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The son of British aristocrats, Isaac Bowin was raised alongside his twin brother Maestro. Though both boys showed affinity for music, particularly the violin, only Bowin's brother chose to pursue the craft. Struck by an urge to travel, Bowin soon ran out of money, turned to petty crime and became a drifter. Ultimately ending up in an Indian prison, Bowin met and befriended a fakir who taught him hypnosis through sound manipulation. Building on and honing these skills for several years, Bowin developed a violin with which he could manipulate sound. Having surpassed his teacher he escaped prison and killed the fakir. Using his new skills and equipment, he embarked on a criminal career.


Fiddler was created by Lee Elias and Robert Kanigher. He made his first appearance in All-Star Flash #32.

Character Evolution

Golden Age

The Golden Age introduced a great deal of the Fiddler's presumed current background. Originally, he was simply a thief, and no details were known about his parents. His name is given as Isaac Bowin.

Silver Age

In the Silver Age, the Fiddler was retconned as living on Earth-2.

Modern Age

Following the Crisis, his aristocratic parents and initial benign wanderlust were introduced. His name is variously given as Irwin or Isaac, Bowin or Bowen. He has a descendant by the name of Iowa Bowin who instead of playing a violin he plays a guitar.

Major Story Arcs


Relocating to Kansas, the Fiddler clashes several times with the Flash in the course of his crimes. During this time he joins up with various other villains and villain teams, such as the Injustice Society.

Flash of Two Worlds

Working with the Shade and the Thinker, Fiddler successfully shifts Keystone City out of phase, trapping the inhabitants and causing the rest of the world to forget the city ever existed. They use this power to loot the city with impunity. They are confronted by both Jay Garrick and Barry Allen, and Fiddler uses his violin to hold the heroes at bay for some time, forcing them to commit crimes for him. However, the heroes escape and defeat the Fiddler and his companions.

Villains United

Fiddler is invited to join the Secret Six by the mysterious Mockingbird. During their first mission he is set to guarding one of their devices, but is chased away by HIVE soldiers. Due to his failure, Mockingbird orders him killed. Deadshot immediately carries out the order, shooting Fiddler in the head, killing him.

Blackest Night

During the Blackest Night Fiddler receives a Black Lantern ring and rises from the dead as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. He travels to Belle Reve, escorting dozens of Black Lantern rings. Seeking revenge against Deadshot and the Secret Six he confronts Jeannette, Ragdoll, and Virtuoso, a devoted fan of his who currently possesses his violin. He nearly kills them, but is prevented by the arrival of several Secret Six and Suicide Squad members. He leads the other undead in chasing down the living. His ring is destroyed by Amanda Waller's Manhunter android, and he returns to the grave.

Alternate Versions

Justice League Unlimited

Fiddler appears in issue #8 of this spin-off of the television series of the same name.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Fiddler makes a cameo appearance in issue #15 of this comic book adaptation of the television show.

Powers and Abilities

Fiddler has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is a very skilled violinist who has received classical training. He is a fairly skilled inventor, as he was able to construct his own specialised violin. He is a competent thief. He is knowledgeable in the fields of hypnosis and music.

Equipment and Weapons

Fiddler's Fiddle:

The Fiddler carries a violin, often a Stradivarius, which he can use to manipulate sound energy to a variety of effects, and which he invariably refers to as a "fiddle." He can use his violin to hypnotize others, to create destructive sound waves or walls of sound, and to cause physical or emotional pain in those who hear him play.

Portable Vibrator:

The Fiddler occasionally carries a device that allows him to travel to alternate universes.

Fiddle Car:

The Fiddler also has a custom made car that is made to resemble a violin.

Other Media


Justice League Unlimited

Fiddler appears in the episode "Flash and Substance" as one of the patrons of a villain bar in Central City. He does not speak in his appearance.


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