Captain Boomerang's Boomerangs

    Object » Captain Boomerang's Boomerangs appears in 142 issues.

    A variety of lethal trick boomerangs used by both versions of Captain Boomerang. They include, but are not limited to being explosive, expelling poison gasses and being razor sharp.

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    The boomerangs used by Captain Boomerang were seen during his first appearance in The Flash #117.

    Since this first issue Captain Boomerang has obtained a wide variety of trick boomerangs.

    Types // Variations

    • Normal Boomerang - Normal wooden boomerangs made by the W.W. Wiggins Game Company. They are based off of the bushmen of Australia which were used for hunting and in war.
    • Collapsible Boomerang - Like the normal boomerang; however, it is able to fold itself in half thus allowing for easy storage. Captain Boomerang hid one of them in his costume to use for robberies.
    • Giant Boomerang/Space Boomerang - An oversize boomerang that requires a lever mechanism to help launch it. Captain Boomerang tied Flash to this Boomerang to launch him into space and orbit around the moon.
    • Time Traveling Boomerang - A special boomerang that can travel through time using special vibration patterns.
    • Flying Boomerang - A boomerang that could carry the weight of the one who threw it, allowing them to grab on after tossing it to fly through the skies.
    • Explosive Boomerang - A boomerang used to breach safes or cause heavy damage to targets.
    • Boomerang Bridge - A giant boomerang that looks like a bridge. It has an incredibly sticky top surface that was able to prevent Flash from moving. It was self propelled and had the potential to send Flash into orbit.
    • Getaway Boomerang - A series of special boomerangs that were hidden in a variety of prison cells throughout Central City. They were intangible until Captain Boomerang focused his brain waves to make them reappear, and they contained a variety of escape tools such as a knife to cut binds.
    • Laser Boomerang - A boomerang that could fire a laser out of one of it's ends.
    • Smoke Boomerang - A boomerang that left a trail of smoke behind it to create cover for an escape or to blind foes.
    • Multi-Rang Boomerang - A larger boomerang that expels several smaller boomerangs from it after it is thrown.
    • Costume Boomerang - A boomerang that contained a compressed version of Captain Boomerang's costume. Very similar to the Flash Costume Ring.
    • Remote Controlled Boomerangs // Speed Boomerangs - Special remote powered boomerangs that have a battery powered by Flashes speed.
    • Electro Boomerang - An electrified boomerang that emits a deadly 5,000 volts of electricity.
    • Table Boomerang - A boomerang disguised as a table that Captain Boomerang had used in an attempt to escape Flash. It was rocket propelled.
    • Rope Boomerang - Two boomerangs tied together with a rope that can be used to tie up foes.
    • Expanding Boomerang - A small boomerang that becomes larger when activated. It is similar to the Flying Boomerang but had the size of the Space Boomerang.
    • Cigar Boomerang - A boomerang used that had a special grabber used to snatch a cigar out of W.W. Wiggins mouth.
    • Temporal Boomerang - A large boomerang made by Captain Boomerang and Colonel Computron that created vibrations sending Flash and Captain Boomerang into the past.
    • Jumbo Flying Boomerang - A large boomerang that was also a vehicle piloted by Captain Boomerang that could fly through the sky.
    • Remote Controlled Carrier Boomerang - A boomerang that could carry a recorded message to a pre-determined target.
    • Razor Boomerang - An incredibly sharp boomerang capable of easily cutting through flesh and bone.
    • Acid Boomerang - A boomerang that expels a gaseous form of acid behind it as it flies.

    Brightest Day

    During the Brightest Day arc in which Captain Boomerang (Digger) was revived he gained the ability to make boomerangs out of pure energy.

    These boomerangs packed an explosive bunch and could be created out of thin air; however, after Digger completed his task for the Entity he lost the ability to create these boomerangs.


    • Captain Boomerang (Digger) - The original Captain Boomerang and inventor of these trick boomerangs.
    • Captain Boomerang (Owen) - The son of the original Captain Boomerang. He became the second Captain Boomerang and used his father's trick boomerangs.

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