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Gorilla Grodd
Gorilla Grodd

Deep in the heart of Africa is a city hidden by mountains and illusion. Where it now stands, a meteor (or a spacecraft, depending on the account) crashed during the 19th century; its rays imbuing a gorilla tribe with hyper-intelligence and telepathy. There they now live, in an advanced society using science far beyond our own, calling the city "Gorilla City".

On an exploratory mission, their leader Solovar was captured by humans. Rather than reveal the existence of Gorilla City, he played dumb and allowed himself to be taken to a Central City circus. Grodd came after him, but not for rescue; his intent was to steal Solovar’s secret for controlling others through force of mind. He succeeded, but ran afoul of the Flash for the first time. His plan to create an army of his fellow gorillas and take over the world was foiled.

Since then, Grodd has spent most of his time imprisoned in Gorilla City, breaking out only when he has a plan ready. Often, he has gone to Central City hoping to eliminate the Flash before he could interfere with his plans. At times, he has led a political faction within Gorilla City, sometimes even becoming the dominant force.


Gorilla Grodd was created by John Broome (writer) and Carmine Infantino (artist). Gorilla Grodd made his first comic book appearance in the pages of Flash #106.

Major Story Arcs

Dog Days

For More Information: Flash #45

In one of his first major post-crisis appearances, Grodd used his telepathy to increase the intelligence of the animals in Central City, enabling them to think logically and become organized. His plan ultimately failed and he was defeated by Wally West, with the help of Pied Piper and Vixen.

Grodd later teamed up with Hector Hammond to locate a meteorite which had evolutionary properties. They attacked Hal Jordan, Rex the Wonder Dog and West, and soon managed to locate their target. An ensuing battle resulted in the rock exploding causing Grodd and Flash to become super-intelligent "mental giants" and reducing Hammond and Jordan to cro-magnons. Grodd used his newly obtained increase in mental abilities, to lead an army of gorillas to take over the world the world, but was beaten.

Catwoman: Groddspell

Gorilla City Conquest

For More Information: Martian Manhunter Annual #2

One of Grodd’s widest-ranging schemes was to arrange Solovar’s assassination and manipulate Gorilla City into war against humanity. In the course of this, Grodd absorbed too much neural energy from his fellow apes, leaving him with the intelligence of a normal ape (Martian Manhunter Annual #2, 1999). He has since recovered, and a failed attempt to set up a base in Florida led to his capture and incarceration in Iron Heights.

Creating Zoom/Return to Gorilla City

For More Information: Flash #193 & Flash #194

One of Grodd's gorillas snaps Hunter Zolomon's back
One of Grodd's gorillas snaps Hunter Zolomon's back

Despite recovering his intelligence and force of mind, Grodd had become more savage with each attack. Grodd led a massive breakout from Iron Heights, with the help of mind-controlled apes, and later encountered the Flash. Figuring that simply killing Flash wasn't enough, Grodd used his telepathy to find out people whom Wally cared about, so he could mentally torture him. Realizing that Hunter Zolomon was nearby, he sent one of the gorilla's under his control to assault him, breaking his spine and leaving him for dead. This was the first in a chain of events that let to Zolomon's transformation into Zoom, who would go on to become one of the Flash's deadliest foes.

Grodd would eventually return to Gorilla City to lead an attack. Out for revenge, West decided that he would bring him down and return him to Iron Heights and pursued him. After a skirmish, West defeated him, but was forced to leave him in the care of Nnambi, son of King Solovar, and then present ruler of Gorilla City.


For More Information: Superman/Batman

Grodd also managed to mind-control a number of established villains (and certain heroes) to attack Superman, after an offer of a large sum of money was made by then president, Lex Luthor. However his presence is discovered by Superman and Batman, and he is defeated.

Rogue War

For More Information: Rogue War

Grodd was one of a number of Flash villains seen at the funeral of Captain Boomerang. Although he didn't care about the Rogues' affairs, he agreed to work with them for a chance to get revenge on the Flash. He was brought out by Mirror Master in the middle of the Rogue War, claiming that he was doing this since he was temporarily working for the Secret Society, but that he would later resume his goal of world domination after the Flash was taken care of.

Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding

For More Information: Justice League of America Wedding Special

Grodd was also part of the Injustice League that was responsible for the attack during Green Arrow's and Black Canary's wedding.

Salvation Run

For More Information: Salvation Run

Grodd kills Monsieur Mallah
Grodd kills Monsieur Mallah

Grodd was one of the villains sent to planet Salvation. After savagely killing Monsieur Mallah and the Brain, he is kicked off a cliff by the Joker. He survives, and helps Lex Luthor set up the teleporter back to Earth. While badly hurt, he sought healing from Nzame a so-called holy child from Gorilla City, he was about to kill him afterward before being brought to Keystone City by Spin. He turned against him however and destroyed his base. He was later defeated by the Flash.

Under Libra's Control

For More Information: Justice League of America, Final Crisis: Resist

Grodd was also seen to be among the higher ranked villains in a Secret Society formed by Libra. He had his mind controlled by the anti-life equation and was seen in a failed attempt to capture Cheetah. He later used Brain Emperor to control groups of soldiers, but is finally defeated by The Shield and Magog.

The Black Ring

For More Information: The Black Ring, Action Comics #893

Grodd VS Lex
Grodd VS Lex

At some point later, Grodd comes into possession of a large mass of Black Ring Energy. Lex Luthor comes into conflict with him over it, going as far as drugging one of his employees so that when Grodd eats him, Grodd is drugged as well. Lex is able to overcome Grodd by tricking the drugged gorilla into decapitating a Lex android with a "combat spoon" and eating the head, electrocuting him. Nevertheless, as Lex escapes, Grodd shoots him down with a rocket launcher. Upon falling to the ground, Lex's neck breaks. During this appearance, Grodd is portrayed as having a vast collection of human brains, which he eats, as well as wielding a massive spoon as a weapon.

Road to Flashpoint

For more information see: Flashpoint

On his way to work at the Central City Crime Lab, Barry Allen is late because he had to stop Grodd at the Zoo.


Gorilla Grodd and his army come across Buddy Baker, Steel , Black Orchid, Beast Boy and Constantine. Baker knocks Grodd unconscious when Frankenstein arrives to help out.

New 52

Goriila Grodd challenges his father for control of Gorilla City. He kills him and begins to eat his brains. Flash is jettisoned from the Speed Force and has amnesia. The cleric apes who resemble Solivar tell him his the Messenger. The clerics can no longer access The Lightning. When they did a pilot was whisked into the Speed Force. Grodd smashes the clerics head into the wall, killing him. The Flash remembers seeing an ape lunge over his jeep as a small child while on safari.Flash remembers the ape and Grodd are the same and this jogs his memory. Grodd in anger starts a cave in that buries him. The cleric apes send Flash back home, but not before he lets the apes know their destiny is theirs and not tied to Grodd.Grodd is placed in the Speed Force from the battle during Flash. He returns from the Speed Force with the powers that the Flash had. He tells everyone Flash is dead and he infers he was let out of the Speed Force by the one who killed the Justice League.

Powers & Abilities

Grodd has superhuman strength and durability far greater than ordinary gorillas and he has enhanced senses which allows him to hold his own against the Flash. He also possesses a genius-level scientific mind and has been seen to create a variety of devices using advanced technology.

Grodd is a very powerful telepath his main field of telepathy though is mind control. Gorilla Grodd is capable of taking control of people's minds forcing them to do his bidding. He is capable of transferring his consciousness into other beings. He is also capable of creating psionic blasts and has the ability to transform matter. He also possesses a degree of telekinesis.

Alternate Versions


In the Reverse Flash altered world of Flashpoint, Grodd successfully overthrew Solovar and took over Gorilla City. Over the years, Grodd successfully took the entirety of Africa, slaughtering most of the human population. Grodd takes no solace in this, though, instead finding the little attention he has gotten depressing, as most of the attention is focused on how Emperor Aquaman and Wonder Woman destroying large portions of Europe. Grodd travels to Cape Town, the last human stronghold to fall, and encounters several would be assassins on the way. Grodd forces one to kill his partners and to grow up hating Grodd and plot to kill him. After killing the human leader at Cape Town, Grodd plans a suicidal invasion into Europe.

Anti-matter Earth

In the Anti-Matter Earth, General Grodd is a member of the Justice Underground. He is a freedom fighter from a militaristic ape nation.


In the story Justice, Grodd is a member of the Legion of Doom. Grodd successfully incapacitates the Martian Manhunter, who is searching for the lost Aquaman, by mentally convincing him he's on fire. Grodd also successfully gains access to the Watchtower's computers, finding out the identities of the Justice League members in the process. Grodd later attacks the League with a Yellow Ring after the captured Captain Cold lead them to Grodd. It turns out that Grodd, along with Luthor and Brainiac had conspired to take out the Justice League. In addition, Brainiac plans to double cross Grodd by researching whether Aquaman or Aquababy's brains could control Grodd like they do with fish.

In Other Media


Justice League Unlimited

Grodd attempted to destroy Gorilla City. He invented a device that would allow him to control humans and used the device to get into the Nuclear Research Lab. Once in the Nuclear Research Lab, Grodd orders the scientist and military officers there to

Grodd and his Telepathic Helmet
Grodd and his Telepathic Helmet

launch the nuclear bombs at Gorilla City. Some of the members of the Justice League Unlimited then go to Gorilla City to stop the nuclear bombs from exploding while the Flash and the other heroes go to the Nuclear Research Lab to find Grodd and stop him from wreaking havoc. Grodd is eventually defeated and later imprisoned in a cage in Gorilla City.

Grodd eventually escapes and forms s secret villainous society which includes Parasite, Killer Frost, Giganta and the Shade. Grodd also tells the Shade that he had sent robots to spy on the Justice League Unlimited. Grodd then assembles his team and escorts the villains to an isolated island which is heavily guarded. The villains easily breaks into the premises and enters a small underground chamber. The chamber is completely empty and the villains finds four tanks of radiations. Grodd opens the tanks and large amounts of mud begin to appear. The mud begins to regenerate and turns into Clayface. Grodd convinces Clayface to join the secret society and Clayface agrees to join. Grodd then orders the secret society to break into a factory to lure the Justice League to the factory. The Justice League had been encountering problems of their own and were badly beaten by the villains. The Justice League were unable to work together and soon the Justice League separates. Grodd wants to take down the Justice League members one by one and lures Batman himself is captured by Clayface. The remaining Justice League members then decide to put away their differences and try to work together to stop the villains put fails to defeat the villains and instead are captured by the villains. Martian Manhunter escapes and follows Grodd as Clayface. Grodd then takes the Justice League members to a American football pitch surrounded by people. He then tells the audience that he would kill the Justice League right in front of them. Martian Manhunter frees the Justice League and later defeats the secret society.

Lex Luthor escapes from prison and is taken by The Key to Grodd's secret hideout. Grodd then tells Lex that he had assembled all of the super villains and plans on an another assault on the Justice League Unlimited. Lex originally refuses to join but changes his mind when Grodd shows him a fragment of Brainiac's technology. Lex teams up with The Key and Dr. Polaris to steal the Spear of Longinus from Blackhawk Island. Lex steals the spear and finds out that he had been tricked by Grodd.

Grodd then orders Lex to augment the powers and abilities of the super villains. Grodd then tells the super villains about an ancient old legend which is about a young Viking prince called Prince John who fell madly in love with a Valkyrie and later Odin found out. Odin then agrees that if Prince John would die heroically he would allow him and his love to be together again. Odin was a cruel god and gifted him with incredible invulnerability to harm. Grodd wants Prince John's dead body in order to reverse the secret of his invulnerability. The super villains eventually fails and Grodd is betrayed by Lex. Lex Luthor then imprisons him in a lab and wants Grodd to tell him about Brainiac's fragments.

Grodd later is freed by Tala and gathers his own villainous supporters. Grodd's henchmen then battles Lex's gang. Grodd then tries to hypnotize Lex, but Lex reflects the hypnotize wave back onto Grodd himself. Lex then takes Grodd into the air room and opens the gate and Grodd is sucked into space. Grodd is then presumed dead.

Episode Appearances

  • Brave and the Bold
  • Secret Society
  • I Am Legion
  • To Another Shore
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Great Brain Robbery
  • Alive
Gorilla Grodd as he appears in Batman: The Brave And The Bold
Gorilla Grodd as he appears in Batman: The Brave And The Bold

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Grodd first appears in Terror of Dinosaur Island, Batman and Plastic Man team up and stop him. Gorilla Grodd next appears in Game Over for Owlman where he is seen amongst the villains helping Owl Man. He next appears in the intro of the episode Mystery of Space where Batman helps save his life from Equinox. In Last Bat on Earth he travels to the future where he leads the gorilla army against the Tiger Army, Batman once again takes him down. Gorillas in Our Midst has him and G.A.S.P. (Gorillas and Apes Seizing Power) invading Gotham City. His final appearance is in Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster where he makes a cameo which hints at him being Flash's villain before being Batman's.


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