Character » Lobe appears in 63 issues.

    Lobe is a mysterious man who is hyperintelligent and the CEO of Sublime Corporation.

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    He is first seen leading a team of super powered "villians" consisting of Bouncing Betty, Verre, Thug and Burst who claim that they want to save mutant kind. To do this he kidnaps a clone of the marauder, Scalphunter, to unleash his recreated and modified Predator X's on the Utopia to attack the X-Men. They are luckily able to kill Four of the five Predators.

    Lead by Wolverine Colossus and Psylocke, are sent to find the origin of the predators and stop it. They encounter Fantomex, who just killed the fifth Predator who had escaped into the sewers, and later find the base of Lobe's team. Lobe is stabbed by Wolverine in the Chest but this does not stop him.

    During the Quarantine story arc, Lobe creates drug versions of the X-Men's powers and has given the powers of the first five X-Men - Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast and Angel - to humans while they are stuck on Utopia under quarantine. The drugs are administered in a similar inhaler to the ones used to take the drug "Kick" seen in Grant Morrison's New X-Men run.

    Lobe tried to buy the rights to the mutant genome from Cyclops, and then took the drug giving him Scott's power when the ill X-Men attacked his base. However, he was then infected with the same nanite virus he had given to the X-Men. He then cured all those infected. Angel then said that he would sue him for plagerism because of the logos Lobe used on the drug inhalers.


    Hyperintelligence and possibly healing powers although this has yet to be confirmed.

    After taking one of his drugs, he temporarily gained Cyclops's optic blasts.


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