Character » Thug appears in 54 issues.

    A cowboy who is nearly indestructable and impervious to pain.

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    Thug has appeared along with several other super powered "villians" (their true intentions are not yet known) lead by Lobe. The team includes Bouncing Betty, Verre and Burst. They claim to want to save all of the world's mutant population. They kidnapped a clone of the marauder, Scalphunter, and forced him to deliver five Predator Xs, that Lobe was able to recreate and modify. Scalphunter does in fact deliver the Predators, but they are all killed by the X-Men.

    Wolverine, Colossus and Psylocke are sent to find where the Predators came from. Wolverine and the team are able to find the group, after a brief encounter with Fantomex, and Wolverine stabs Lobe in the chest.


    Indestructable, Impervious to pain.


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