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An all reprint issue.

Lois Lane's Super-Daughter

Table of Contents Description - An Imaginary Tale in which Lois marries Superman, but finds her super-husband devoting most of his time to their adopted daughter -- Supergirl!

Story Description - When Supergirl first came to Earth, she lived for a time at Midvale Orphanage, in her Linda Lee identity, until she was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Danvers. But suppose Superman, as his alter-ego, Clark Kent, had married Lois Lane, and they had adopted the Man of Steel's young cousin? What could have happened then is told in this mighty-have=been story of... Lois Lane's Super-Daughter!

Reprinted from Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #20.

The Duel Over Superman

Table of Contents Description - The Lois Lane - Lana Lang rivalry for Superman's love finally explodes into violence!

Story Description - As all the world knows, Lois Lane and Lana Lang have been keen rivals for Superman's affections! Each has pulled countless tricks to gain an edge over her competitor to win Superman's favor! But nobody dreamed that their antagonism would explode into deadly violence! Alas, however, the day arrives when the two girls decide that only one of them can live to become Superman's bride! The world can only stand aghast as Lois and Lana fight... The Duel Over Superman!

Reprinted from Superman #150.

Superman's Mermaid Sweetheart

Table of Contents Description - Learn how Lois almost lost Superman to lovely Lori Lemaris of Atlantis!

Story Description - Years ago, the Man of Steel met a beautiful girl from the sunken continent of Atlantis for whom he was ready to forsake his Superman career -- but fate decreed such a romance not to be! Now, once again, this mysterious girl enters his life and becomes... Superman's Mermaid Sweetheart!

Reprinted from Superman #135.

The Day When Superman Proposed

Table of Contents Description - Why does the Man of Steel choose Lois when he could have his choice of the great beauties of history -- Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, or Marie Antoinette?

Story Description - For years, Lois Lane's one great desire has been that the man she loves, mighty Superman, will some day ask her to be his bride, then, one incredible, wonderful day, it becomes a fact! Does this mean that all the happiness she has fondly dreamed of will now be hers? You'll be surprised when you find out what happens on... The Day When Superman Proposed!

Reprinted from Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #22.

Lois Lane -- Wanted

Table of Contents Description - Lois loses her memory and assumes the identity of a notorious woman gang leader!

Story Description - Lois Lane has long been known as the prettiest girl reporter in Metropolis! All her co-workers at the Daily Planet like her -- and respect her! So it's quite a problem for Superman when Lois Lane seems to change overnight into a snarling, dangerous gun-woman... when the forces of law and order are arrayed against her... and the mighty Man of Steel must join the grim woman-hunt for... "Lois Lane -- Wanted!"

Reprinted from Action Comics #195.

The Shocking Secret of Lois Lane

Table of Contents Description - What terrible change have Lois' features undergone to make her hide her head within a metal box?

Story Description - Everyone knows how Lois Lane's inquisitive nose for news has often poked into things! Time and again Superman has warned her that she is as curious as a cat -- and that one day her curiosity would get her into such trouble that not even he could help her out of it! Well -- it finally happens -- and because of it, even Superman must look on and what is... "The Shocking Secret of Lois Lane!"

Reprinted from Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #13.

Mrs. Superman

Table of Contents Description - At long last, Clark Kent reveals his Superman identity to Lois and asks her to marry him!

Story Description - For years, Lois Lane has yearned to become Mrs. Superman, always without success! Yet one incredible day, Clark Kent, who is secretly Superman, proposed to Lois! Why has the Man of Steel, who avoided matrimony before, given in to the girl reporter? Amazing indeed is the twist of fate that impels the Man of Steel to woo Lois Lane and ask her to become... Mrs. Superman

Reprinted from Superman #124.

The Sleeping Doom

Table of Contents Description - Lois must set a record for staying awake, or the whole world will suffer a dreadful fate!

Story Description - Our reckless, impulsive Lois faces the greatest ordeal of her life, when she struggles to stay awake longer than any other human being in history! Not for one second can Lois close her weary eyes in sleep, because if she does, she knows that the world ill be struck by disaster! Every inch of poor Lois' aching body cries out for the rest, but she dares not doze off lest the entire Earth become the victim of... The Sleeping Doom!

Reprinted from Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #18.


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