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The Man: A Real Thinking Man's Criminal

Clifford Devoe was a failure as a lawyer, but when he noticed that criminals lacked an intelligent mind to properly lead them, Devoe set out to become a success as the The Thinker. Devoe soon found himself in conflict with Jay Garrick , the first Flash. Devoe was always looking out for new scientific devices to use in his criminal ventures, the most important and identifiable was his Thinking Cap which gave him minor telekinesis and mind control abilities. He was a founding member of the original incarnation of the Injustice Society. His arguably greatest feat was suspending Keystone City in suspended animation for decades with the help of The Shade and The Fiddler. Everyone in Keystone was affected, even Jay Garrick. The city was restored with the help of Barry Allen in the "Flashes of Two Cities" story, the effects of the villain's plan leaving the Thinker young enough to operate in the modern era. Devoe accepted a mission with the Suicide Squad for a full pardon, but seemingly had his throat ripped out by the Weasel. The Thinker made one final appearance where he was dying of of terminal brain cancer, brought about by his extended use of the Thinking Cap . Jay Garrick tried to save him using the Cap, but Clifford merely removed the device, preferring to die on his terms.

His remains are sealed in the morgue in the Hall of Justice.

His technology would go to create the AI Thinker and be adapted by Cliff Carmichael.

Final Words of Wisdom

The Machine: Artificial? Perhaps. Intelligent? Definitely

When the Justice Society moved to their new headquarters in New York, Mr. Terrific built a new state of the art security system out of the original Thinker's Thinking Cap technology. It gained sentience shortly thereafter and joined Johnny Sorrow's new Injustice Society. It fashioned itself a hologram form and locked down the mansion so no one could get in or out. He supplied the villain's with information on the JSAers and turned the mansion's security system against them. He tries to ambush Stargirl during her battle with Shiv, she apparently defeated him but he retreated to cyberspace to escape imprisonment or deletion. The AI makes a reappearance in Keystone City attempting to absorb the minds of every one in the city, including The Flash. He had been stirring around in Keystone's data networks building his power until he was strong enough to turn the city itself into a computer. Wally over-accelerates his program core with the help of Cyborg and burns him out. The AI shows as member of a later version of the Injustice Society bringing back Johnny Sorrow.

White King's Bishop

The Thinker A.I. is later shown to have been "stored away" by Mr. Terrific and drafted into Checkmate as his White Bishop. He tried to takeover Checkmate system's but Carl Draper used a duplicate of his program to counter him. The Thinker later appeared in Final Crisis:Resist as a part of the resistance group. He winds up with the Cyborg Revenge Squad gathered by the mercenary Mr. Orr to kill Victor Stone.

Alternate Versions


For more information see: Flashpoint

Thinker is a prisoner of The Hall of Doom, a flying prison for humans and Metas. He is enlisted by Heat Wave to pilot the Hall into Detroit, when he and the other prisoners try to make a break for it. Thinker's code is over powered by Cyborg but he is still able to crash the Hall into the bay.

Other Media

A man named DeVoe is mentioned infrequently near the end of Season 3 of "The Flash." He was noted by Abra Kadabra to be one of Barry's greatest foes, along with Thawne, Zoom, and Savitar.

DeVoe appears in Season 4 as the main antagonist. He is portrayed by Neil Sandilands.


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