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    Solovar was the former ruler of Gorilla City and friend to Barry Allen.

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    Solovar was the leader of Gorilla City, a hidden city of hyper-intelligent gorillas. Renowned for his wisdom and psychic powers, he was virtually unchallenged, except by the villainous Gorilla Grodd. This rivalry was so great that, after Solovar was captured by humans (playing dumb to keep his identity and origin secret), Grodd followed him to Central City to learn the secrets of Solovar's force-of-mind powers.

    Character Evolution

    Black Lantern Solovar
    Black Lantern Solovar

    Solovar was one of the fifteen heroes chosen by The Monitor to help during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. During this mission he was injured while saving Kamandi so Monitor sends him back to Gorilla City. During Blackest Night, the newly returned Barry Allen seeks Solovar's help in solving the dilemma. Unaware that his friend is dead, Barry arrives only to find Solovar resurrected as a Black Lantern. He then begins to torment Barry, who tries to destroy him by taking his ring and running away. This proves futile, however, as the Black Power Ring regenerates Solovar's body while Barry is running. Barry tries to then destroy him by moving so fast that Solovar's body is destroyed and his ashes are scattered across the globe. This too, proved futile, as Solovar returns again after Barry becomes a deputized Blue Lantern.

    New 52

    Solovar was hit with a flash of lightning generations ago. He abandoned his gorilla civilization when he could see the future of human civilization. He was able to transcend his body and mind and travel into the future. He arrived too soon and in his long distance travel through space and time he becomes enraged and crazed killing and eating antelope that he comes across. His crazed demeanor did not end there. He attacked a safari jeep with a young Barry Allen. He was tranquilized and spent time in a zoo until Turbine and Patty locate him. They travel to Central City where Grodd is finishing up defeating The Flash and his mask is in shreds giving away his identity.

    Other Media


    The Flash

    In "Attack on Gorilla City," Solovar is introduced. Solovar is the ruler of Gorilla City. He is a gorilla with a human-level intelligence, and telepathic abilities, just like Grodd. He is voiced by Keith David.


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