80 Page Giant #9

    80 Page Giant » 80 Page Giant #9 - The Flash released by DC Comics on April 1, 1965.

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    Flash of Two Worlds

    Table of Contents Description - Barry Allen, alias The Flash, meets the comic book hero of his boyhood, Jay Garrick -- the "original" Flash!

    Pied Piper of Peril

    Table of Contents Description - A blast from a super-sonic flute causes a crime-wave to roll over Central City -- and bring the Scarlet Speedster to a dead stop!

    Story Description - He burst on the city like a tornado -- a tornado of incredible sound! Who was he? Where did he gain his mysterious powers? None knew... and none could handle the amazing criminal until the Flash -- Fastest Man Alive -- catapulted onto the scene and came to grips with.. the Pied Piper of Peril!

    The Man Who Changed The Earth

    Table of Contents Description - Armed with even greater powers than he possessed as Mr. Element, The Flash's most formidable foe makes a startling reappearance as the two-in-one criminal, Dr. Alchemy!

    Story Description - In the first Giant Flash Annual, The Flash -- after a hectic series of adventures -- captured and sent to jail his most formidable foe, Mr. Element!

    Now another criminal appears -- more bold, more daring, and possessing even greater uncanny powers than Mr. Element -- the amazing Dr. Alchemy -- who to The Flash's astonishment turns out to be a two-in-one criminal!

    Here Comes Captain Boomerang!

    Table of Contents Description - When Captain Boomerang sent The Flash hurtling into space on a rocket-boomerang, he didn't dream it would boomerang on himself and carry him straight to jail!

    Story Description - When W.W. Wiggins guiding genius of the Wiggins Game Company, set out to make the country boomerang -- conscious, he thought he had hit upon a big money-making proposition...

    However he didn't figure that Captain Boomerang -- the boomerang whiz he had hired to publicize his campaign -- would turn the boomerang fad into a fortune -- for himself...

    But before Captain Boomerang could reap his golden harvest, he had to dispose of his nemesis, The Flash!

    The Super-Gorilla's Secret Identity

    Table of Contents Description - In command of a power-mad gorilla genius, the strangest army imaginable is poised to strike a shattering blow at the Earth!

    Story Description - The strangest army imaginable was poised to strike a shattering blow at the Earth! In command was Grodd, a power-mad gorilla with the mind of a genius!

    Only one man had a chance of stopping Grodd's conquest of Earth -- The Flash -- but to succeed, the Fastest Man Alive had to discover... the Super-Gorilla's Secret Identity!


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