The Uncanny X-Men #515

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #515 - Nation X: Chapter 1 released by Marvel on November 1, 2009.

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    Somewhere in the Western United States. Scalphunter is working as a line cook in a tiny, desert roadside diner. Before he can open he is greeted by the mysterious Lobe and his team of mercenaries – Thug, Burst, Verre, and Bouncing Betty. After a brief struggle the team subdues Scalphunter and loads him into their transport.

    Utopia, off the coast of San Francisco. Betsy (AKA Psylocke) brings a tray of breakfast to Dr. Takiguchi's room to find that he has passed away in his sleep. Elsewhere on the island, Scott (in full Cyclops uniform) holds the first leadership meeting with his senior staff – Emma, Storm, Iceman, Beast, Namor and – begrudgingly – Charles Xavier. Scott asks them to work on keeping the island powered with a supply of clean water. Storm and Emma nearly come to blows before Betsy interrupts the meeting.

    Scott delegates the dispatch of Dr. Takiguchi's body to the science team (AKA X Club) and heads off the island to meet with Mayor Sinclair while Emma brings Danger to the old headquarters at Graymalkin Industries. Emma proposes that Danger become the warden (and rehabilitator) to a new Danger Room inspired prison for their interred villains. Danger accepts.

    Scott and Sinclair verbally spar but ultimately have a productive meeting. Sinclair vows that mutants are safe and accepted in San Francisco, for the time being. Back at Utopia, Beast leads a service for the doctor. Scott returns and watches from the fringes of the service, unable to hear. When Emma later chides him for his insensitivity he does the same for her, only to be reminded that she is trapped in diamond form in order to contain a sliver of The Void she absorbed from Sentry.

    Scott and Emma's conversation is interrupted by massive blast outside of their office. When the initial surge of energy dissipates they see Magneto floating above Utopia – which was previously his home, Asteroid M.


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    Its ok its been better though 0

    Sadly im not a fan of this issue and idont think it should of started of Nation X, in my opinion this issue deals mostly with fall out from Utopia so this issue is a kind of epilogue.  The art,  im getting tired of Greg Lands art style now, as readers we got a break for a while during utopia with Dodson and Ross, i personally was hoping that Dodson would stay with the book.  My main problem with the style is that the characters seem a little off take Psylocke for instance, her scene with Dr. Tak...

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