Murphy Anderson

    Person » Murphy Anderson is credited in 1088 issues.

    Multi talented and Award Winning artist. Most famous for his covers with DC. He helped redesign characters like The Flash and is responsible for giving him the more modern age look we have come to love.

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    Heavily influenced by artists Lou Fine and Will Eisner, Murphy Anderson entered the comics arena in 1944 as an artist for Fiction House . In 1950, he began his lifelong association with DC Comics, pulling double duty as both an illustrator and an inker over other artists' pencil work. Though he inked only a few of Sekowsky's first Justice League pages, Anderson continued his work on Justice League Of America covers for several years thereafter. He frequently collaborated with penciler Curt Swan. Co-creating what many fans consider to be the defining images of the modern day Superman, Batman, Flash, Adam Strange and the Atom. Fans of Anderson and Swan would commonly refer to the team as "Swanderson." He is also famously known for co-creating the magical woman known in the Bat-Universe as "Zatanna".

    He also worked on the cover of Batman #181 alongside fellow artist Carmine Infantino which featured the first appearance of Poison Ivy. He also worked on the cover of The Brave and the Bold #28 which featured the first appearance of the Justice League!

    Alley Award winner. First in 1962 for Best Inker. 1963 for Artist Preferred on JLA. 1964 for Best Inking and Best Comic Cover with Carmine Infantino for Detective Comics #329. 1965 for Best Inking and Best Cover for The Brave and the Bold #61.

    Partially Taken from Biographies, Crisis On Multiple Earths, 2002, DC Comics!


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