W.W. Wiggins

    Character » W.W. Wiggins appears in 8 issues.

    CEO of Wiggins Game Company and father of George Harkness, Captain Boomerang.

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    The birth of
    The birth of "Captain Boomerang"

    Willard Walter Wiggins served in the U.S. Army. While stationed in Kurrumburra, he had an evening dalliance with a married Betty Harkness, which would leave her pregnant with George Harkness. In George's childhood, Betty only referred to Wiggins as "Uncle Walt", or a "friend of the family", never revealing to him his true parentage.

    Wiggins retired from the military and became a salesman for a toy company, eventually becoming the head of the company. Trying to keep a connection with his illegitimate son, he would send him boomerangs to play with.

    When Harkness was kicked out of his home for his criminal activities, Wiggins gave him a place to stay in Central City and a job with his toy company-- promoting boomerangs as "Captain Boomerang". When Harkness saw that people were only interested in Captain Boomerang when he went up against the Flash, he quit the job, took up a life of crime with the identity that Wiggins created.

    Wiggins would later reveal to Harkness that he is his father at Betty's funeral, leaving Harkness angered that he was made to grow up under the roof of a man that hated him for not being his son.


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