the Savage Land to see if Magneto was dead as they had believed. During this mission, Angel met Avia, a bird woman native to the Savage Land. Angel and Avia were separated from the others during the return to the civilized world, and captured by soldiers who planned to sell them to a man called Krueger. The X-Men came to their rescue, defeating both Krueger's mercenaries and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Candy Southern revealed that Burt Worthington was still alive, and planned to marry Angel's mother so that he would control the Worthington fortune. The X-Men managed to defeat Burt Worthington and the Worthington's mutant-hating doctor, but Angel's mother died as a result of a weak heart and a poison the Worthington's doctor had been giving her.

    Many months later, Magneto infiltrated the school and defeated the X-Men. It was revealed that the costume he had given Angel whilst in his guise as the Creator actually drained some of Angel's mutant energies to himself, which restored him to full power once he put it on. Complete with the hood that was part of the costume and a pair of fake wings, Magneto appeared to be Angel. The Avengers arrived and took the X-Men with them, not suspecting that "Angel" was really Magneto. Meanwhile, the real Angel fell prey to an attack by the Secret Empire. The Avengers and the X-Men found out about Magneto and managed to defeat him with the help of Daredevil, but didn't find Angel for many weeks. With the help of Captain America and the Falcon, the X-Men saved their teammate and returned to life as before. That is, until they were captured by Krakoa the Living Island. After being saved by a new team of X-Men, all of the X-Men except Cyclops decided to leave and live their own lives, since there was a new team to replace them.

    The Champions

    The Champions
    The Champions

    Angel was always loyal to Professor X's ideals, but joined the Champions alongside Iceman, Black Widow, Hercules and Ghost Rider. Angel also changed into a new costume that didn't hide his face; with his parents gone, he felt like he shouldn't hide his identity. With the new costume while he was with the Champions, Warren sometimes used a mace. At this time, Angel also inherited his family fortune. But the Champions didn't work out too well because of numerous conflicts with each other, so they disbanded. In the aftermath of their disbandment, Angel assisted the X-Men during the Dark Phoenix Saga. He rejoined them, but quit shortly afterward since he couldn't work alongside Wolverine's brutal nature.

    The Defenders

    The New Defenders
    The New Defenders

    Soon afterwards, Angel was kidnapped by Callisto, the leader of the Morlocks, since she thought he was the most beautiful man on Earth. Luckily, the X-Men saved him and stopped the Morlocks. Angel then joined the Defenders alongside Beast and Iceman. After the New Defenders formed (other members were Moondragon, Valkyrie and Gargoyle), they were kidnapped by Professor Power.

    Professor Power thought that Professor X had killed his son, so tried brainwashing the Defenders into killing the New Mutants. Moondragon managed to save them, and the New Defenders were given government clearance. Unfortunately, Moondragon turned evil due to an entity called the Dragon of the Moon and used her telepathic powers to make Warren blind. Warren remained blind until Moondragon returned his sight. Sadly, the first sight Warren saw was Candy Southern's throat being slit (Moondragon had returned to kill the Defenders). With the exception of Iceman, Beast and Angel, the Defenders all sacrificed their lives to stop Moondragon. After this event, the Defenders disbanded.



    When the Avengers found a mysterious cocoon at the bottom of the ocean, they sent for the Fantastic Four to find out what it was. Inside was the body of Jean Grey, who was apparently alive. With Jean back, the five original X-Men agreed to form a new team called X-Factor, who appeared to be mutant hunters to the public but actually sought out mutants then helped train them in their powers. When the Marauders began to massacre the Morlocks, hideous mutants living underground, Angel was caught in the crossfire and crucified with spikes through his wings. After he was rescued, his damaged wings were needlessly amputated. His former friend Cameron Hodge attempted to murder him, in the guise of a suicide attempt, but Warren was saved by the age-old evil mutant Apocalypse.


    Death is presented to X-Factor.
    Death is presented to X-Factor.

    Apocalypse offered to restore Angel's wings, but used the opportunity to transform Warren into one of his Four Horsemen: Death. In this form, Warren's skin turned blue and he was given razor-sharp metal wings. After Iceman tricked Warren into thinking that he had killed him, Angel was able to overcome Apocalypse's programming and returned to his superhero ways under the name Archangel. Archangel made his print debut in X-Factor #24. After Apocalypse's brainwashing wore off, Angel didn't join X-Factor immediately. First of all, he hunted down Cameron Hodge, who had kidnapped Candy Southern. Cameron had killed Candy Southern, so in retaliation Archangel cut off his head with his metal wings. After helping during Inferno, Angel officially adopted the code-name of Archangel. After a long mission in outer space, Archangel helped save a policewoman named Charlotte Jones, who fell out of a helicopter in the confusion of X-Factor returning. During this point, Archangel found out that his wings would lash out when he was angry and he could only control them with intense concentration.

    Angel of Death
    Angel of Death

    A bit later, Archangel was kidnapped by the Ravens, some semi-immortal beings. Since he had killed one of their group, Angel had to take the place of the member he had killed. The effect of Warren joining the group would be permanent once he had killed someone. Charlotte Jones, the woman Archangel had saved a few months ago, was intended to be Warren's victim, until he found out that she was a single mother after her husband had died whilst on duty (he had been a cop). Charlotte's courage let Angel break free of the Ravens and after he killed the leader of the Ravens, Crimson, they were much weaker than before. Shortly afterwards, Charlotte and Warren started dating.

    X-Tinction Agenda

    A lot of emotional baggage was brought out into the open.
    A lot of emotional baggage was brought out into the open.

    During the story arc known as X-Tinction Agenda, the X-Men found out that Cameron Hodge was still alive. He had made a deal with a demon and now had a scorpion-like cybernetic body which was nearly indestructible. Hodge was also in charge of Genosha. All three teams (X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants) converged upon Genosha, and all were resoundingly defeated and taken prisoner. During the X-Team's captivity, Hodge pitted Archangel against Wolverine and unearthed some long-thought buried animosity between the two mutant competitors. Eventually, the X-Teams freed themselves and confronted Hodge. Cyclops, Havok and Archangel managed to destroy all of Cameron's body except his head. The New Mutant Rictor toppled the Genoshan Citadel on top of Hodge's head, burying it forever. Many weeks later, Archangel rejoined the X-Men after the events of the Muir Island Saga, with Warren becoming a member of the Gold Team led by Storm.

    Despite the large amount of time that had passed, Warren was still lost in self-pity because of the changes Apocalypse had made to him. Around this time, the Morlocks had an uprising against the city. Warren and the rest of the X-Men went into the tunnels beneath New York, where Archangel found the spot where he had been crucified. Jean Grey helped open Warren's eyes and Warren came to terms with his fate. He also realized that the wings were not acting of their own accord when he was angry, and that it was his own suppressed anger that was making them react the way they were.

    X-Cutioner's Song

    Wings have a mind of their own.
    Wings have a mind of their own.

    A few days later, during the X-Cutioner's Song, Apocalypse returned from his regenerative sleep and had a battle with Stryfe. After being nearly killed by Stryfe, Apocalypse agreed to work with the X-Men against their mutual enemy. Warren vouched for Apocalypse's brilliant skills as a geneticist, and they accepted his aid in healing a critically wounded Xavier. After a battle with the Dark Riders, Apocalypse was severely wounded and asked for Warren to kill him whilst he was still one of the strong. Archangel refused, proving that he was better than Apocalypse.

    The Phalanx

    Over time, Archangel apparently stopped dating Charlotte Jones. Around this time, Archangel and Jean Grey went up to Warren's Colorado Aerie where they found Candy Southern, apparently alive and well after her supposed death. Candy explained that Cameron Hodge's agents had somehow kept her alive after her "death" before they did some surgery on her body. At that point, Cameron Hodge appeared and revealed that he and Candy were from the same "stock" - techno-organic Phalanx creatures with the brain wave implants of their original bodies. After a brief battle, Phalanx Candy sacrificed herself to kill Phalanx Cameron Hodge.


    Warren and Betsy
    Warren and Betsy

    Following that battle, both Archangel and Psylocke got invited to join the Hellfire Club's inner circle, which was restarting thanks to Shinobi Shaw. Both of them refused and after they battled their way out, they realized that they had much in common (both had been famous, been heirs to wealthy families, and had been manipulated by their enemies). After the first sparks of attraction, Psylocke and Archangel started dating. Eventually, their relationship was questioned by Warren when Psylocke's mind was pulled back in time to stop Legion from killing Magneto as part of Legion Quest. Warren ended up deciding that he did want to have a full relationship with her. A bit later, when she was seriously injured by Sabretooth, who had escaped from his imprisonment, Psylocke had to be hospitalized. Warren and the rest of the X-Men tracked down Sabretooth, but during the fight one of Angel's wings was badly damaged in the fight. Despite being badly injured but overjoyed with the return of his original wings, Warren teamed up with Wolverine and Doctor Strange to save Psylocke's life with a mysterious force called the Crimson Dawn. After Psylocke got better, she and Angel retired to Angel's chalet in the Rockies.


    When a mysterious being known only as Onslaught appeared, Psylocke and Archangel both had to go help the X-Men, without guessing that Onslaught was actually Professor Xavier, their mentor. Onslaught managed to beat most of the X-Men with little effort. Psylocke, Archangel, Cannonball, Cyclops and Phoenix all traveled to Muir Island so that they could read the Xavier Protocols, which were files with information on how to kill certain X-Men. When Onslaught was finally beaten by most of Earth's heroes, Professor Xavier was arrested for his crimes as Onslaught.

    Operation: Zero Tolerance

    Warren's organic wings return
    Warren's organic wings return

    Psylocke and Archangel decided to move to Warren's Soho loft so that they could be closer to the X-Men in case of emergencies. Both Warren and Betsy started showing strange side effects of their injuries; Psylocke got a crimson tattoo over her left eye and could now teleport through shadows. She also started to grow more distant from Warren. Warren himself lost his metallic wings when they molted as his feathers began to grow back beneath the metal shell. After the outbreak of Sentinels during Operation: Zero Tolerance, Archangel and Psylocke joined forces with Maggott to save the X-Men. They found them in Antarctica, with a new Eric the Red putting Gambit on trial. It turned out that it had been Gambit who had led the Marauders into the Morlock tunnels, although he claimed that he hadn't known their intentions. The X-Men returned to the States, and Archangel received word that one of the old Champscrafts from when the Champions had been formed had been stolen by Hawkeye. Warren ended up fighting Hawkeye's new team the Thunderbolts, but shortly afterwards helped them stop Graviton.

    Fighting Death

    Angel and Psylocke
    Angel and Psylocke

    Archangel and Psylocke returned home for a while, but Psylocke left momentarily to go visit her brother Brian (Captain Britain). Whilst Archangel had been away, the current team of X-Men had released Xavier from prison. However, Xavier had become mentally unhinged and started pushing the X-Men too far, so Storm called in Cyclops and Phoenix to reason with him. They couldn't help the Professor, who told them to leave since he had no use for failures. Before they could return to the Anchorage, Cyclops and Phoenix were contacted by Mannite, Nina, who requested the X-Men's help. Along with Archangel, Wolverine, Cable and X-Man, they formed a new team of X-Men.

    The new team went to stop Apocalypse's Horseman Death, who was attacking the Mannites. During the fight, Death seemingly killed Wolverine, but it turned out that "Wolverine" was actually a Skrull. The Skrull had replaced Wolverine whilst Wolverine was being brainwashed into becoming Apocalypse's newest Horseman, Death. After the real Wolverine attacked the mansion as Death, Warren was one of the X-Men nominated to bring him in, along with Logan's close friends: Shadowcat, Psylocke, Nightcrawler and Jubilee.

    Warren after his break-up with Betsy
    Warren after his break-up with Betsy

    For some reason, Angel experienced a new power as he was close to Apocalypse's handiwork. Some life energy formed itself into a new pair of wings for Angel. Angel released the life energy into Apocalypse's former Horseman War, (Abraham Lincoln Kieros) which cured him of his paralysis. Warren and Psylocke resumed their relationship, but it started to deteriorate when Psylocke started flirting with another new team member, Neal Shaara, the new X-Man named Thunderbird. Warren ended the relationship when he didn't think they had a future together.

    Return to Normal

    Warren's skin color returns to normal
    Warren's skin color returns to normal

    After the events of the destruction of Genosha, Warren returned as a full-time member for the X-Men once more. During a fight against a mutated Black Tom Cassidy, Warren and his team were captured by his plant-like tentacles which drained him and the other X-Men of their energy.

    Warren and Paige
    Warren and Paige

    They managed to escape the tentacles, but the draining of energy had a profound effect on Warren, since the process had rid Warren of his blue skin, returning him now to his normal white skin-color. While Warren was with the X-Men, he developed a relationship with the much younger mutant girl Paige Guthrie, also known as Husk, a former member of Generation X and now the newest member of the X-Men. It was also here that Warren discovered a new second mutation that he had, the gift of healing others with his own blood. Eventually, Paige and Warren discovered that their relationship would not bring them what they wanted and they both parted as friends. Warren remained a part of the X-Men team and fought in a number of battles with them.


    During the Decimation, Warren's wings seemed to shrivel up into useless appendages, but that turned out to be only a ruse to help hunt down The Ghoul, a mutant who retained his powers and believed himself to be a pure mutant, and that those who lost their powers were tainted beings. Warren's powers were actually undamaged. He also joined the reunion of the original X-Men (except for the dead Jean Grey). This reunited team chased down Bishop, who was hunting down the escaped 198, but they later helped Bishop track down the remaining mutants.

    World War Hulk

    During World War Hulk, Angel joins the Renegades, a faction who goal is to help the Hulk. The other members are fellow Champions member Hercules; Namor's cousin Namora; the SHIELD agent Carmilla Black (Scorpion); and Amadeus Cho, the seventh smartest human in the world.

    Messiah Complex

    Taking flight!
    Taking flight!

    In Messiah Complex Angel is part of the team which investigates the new mutant birth in Alaska. He is later part of the team who is looking for former Acolytes. He is next seen part of the same team, but attacking the Marauders. Warren goes against Mister Sinister, but is easily defeated once he gets over Emma Frost's mental attack. He is knocked out, but recovers and is present with the X-teams for the final battle over the fate of the baby.

    Divided We Stand

    In Divided We Stand Angel is seen flying over San Francisco, going to meet with Hepzibah, Warpath, and Iceman, when he stumbles across an area that looks as if the 1960s never ended. He contacts Scott and Emma, asking them for assistance before suffering the mind-altering effects of the zone, which are revealed to be caused by Martinique Jason. Angel and the three other ensnared X-Men are sent by Martinique to confront Scott and Emma. Emma manages to free them from the illusion and during the fall-out battle, Angel rescues the mayor of San Francisco. Thankful for the assistance and for the idea of having real superheroes in their city, the mayor then talks to Cyclops and Angel about helping them resettle the X-Men in San Francisco.

    Archangel Returns

    X-Force recently reformed with the team now using Angel's Aerie as their base of operations. During their first mission, Rahne is captured by the Purifiers. X-Force rescues her, but the apparent rescue turns out to have been a ruse; Rahne was conditioned to complete one of the Purifier's missions as an unknowing "sleeper agent." She attacks her healer Elixir and savagely removes Warren's wings, which she takes back to the Purifiers. Adam Harkins experiments on some of his feathers to locate the "Apocalypse Strand," the Celestial Technology Apocalypse grafted onto Warren in his transformation into the Horseman of Death. The Purifiers used this to create similar beings they called "The Choir."

    Wolfsbane attacking Angel!
    Wolfsbane attacking Angel!

    Back at Angel's Aerie, Elixir repaired Warren's injuries and then attempted to re-grow his wings. Elixir is unable to re-grow Warren's wings because those cells are not actually organic. Warren discovered that the feathered wings which he thought he had regenerated since discarding the Horseman Death persona were not his own, but just another form of Apocalypse's metal wings. When Elixir tried to bypass the Celestial Technology and regrow organic wings, the Celestial Tech blocks his powers. Soon, Warren has a massive seizure and his body reverts to its Horseman form, with its blue skin and razor-sharp steel wings. The process of creating the Choir is what created the seizure and sent Angel's nervous system into complete disarray, putting him into excruciating pain.


    X-Force attacks Archangel, who eventually asks for relief from the pain of losing his wings and transforming into Archangel. Nevertheless, Archangel escapes into the night, intent on taking vengeance against the Purifiers. Archangel appeared to be the strongest he has ever been: defeating X-Force, nearly out-flying a jet, and taking on the Purifiers. Warren arrived at the Purifiers' headquarters and slaughtered the Purifiers in an attempt to reclaim the wings that were stolen from him, killing every member of the Choir and a substantial portion of the Purifiers' recruits. However, once the battle was over, he reverted back to his normal angelic, feather-winged appearance. He commented to Logan that he can still feel the metal wings inside him however, and that they want to come out again. According to Elixir, Warren's transformation is permanent, implying that he is fully capable of transforming back into Archangel again at any time.

    Restoring Apocalypse
    Restoring Apocalypse

    In an attempt to understand what was done to both Wolfsbane and Angel, the pair of them are placed in a room together, where Rahne is forced to gaze at Warren. The mere sight of him causes her to become murderous once again, and she attempts to rip the wings from Warren's body once more. The sight of a psychotic Wolfsbane, as well as the fear of having his wings torn from his body again, causes a defensive reaction in Warren, reverting him back into his violent Archangel persona. Cyclops had to talk him down to allow Warren to regain control. After traveling 900 years into the future at Cyclops' command Archangel along with the rest of X-Force engage in battle with several of Stryfe's men. It is here that Warren hears a mysterious voice calling him. Leaving the battle suddenly Archangel traveled into the mountains and was surprised to discover the source of the voices he had been hearing, his former master and the one who turned him into Death, Apocalypse.

    Archangel is faced with a monumental decision: give in to his Death persona and kill Apocalypse or allow Apocalypse to live. Apocalypse then commands Archangel to become Death and do what he created his Horseman to do. Archangel then transforms to his feathered form and refuses to kill Apocalypse in order to not give him the satisfaction and then he says that he is no longer Apocalypse's. Apocalypse then says he summoned Angel to end his life, but that he now sees that Angel is no longer Death. Together they go after Stryfe and take him down along with the rest of X-force. Apocalypse then claims the infant Hope as his successor but instead gives her to Warren in exchange for his life.

    After reverting to his Archangel persona, Warren then took dual membership with both the X-Men and X-Force, though Cyclops forbade Warren from telling the rest of the team about the return of his Archangel powers. Cyclops knew that if Angel revealed his transformation, the latest incarnation of X-Force would be exposed and may end Cyclops' latest tenure as leader if the truth about his personal murder squad became public knowledge. Angel and the Beast began a worldwide quest gathering some of the most unique minds on Earth in order to try and reactivate the X-Gene. During their quest, they recruit Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, and Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi. However, while recruiting Dr. Takiguchi for the Beast's "Science Squad", Angel was forced to transform into Archangel in order to destroy a giant rampaging monster. Beast reacted in anger that Angel had not told him that his "Death" powers/persona had return, creating tension between the two friends. During the attack of the Sisterhood of Mutants on the Graymalkin Facility, Archangel and the "Science Squad" were locked in the laboratory and not allowed to intervene. It is unknown whether the events of Uncanny X-Men happen before or after the time X-Force spent in the future.

    Following the incident on Takiguchi’s island, Warren goes back to his Angel form. He is next seen in with the X-Club after a psychic attack by the Sisterhood of Mutants. There, Beast questions him about the return of his Death persona and demands to run some tests. Soon after, in an attempt to reverse the effects of M-Day, Beast & the X-Club discover they must travel back in time to San Francisco, 1906 to the birth of the modern mutant race. So Angel, Beast, Psylocke, Dr. Takiguchi, Dr. Nemesis, Kavita Rao and Madison Jeffries go back in time to search for Dr. Nemesis’ parents, Nicola and Catherine Bradley.

    Upon arriving to the past we find that Nicola & Catherine are building some sort of device for Cornelius Shaw. The X-Club arrives at their home but are turned away and believed to be Mormons due to Psylocke's mental disguises. Nicola completes the device and tells Catherine who in turn tells him she’s pregnant (with Dr. Nemesis). Nicola brings the device to Shaw who uses it to power and early model of a Sentinel. Shaw sends his men to take out Catherine, but the X-Club return to save her. She does however; take a fall down the stairs. Warren, Kavita, Dr. Takiguchi and Dr. Nemesis stay with Catherine and take a blood sample and fight off the attackers while Beast and the rest go to rescue Nicola. Madison Jeffries is able to create an electric weapon which takes down the Sentinel but a large piece of shrapnel takes out Nicola. Dr. Nemesis and the rest of the X-Club return with Catherine. As they are about to return to the present, Dr. Nemesis tells Catherine to bury the samples in Golden Gate park.

    Not Forgotten

    When returning from the future Messiah War; Wolverine, Archangel and Elixir arrive at the U.N. to stop Hellion & Surge from popping after being pumped with the Legacy Virus. Wolverine and Archangel tear through the guards outside of the vans holding Hellion and Surge. Warren becomes caught up in a murderous rampage. Wolverine has to stab him to get him to snap out of it. He comes around and flies off with Surge who is ready to detonate. She is dropped onto Elixir who burns the virus out of both of them. Surge goes off anyway and Hellion has to direct the blast into the sky. Warren then returns home to “Angels Aerie” and finds it wrecked by the Frost Giants who attacked Rahne and Hrimhari.


    The T-O virus that Bastion used to resurrect his Human Council was stolen and corrupted by a vampire named Eli Bard who was working for the Black Queen Selene. She used it to resurrect dead mutants for her army and ultimately turn herself into a god. During the assault upon Utopia; Archangel, Warpath and Hrimhari are attacked by Pyro, Berserker and Scaleface. Despite his best efforts, Archangel is unable to keep the regenerating mutants down. He is able to save Warpath just in time from Risque. It is at that time where they realize they will need to figure out a way to fight the undead and Selene. During the open assault on Utopia, Dazzler questions Warren about his metallic wings and overall appearance. Before he is able to respond, Selene and her Inner Circle (Blink, Senyaka, Mortis, Wither and Eli Bard) arrive. The Inner Circle and X-Force go at it and Senyaka pulls Archangel to the ground. Blink then teleports his wings off. The rest of X-Force is compromised as well & Warpath loses the Demon Blade needed to take out Selene to Eli Bard.

    X-Force regroups and uses Vanisher to teleport to Genosha, where Selene has set up shop with her undead army of Warpaths old tribe. While fighting through the hordes of undead, Selene is able to combine all the necessary parts to become a god. Warpath explains that there is only one way to kill her now. First they paint themselves like ghosts in order to walk amongst with their souls protected and the ability to kill evil spirits. Next they had to get back the Demon Blade from Bard. X-Force takes on Selene once and for all and Warpath is able to drive the Demon Blade into her heart.

    Second Coming

    As Angel, Warren is recruited as part of Cyclops’ Alpha Roster along with; Colossus, Wolverine, X-23, Nightcrawler, Psylocke and Magik. Magik teleports them to Cable’s last known location, who has just returned to the present with Hope. They arrive just behind Cable and see the fallout from an attack by the Right. With another jump from Magik, they bust up a convoy of the Sapien League who are on the trail of Cable & Hope. After the initial strike there is but one left for questioning. When unable to answer, X-23 stabs him through the head. Nightcrawler was extremely upset by this and questions her along with Warren and Wolverine about what’s been going on. Wolverine comes clean about X-Force and all the while Cable continues to be pursued by Bastion’s Human Council, now being led by William Stryker and his followers. Stryker and his men catch Cable and Hope while holed up at a motel. All hell breaks loose between the X-Men and Stryker’s men. Wolverine asks Warren to end things, fast, as Archangel. He takes out several men before going after Stryker and finally cuts him in half in front of Nightcrawler. The X-Men regroup with Cable & Hope when Cyclops alerts them that Bastion is tracking them through Cable’s T-O virus. Cyclops sends Rogue to meet up with them with Ariel teleporting her in.

    His deadly secret revealed
    His deadly secret revealed

    The X-Men and Ariel carry on in Hummers while Rogue, Nightcrawler and Hope head on in front back to Utopia. Bastion sends a fighter jet in to take out the X-Men and destroy the Hummer with Wolverine, X-23 and Ariel. Wolverine and X-23 will heal, Ariel will not. Archangel takes out the jet before it takes out the other truck. Up ahead, Bastion catches up with Rogue (who borrowed all the X-Men’s powers before splitting up) Nightcrawler and Hope. He takes out Rogue and Nightcrawler tragically sacrifices himself to save Hope and uses his last breath for a final teleport back to Utopia. Warren is next seen saying a small piece at Nightcrawler’s funeral. Wolverine snaps on Cyclops and Hope and leaves with the rest of the members of X-Force.

    The next part of Bastions plan is to enclose Utopia within a dome. As the dome is covering the area Warren asks Iceman if it’s okay to if he changes to his “other” face, however both their attempts to punch through the dome are useless. Phase two of the plan begins as a sphere appears in the center of the dome and through it come a wave of Nimrod Sentinels from the Days of Future’s Past” timeline. After a violent battle with the first wave, it is decided that X-Force needs to be sent to the future and, using Cypher take out the Master Mold controlling the Nimrods. X-Force jumps to the future using Cable’s final time slide, ultimately leaving them stuck in the future.

    X-Force arrives in the future and Archangel clears the way for them to enter the facility housing Master Mold. They buy time fighting off Master Mold while Cypher finds a way to communicate with it. He is able to bring it down from within and successfully shuts down the Nimrods. Cable lets the T-O virus take over, which allows him to safely get X-Force back to the future at the cost of his own life. Archangel, whose wings are damaged, falls through with the rest of X-Force. During the aftermath of Hope’s defeat of Bastion and the death of Cable, Wolverine and Warren reform X-Force, this time without Cyclops knowledge. The team consists of Wolverine, Archangel, Deadpool, Fantomex and Psylocke.

    Curse of the Mutants

    During the events of Curse of the Mutants, Angel is sent along with Wolverine and Pixie by Cyclops to scout out for possible vampire hideouts. They encounter several in an alley before finding a safehouse. Warren responds to a call from a cop friend who was reporting a vampire attack. Warren takes off in search of the killer while constantly being nagged by his Death persona to kill. When he finally catches up wtih the killer, he pleads that he's only killed murderers and didn't ask to be a vampire. Warren pauses a moment, considering his own situation but is then attacked. Death takes over to finish the job but Warren resists and impales the vampire as Angel. After meeting on the current vampire threat, Warren goes out with Blade to gain further intel. They take on several vampires at a concert but come up with nothing new. In the final battle against Xarus, Cyclops asks Warren to turn into Archangel in order to gain air superiority.

    The Apocalypse Solution

    While spending the night together, Psylocke dreamwalks into Warren’s mind. There she sees a trail of dead leading up to Angel pinned to a wall, pleading for his life to Archangel. He turns to Betsy and says she’s just “fixing him for his own good. Just wait -- I’ll fix you too”. They both wake up and talk about the effects of Archangel on Warren’s mind. Psylocke explains how he’s rooted in “like a blood thirsty tick” and removing him would fracture his mind. She can help control it but only when near. Betsy tells Warren how this does not frighten her and knows it does not frighten him either, but something else does. She questions him as to what it is when he is saved by the call from an operative who has found something. Warren and Psylocke meet up with Wolverine and Fantomex as they take E.V.A. across the Atlantic. While on the way, Fantomex comments on Warren’s seriousness regarding the mission and involvement with Psylocke.

    Wolverine speaks with Warren as well regarding his personal matters with this mission and Apocalypse . They agree that if anything comes up it will be dealt with. They arrive at the temple of the Akkaba and storm it. Wolverine immediately takes a statue that comes to life and attacks. That statue turns out to be the Horseman known as War. He possesses Wolverine's mind and makes him go into a rage. Archangel deals with Wolverine while Fantomex and Psylocke handle War. War is defeated and Wolverine subdued in a matter of seconds. Warren takes out two more clan members who are about to experiment on Deadpool, who was held captive. They free him and E.V.A. alerts them that Apocalypse's ship is about to take off which would destroy the temple and they escape just in time. After they regroup, Warren confesses that he had Deadpool follow up leads on the Akkaba clan for the past year and that if the final Horseman, War had been summoned then a vessel has been found and they are too late.

    Archangel and the rest of the X-Force are next seen fighting Holocaust, when they come across Apocalypse himself. Apocalypse immediately takes control of Warren who then decapitates Fantomex and cuts Deadpool in two. He then takes down Wolverine only to be stabbed in the heart by Psylocke. The real Warren then appears and interrupts the training session. Wolverine then explains that it is in preparation, should Apocalypse take control over his wings. They continue to go over the issue among others while touring the rest of Cavern X. Warren explains that Fantomex is using a sample of Cable's blood to track down Apocalypse's celestial technology and that he has located him on the Moon.

    Before leaving, Psylocke and Warren speak about the training session and to why she joined eh X-Force. She explains that she only felt whole when she was with him and wanted to help him with his inner self. They take off for the blue area of the Moon in E.V.A and upon arrival, E.V.A and Fantomex are compromised by War's metal control and they crash into the Moon. They regroup and scatter to take on War and Famine. Archangel chases after Famine and is taken down hard. The rest of the Horsemen appear and take out the rest of the team. After the team is taken down, Warren is left reeling from his encounter with Famine. Deadpool comes to his aide and takes him to safety into a pop up Deadpool Tent. Left starving by the effects of Famine, Wade tries to help Angel by feeding him cola and Pop Rocks from his pouches. Wade realizes the pop rocks won’t be enough, Wade then starts to sheer the flesh off his own arm, and starts to feed it to Warren, He soon recovers and Warren and Wade soon meet up with Logan and Fantomex outside of Apocalypse’s main chamber, Warren begins to have an inner struggle with the monster inside him, the voice inside his head tells him to kill his teammates and rejoin his master, he is able to subdue the voice and refocus on the mission, it is then they find that Apocalypse is a child and that Psylocke is now standing in between the child and the rest of the team, he exclaims that there is no saving this child and that he is still a monster, Warren and Betsey then fight, Logan is able to break the fight up and tells Warren that they cannot kill the kid, in a fit of rage Warren attacks both Logan and Betsey before saying “you’re right, we cannot—but we must!” Now with the crying child before him, Warren tells the child what he is and what he will become, but before he can deal the killing blow, a grief stricken Warren just cannot force himself to kill the child. After Fantomex makes the decision for everyone, Warren and the team leave the moon and head home.

    Archangel & the rest of X-Force take on Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers in Australia. Psylocke & Warren pair off while Betsy charges on ahead. A Reaver sneaks up from behind Warren and slices off his wing while Psylocke is overwhelmed and forced over a cliff. Archangel heals and rescues her. They stop the Reavers and Warren carries Fantomex back to E.V.A.

    The Dark Angel Saga

    Archangel takes over.
    Archangel takes over.

    For weeks Archangel has been battling with his inner demons with the help of Psylocke, but now he heads down the path of his former master, Apocalypse. Warren is succumbing to the dark thoughts that are a result of his Archangel persona. X-Force becomes concerned and decides to use their abilities to free Dark Beast in order to learn how to save their teammate. The only solution is to travel to the Age of Apocalypse universe to find him a cure known as the life seed, an object that is able to save Warren from becoming the new Apocalypse. Meanwhile, Warren is "locked" in their headquarters. During this journey Dark Beast managed to escape to the regular Marvel dimension (Earth-616) and when the team was arriving back home, finds a freed Archangel and his Four Horsemen (Death, War, Pestilence and Famine) waiting. After an intense battle the team is left in shambles. Part of the team tries to regroup while Psylocke tries to reach Warren in an entirely different way before he does something he will forever regret.

    Genocide has incinerated half of Wolverine’s body, leaving only two remaining members of X-Force to defeat Archangel and his army. After all the team was defeated, Genocide wiped out a small town in northern Montana. In its place a new alien landscape has grown. Warren used the womb of Famine to carry his seed. Archangel has his own reign now and nobody seems to be able to stop him, but he needs a consort. He then transforms Betsy into the new queen. Nevertheless, with Fantomex and Jean's (AOA) help, Psylocke recovers her personality to fight for the last time with Archangel. After an epic battle Betsy used the life seed to kill Archangel, in his last minutes Psylocke gave him a full psychological life of joy and love where both of them live happily together. He then passes away. After the destruction of Archangel's palace, a purged Angel reappears with no memory of his past.

    Wolverine & the X-Men

    Angel Reborn
    Angel Reborn

    Angel, now without any memory of his former self, is brought to the Jean Grey School. Wolverine reveals the existence of X-Force to Beast and Kitty and explain what happened with Warren. Angel believes himself to truly be an Angel and actually brings a dog back to life. Wolverine asks Iceman to watch over Angel as Bobby is furious over what has happened to his friend. Angel goes to class along with Genesis, Kid Gladiator, Broo and others at the school. Angel attends a meeting at Worthington Industries where members of his board find him to be mentally unstable and kick him off as well as freeze his accounts, which financially cripples the Jean Grey School. But afterwards he returns with his Lawyer Matt Murdock A.K.A Daredevil to take back control of his company. He then gives over control of his company to The Jean Grey school A.P. Economics Class.

    Angel is examined by Beast who attempts to discover the lasting effects of the Life Seed on his body. The power is a limited resource which means over time it will burn out. After being warned of this Angel flies off in search of a new mutant in Brazil. Angel finds Shark Girl, who is just discovering her powers and tries to recruit her for the school. They are attacked by Mystique and the new Silver Samurai.

    All-New X-Men

    Angel meets his past-self
    Angel meets his past-self

    Beast later brings the original five X-Men to the present, Angel included. This causes for great tension between the real Warren and his past self. Warren is the most reluctant of the original X-Men to stay, as he believes their presence can only cause more trouble. He is shaken greatly after meeting his present day counterpart, and is terrified to see his condition. The fact that nobody is willing to explain the Archangel debacle to him only stresses him out further, causing him to try to return to his time alone. Jean uses her mental powers to coerce him into staying, to the dismay of their other teammates. He later enters into a romantic relationship with X-23.

    Warren's growing frustration eventually leads to him joining the present day Cyclops' team out of outlaw X-Men, with the reasoning that clearly, the present day Beast had misled the teens. During the events of the "Black Vortex" crossover, the teens' mentor, Kitty Pryde, summoned the X-Men to help the Guardians of the Galaxy. Angel, Gamora, and the past Beast submit to the Black Vortex's power and set off to empower the entire universe. When the crisis is averted, most of the heroes choose to give up their new cosmic abilities. However, Angel chooses to keep his, and returns to Earth with his friends.

    Archangel again and Magneto's Uncanny X-Men

    After the events of Secret Wars, the older Warren has since joined a new team of Uncanny X-Men. He has become Archangel again and has lost his mind, only being controlled by Psylocke. How he became Archangel again has not been explained yet, due to the 8-month gap between the series and the events of Secret Wars.

    The younger Warren from the original X-Men that was transported to the present is also still here. He has joined his other original team-mates on a road-trip through America, along with a few new members.

    Powers and Abilities


    Emerging Powers

    When Angel's powers first emerged, his body developed a higher metabolism, lost all body fat and became more muscular, and his bones became hollow, allowing him to run faster and jump higher. It was later revealed that Warren is at peak human levels which include his senses, strength, speed and reflexes. It was revealed that Angel is either a descendant of the Cheyarafim mutant race or his mutation resembles the mutations specific to this race.

    Fully-Developed Powers

    No Caption Provided

    Angel then sprouted and grew white, feathery wings. Angel's natural wings give him the ability to fly. They are super-humanly strong, easily capable of breaking a man's bones and tossing someone through a wall, and allow him to lift an additional 200 pounds. He has super-humanly sharp vision and hearing, and his eyes can withstand high-speed winds. His body is accustomed to low temperatures at high altitudes, and his lungs can breath easily even at full flight speed. Warren prefers to fly under the clouds, and can normally fly nonstop for half a day. However, he can reach the highest recorded altitude of a bird (equivalent to the height of Mount Everest), which quickly tires him out.

    It has been argued that Angel possess some kind of internal flight organ, but more likely several small ones throughout his body and that his wings offer the additional thrust and stability for actual flight. This would explain how Angel manages to hover for long periods of time and how he experienced little exhaustion in his arms and legs whilst flying. It has also been suggested, but never proved, that Angel's feathers are some kind of silicon or substance which act like solar panels providing him with the massive amounts of energy he would need for sustained flight.

    Later, he developed a secondary mutation: a blood-borne regenerative healing factor that enabled him to heal at an extraordinary rate. Superficial lacerations and punctures heal almost immediately and more severe injuries, such as broken bones or internal organ damage, heal within days. This healing factor can also be transferred to others via blood transfusion. Once transferred to an injured/ill individual (especially if they share his blood type), their tissues regenerate or can even be resuscitated if recently dead, but this ability is limited by the amount of blood Angel can transfer or survive losing. As a result of his Cheyarafim nature, Angel's blood is toxic/caustic to the Neyaphem mutant race, including Nightcrawler.

    Metallic wings that are razor-sharp and retractable.
    Metallic wings that are razor-sharp and retractable.

    Apocalypse's Celestial modifications granted him different and far greater abilities. His skin turned blue and his tissues were enhanced, granting him even greater super-human strength, durability, and endurance. He was given razor-sharp, retractable wings composed of an unknown metallic substance. The wings could also shoot poison-tipped metal feathers. Warren has independent control over each and every feather. However, the wings were sometimes hard to command, especially when Warren felt strong emotions.

    After fully succumbing to the Archangel persona and embracing his role as Apocalypse's heir, Archangel's powers were greatly magnified. His new celestial powers allowed him to defeat X-Force all by himself and, most impressively, defeat the Phoenix-empowered Jean Grey of the "Age of Apocalypse" universe.

    In this altered state, it is said that he is able to lift/press roughly 20 tons.


    Expert Combatant

    Warren totally owns Tony.
    Warren totally owns Tony.

    Angel is a skilled combatant, especially in aerial hand-to-hand combat, trained by Professor Xavier, Black Widow, and Hercules. He is considered to be the best aerial fighter in the world, capable of outsmarting and defeating much faster opponents such as the Human Torch, Quicksilver, and Iron Man.

    Business Sense

    Warren is a talented businessman whose wealth ranks him in the lower part of the Fortune 500 list.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'9"
    • Weight: 150 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue (yellow in Archangel form)
    • Hair Color: Blond
    • Skin Color: Blue
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Centerport, Long Island, New York
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Adventurer, teacher, multi-Millionaire
    • Known Relatives: Warren K. Worthington Jr. (father, deceased), Kathryn Worthington (mother, deceased), Eimin (daughter, deceased), Uriel (son, deceased)
    • Base of Operations: Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York

    Alternate Realities

    Age of Apocalypse

    Age of Apocalypse
    Age of Apocalypse

    The Angel of Age of Apocalypse was the owner and operator of the nightclub, Heaven, which was a place where mutants and humans could come together to drink and dance -- as long as they could afford it. Angel did not choose an official side on the war between X-Men and Apocalypse, though he did help the X-Men occasionally, specifically helping Gambit find Magneto and locating a travel route for Nightcrawler to get to the Savage Land.

    However, he could no longer remain neutral when his two business associates, Karma and Quark, were captured by Apocalypse's forces for associating with the Human High Council. Angel himself was eventually captured himself and, though he managed to escape, he found the beaten body of Karma. Filled with anger and thoughts of revenge against Apocalypse, he strapped explosives to his own body and flew into the shield barrier protecting Apocalypse's fortress. His suicide allowed X-Man entry into the citadel.

    Mutant X

    Warren left the X-men after Magneto's takeover and joins Havok and his team called The Six. He was a mainstay of the group until he was captured by Apocalypse and altered into his Horseman Death calling himself The Fallen. Fortunately he was able to fight back Apocalypse's influence after the death of his wife Candy Southern and rejoined with The Six.

    When Madelyne Pryor falls to the influence of the Goblin Queen, the Fallen becomes her chief lieutenant and aids her in her plot of World Domination. He was the only member of the Six that didn't need to be mind-controlled to join the Goblin Queen.

    After the Goblin Queen's defeat, the Fallen went back to working with Apocalypse and his other Horsemen.

    It later revealed that the Apocalypse of this reality was a Darwinist but unlike his 616 counterpart he wanted things to evolve on there own and had even been an ally of Magneto and Jean Grey for years in opposing an evil Professor X so its unclear to why Apocalypse formed the Horsemen and this makes the Fallen's motive's even more ambiguous.

    Earth X

    Angel has dedicated his life helping less fortunate since he lost his fortune. He joins the N.Y.P.D. and Iceman to protect the city against Mephisto and later follows Mr. Fantastic and other heroes in The Negative Zone to search for paradise.

    Home to Angel

    Earth-714 Angel was forced by the Timebreakers to join their version of Weapon X. He was a more vicious version of his Earth-616 counterpart and carried automatic weapons which he never hesitated to use. He was also an assassin in this world.

    Ultimate Universe

    Earth 1610 - Ultimate Angel.
    Earth 1610 - Ultimate Angel.

    Warren Worthington the Third was born a feathery-winged mutant to a Mr. and Mrs. Worthington, a wealthy couple. The Worthingtons rejected their child, Warren's mother being unable to even bare the sight of him. They provided him with a separate, isolated house to live in and staff to attend to his needs. Charles Xavier made a proposition to the Worthingtons regarding their son that escalated into his becoming Warren's legal guardian, with Mr. Worthington still willing to provide to the boy as much money as desired.

    Enlisted as a new student in the junior class of Xavier's Institute for Gifted Children, Warren was met with mixed feelings by some of the other students. While Shadowcat found him very attractive, Rogue saw his and Nightcrawler's presence as a biblical sign of the apocalypse, an angel and a demon, a sentiment shared initially by religious protesters. Uncomfortable with himself and the way others perceived him, Warren fled the institute. Storm, whom he had been slightly attracted to, followed and persuaded him to stay with the X-Men.

    Warren would continue on with the X-Men in an attempt to recruit Jean-Paul Beaubier, a battle with Sentinels in Washington D.C., a fight with Sinister, an attempt to rescue Rogue from Fenris International, and more. Initially, Warren was weary of combat. He displayed a very passive quality to him. He developed a unique relationship with his fellow student, Nightcrawler. At times, Nightcrawler and he would sneak into the Danger Room and simulate and role play pirate battles as the Dread Pirate Bluetail and Captain Eagle.

    Angel tried to rescue Longshot in Genosha from being publicly executed, but failed and got captured. After being saved by Dazzler, he was expelled by Professor X. Sensing that Dazzler would be expelled had he not taken the blame for her actions, Angel spoke up and claimed the whole idea was his doing. In turn, Professor X expelled Angel and spared Dazzler. But this was only a cover-up for Warren to spy on Emma Frost's school. When Bishop reassembled the X-Men, Dazzler wanted Angel to be a part of the new team, over Bishop's objections. Warren was later killed by Mr. Sinister while protecting a Morlock, although he returned to life soon thereafter. During the Ultimatum event, Dazzler is killed in the flood, causing Warren to snap. When the remaining forces of the Ultimate universe confront Magneto, Warren was killed by Sabretooth.

    What if....Jean and Scott married sooner?

    The Angel was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until he decide to leave the X-Men and pursue a normal live. While running his corporation, he ordered that the equal employment practices be used for mutants as well in terms of his business. Once Professor X was killed by Krakoa, Warren Worthington III was present at the burial with the original X-Men.

    House of M

    House of M
    House of M

    In the House of M universe created by Scarlet Witch, Angel was a superhero and one of Apocalypse's Horsemen alongside Iceman and Nightcrawler. He took part in Apocalypse's ill-fated attempt to assassinate Black Panther, but decided to lay low after witnessing Iceman being overpowered by Storm and Sunfire.

    X Men Noir

    It was originally thought that Warren died by the hands of Magnus because Xavier refused to have his X-Men work for him. It is later revealed that Warren killed himself because of the evil he saw in Jean.



    In this reality, Angel goes by the name Werner and he was able to disguise his wings under a garment that his mother had sewn for him. However, he was found out to be a Witchbreed (mutant) and the Inquisition attempted to take him prisoner. Werner escaped and the Inquisition captured his mother instead and threatened to kill her if he did not return. He returned, but they killed his mother anyway and attempted to burn Werner at the stake. Werner was rescued by Scotius Summerisle, Robert Trefusis and John Grey and was taken Carlos Javier's school. While there he became fond on John Grey, which cause a conflict between him and Scotius. When John was dying from overusing his powers, Scotius revealed that John was actually a woman and Werner fled.

    Marvel Zombies

    In the Marvel Zombies reality, Angel was turned into a zombie by Rogue and Ms. Marvel, like most of earth's heroes. He was later seen attacking Doctor Doom's castle, where Cerebro detected a large number of uninfected humans for the zombies to feed on.

    Amalgam Universe


    In the Amalgam Universe, Warren is fused with Katar Hol/Carter Hall (Hawkman) becoming the hero Angelhawk.


    Angel as Archangel was a member of the X-Saviours, who alongside the Avengers of 9939 and Death 3 made a stand against Charnel, one that Angel did not survive.


    A reality created by Legion, where Magneto is dead. Angel is a member of the Hellfire Club's inner circle. His affiliation made him wealthier than he already was. During a meeting the board room was blown up by the Followers of Apocalypse. All members of the club were killed, including Warren.

    What if...? (1)

    In a What If...? story, Angel did not snap back to reality after he thought he killed Iceman (in his first appearance as Archangel). Instead, whenever he came across someone committing a crime, he would kill them, no matter what the crime was. He also killed Beast. It was only when Candy Southern was kidnapped by Cameron Hodge and the Right that Angel snapped back to reality. He hunted down her kidnappers, but was approached by N’astirh, who wanted him as an accomplice. Angel declined and killed N’astirh, but in the process was killed himself.

    What if...? (2)

    In another What If...? story, Angel rejoined his teammates as Archangel as usual, but Warren became more violent and alienated from his friends. Apocalypse's ideas about "survival of the fittest" inspired Angel to kill many of X-Factor's foes, but Archangel also killed X-Factor and Apocalypse's Four Horsemen. Apocalypse was annoyed as most of them were considered "fit", but Angel was on a rampage by now. He turned on Apocalypse, but the outcome of this fight is unknown.

    X-Factor Forever

    In this reality, Archangel is with Charlotte and her son Timmy, trying to cope with being Archangel. At Timmy's birthday party the team is attacked by Hodge in Sentinel armor. This was a distraction that Apocalypse came up with so he could enter a ship and look through the data base. When this was over, he kidnapped Nathan and told the team to go after Sinister. The team does and fights clone versions of people they know. When Apocalypse comes with Nathan he ends up killing Sinister and himself. The team take Nathan to the Celestials that are now in New York to be judged and determine that the mutant race can continue.

    X-Men: Misfits

    Angel in Misfits
    Angel in Misfits

    For the manga re-imagining of the X-Men, Angel is the leader of the Hellfire Club. They are an elite club of Beta level mutants who use the Danger Room for their own selfish desires. When Kitty Pryde becomes the first girl in school, Forge trumpets as a herald and Angel made a dramatic entrance down the staircase. His handsome good looks intimidated Kitty, who accidentally fell through the wall behind her.

    When she was introduced to the Hellfire Club, Angel asked Kitty to become his girlfriend. However, she rejected him, although Angel didn't appear hurt by this. He later tapped on her bedroom window and flew her down into the grounds where the rest of the club were holding a secret bonfire. However, Kitty had a fear of phasing and falling, so she squirmed in his arms until they reached the floor. She then began to date Pyro, although Angel didn't seem to hold a grudge against his fellow Hellfire Club team-mate.

    Bullet Points

    In this reality lived the same life as he did in 616 and helped save the world from Galactus.

    Akhenaten conquered Earth

    He is seen briefly with other X-Men fighting to stop Akhenaten.

    Retro Men

    Angel appeared in the X-Men Reborn story along with other X-Men like Cyclops and Beast.

    Deadpool: I'm Available

    He was one of the many mutants killed by Deadpool, who then kept his wings as a memento.

    X-Men: X

    In this reality, Warren hated his wings as it caused him physical pain and he had to wear make up to hide his blue tone and could not fly in the day due to putting other mutants in danger if he did.


    He established the new Hellfire Club and lost the trust of Iceman.

    War in the Savage Land

    After the death of Professor Xavier, Angel brought the Savage Land to be used as a refuge for mutants. Ka-Zar was upset about it so they both readied a war over who really controlled the Savage Land.

    Angel remained Apocalypse's Pawn

    He is far stronger than his Earth 616 counterpart and never was freed of his Death persona.

    Mimic's Reality

    In this reality, mutants and super-heroes in general are extremely well regarded by humanity and are treated like celebrities. Warren was one of the founding members of the X-Men and he organized a charity with his team-mate, Calvin Ranklin before he was taken from this reality by the Timebreakers to join the Exiles team.

    Earth-6141 (Shadow-X)

    During the events of Albion's invasion of England, and before that some obscure events involving the bank of Courtney Ross (impersonated by Sat-Yr-9), a group of violent mutants capture the attention of the Excalibur. It's an alternate team of X-Men where Xavier was possessed by Shadow King and following, controlled all the team to corrupt the X-Men to wipe out the human race. This Angel version died in New Excalibur #23 killed by a Albion's minion.

    Other Media

    Television and Film

    Marvel Super Heroes

    Warren was a member of Professor X's Allies for Peace. He fights along with the other X-Men Jean Grey, Bobby Drake, Hank McCoy and Scott Summers and Namor against Dr. Doom.

    Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

    He guest starred in the series together with the other X-Men in reminiscing Firestar's past in "A Firestar is Born". He became a friend to Angelica Jones. He also fought Magneto and Juggernaut with the other X-Men. In the series, he assists some characters. He was voiced by William Calloway.

    X-Men: The Animated Series


    Angel have volunteered to take the cure which led Cyclops into getting mad with him.Here, Angel goes to a scientist who claims he can "cure" genetic mutations, but is actually Mystique, a servant of Apocalypse, who turns him into his Death. Angel also makes several appearances in the Beyond Good and Evil four-part episode, in the episodes 2, 3 and 4, and as one of the original X-Men in two flashbacks, bringing up continuity errors elsewhere as Cyclops, Beast, and Jean Grey do not know him. In this version, he loses the Death status to once again become Archangel thanks to Rogue, who saps the evil that lay within him. Angel warned him that the powers that Rogue absorbed takes a lot of effort. He was voiced by Stephen Ouimette.

    X-Men: Evolution

    Angel in X-Men: Evolution
    Angel in X-Men: Evolution

    Here Angel acted more like an angel, shown rescuing people from what would otherwise be life-threatening situations. Though he ultimately does not join the X-Men, he has become allies with them. Angel participates with the other mutants who fought Magneto as Apocalypse's horseman. In Xavier's glimpse of the future in the final episode, Angel is shown alongside other X-Men, signaling that he's finally joined them. Mark Hildreth provided his voice.

    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    In this series, Angel is not an official member of the X-Men yet, as he is forced to remain off the team in order to continue to have access to the family fortune, which he has been using in order to aid mutant-kind. Angel appeared to save Rogue from a Sentinel which aims to kill her. Along with the X-Men they have defeated the Sentinel. Logan and Beast then asked him to rejoin the team but refused because he will have no access to their wealth if he join any mutant team. Despite this, he does help the team in battle as an ally, as well as use his funds to help them out, including repairing the Xavier Institute in the third episode. Angel and Rogue's friendship was affected by Rogue's mission to absorb the memories of his father Warren Worthington Jr. to know the whereabouts of Senator Kelly. He also appears to be in a relationship with Storm, as shown in the episode Guardian Angel.

    Towards the last half of Guardian Angel, Angel is deliberately attacked by Moss and the MRD, by request of his father, Warren Worthington II. Angel is injured in his struggle to defeat the MRD and escape, but sadly loses and severely injures his wings. His father then makes the decision to remove his son's wings since it's the only way he thinks Angel will come to his side. However, Nathaniel Essex, also known as Sinister, persuades Angel into becoming one of his experiments, and bonds metallic sharp wings into Angel's back, thus turning him into Archangel. He was last seen in the season finale working beside Essex, with no will of his own. He is presumed to be one of the Four Horsemen in the following Age of Apocalypse in the second season of Wolverine and the X-Men. He was voiced by Liam O'Brien.


    X-Men anime
    X-Men anime

    Archangel appears in a cameo in "Destiny", the final episode of the Japanese X-Men anime series.


    X2: X-Men United

    Angel does not appear in the movie, but X-rays of his winged body can be seen in William Stryker's lab.

    X-Men: The Last Stand

    Ben Foster as Angel
    Ben Foster as Angel

    In the film, Angel is a young man in his early twenties, the son of a rich industrialist who is motivated by his son's mutation to create a cure for mutants. In a flashback, Warren as a boy (is seen attempting to cut off what would eventually become his wings. Warren flees before Dr Kavita Rao could inject the cure into him, and goes to find the X-Men for help. He later makes an appearance in the final confrontation against Magneto's Brotherhood, rescuing his father after he is thrown off of a roof by Quill, Arclight and Psylocke. Towards the end of the film, he is seen flying across the repaired Golden Gate Bridge and past several people in a park, moments before the camera shifts its focus to a depowered Magneto.

    X-Men: Days of Future Past

    Angel does not appear in the film, despite Ben Foster having shown enthusiasm over the prospect of getting to reprise his role. In the movie's tie-in website/viral marketing, it is stated that Angel had joined the X-Men following the events of The Last Stand, only to be overpowered and killed by the Sentinels in 2011. He was presumably restored to life after Mystique spared the life of Bolivar Trask in 1973, retroactively erasing the Sentinels from history.

    X-Men: Apocalypse

    Ben Hardy as Archangel
    Ben Hardy as Archangel

    Angel appears in the film, which takes place in the new timeline created after Mystique spared Trask's life. He is portrayed by British actor Ben Hardy.

    This version of the character is introduced as a combatant in an underground mutant fight club, where he has defeated many opponents. After one of his wings is crippled and mutilated during a fight with Nightcrawler, Angel is approached by Apocalypse, who offers to make him more powerful. He replaces the youth's wings with new ones made of metal, transforming him into Archangel.

    During the final battle, Archangel is killed after being trapped inside the X-Men's jet just before it crashes.

    Video Games

    Fall of the Mutants

    The blue-skinned, metallic-winged version of Angel was a playable character in the game.

    X-Men vs. Street Fighter

    Archangel's cameo
    Archangel's cameo

    Archangel appears in a cameo in Chun-Li's ending, where he hits on her after she arrives at the Xavier Institute to train.

    X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

    Archangel in the game
    Archangel in the game

    Angel is the scout for the different areas that are visited until he is captured by Apocalypse and turned into this game's Archangel. It was also mentioned that his mind and body were changed by drugs created by Mister Sinister. Angel also has special dialogue with Jean Grey.


    He appears as a non-playable character in the 1993 Sega Genesis version of the game. He can be called up for assistance if the player needs help.

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Angel in Avengers Alliance

    Angel is a playable character in the game. He sports his modern appearance rather than any of his more classic looks.

    Marvel Super Hero Squad

    Angel is a playable character.

    Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    Archangel appears alongside the rest of X-Force in Deadpool's ending, where they celebrate Wade's victory over Galactus. He also appears in Magneto's ending.

    Marvel Heroes 2015

    Angel as a Team-Up hero
    Angel as a Team-Up hero

    Angel is not playable in the game, but appears as one of the Team-Up characters who can assist the player's characters.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    Lego Archangel
    Lego Archangel

    Archangel is a playable character in the game.



    6" figures from ToyBiz (top) and Hasbro (bottom)
    Marvel Universe
    Marvel Universe
    • In the early 90s, ToyBiz released two Archangel figures. One was based on his comic design, while the other was based on his appearance in the X-Men animated series.
    • Angel was featured in ToyBiz's Sentinel Build-a-Figure wave for the Marvel Legends series. A variant showing Angel in his blue X-Factor costume was also released.
    • ToyBiz released a missile-firing Archangel figure in 2004.
    • Two other Archangel and Angel figures were later released in Toy Biz's 2006 X-Men Classics series.
    • Hasbro released an Angel figure for the Marvel Universe series.
    • An Angel figure was included as part of Hasbro's X-Factor box set, which was a Toys R Us exclusive.
    • Hasbro also released an Angel as part of their All-New X-Men box set, another Toys R Us exclusive.
    • Hasbro released an Archangel figure for the Marvel Universe line, which was followed by a repainted variant showing him in his Uncanny X-Force uniform.
    • Hasbro released an Archangel figure as part of the Hit Monkey Build-a-Figure wave of the Marvel Legends series.
    • Hasbro later rereleased the Marvel Legends Archangel figure as a deluxe exclusive with new accessories.


    From Dark Horse and Kotobukiya
    From Dark Horse and Kotobukiya
    • Dark Horse Collectibles released a vintage-style Angel figure.
    • Angel was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Archangel was featured in the Marvel Chess Collection from Eaglemoss Publications. He was a white knight.
    • Sideshow Collectibles released an Angel statue.
    • Bowen Designs released several statues and busts showing Angel's various forms.
    • Warren was featured in the HeroClix figure game in both his Angel and Archangel forms.
    • Kotobukiya released an Archangel statue as part of their Fine Art series.

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