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    Person » Gardner Fox is credited in 1421 issues.

    One of the biggest creators in Comic Book History! Legendary writer responsible for (Batgirl) Barbara Gordon, Spectre, Hawkman, Atom, Adam Strange, Hawkgirl, Zatanna, Justice League of America, Justice Society of America, Martha Wayne, Thomas Wayne, and the Flash.

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    His creations are seen everywhere in today's culture, from video games, animated shows, movies and comic books. Gardner Fox is responsible for giving birth to Dozens of hugely popular Superheroes around the time that Superheroes in comics were just getting their start. Fox was creating characters long before Marvel Comics even existed; characters Marvel would one day mimic to keep up with the competitive market. Fox was creating characters long before Stan Lee. He never got his due credit.

    Probably the single most imaginative and productive writer in the Golden Age of comics, Gardner Fox created or co-created dozens of long-running features, among them Flash, Hawkman, Sandman, and Dr. Fate. Working with editor Sheldon Mayer, and later with Julius Schwartz, Fox also penned the adventures of the Justice Society Of America, comics' first super-team, during the 1940's. Following the late-1950's revival of the super-hero genre, and again under Schwartz's guidance, Fox assembled Earth's Mightiest Heroes once more and scripted and unbroken 65-issue run of Justice League Of America. Fox also worked on Detective Comics #33 alongside Bill Finger and Bob Kane which presented the first appearance of Thomas and Martha Wayne (Bruce Wayne's Parents). This story which he co-wrote alongside Finger explained the night that would haunt Bruce for the rest of his life and would eventually lead him to becoming the Dark Knight. Fox went by the following Pseudonyms:

    • Jefferson Cooper
    • Bart Sommers
    • Paul Dean
    • Ray Gardner
    • Lynna Cooper
    • Rod Gray
    • Larry Dean
    • Robert Starr
    • Don, Ed, Warner and Michael Blake
    • Tex and Willis Blane
    • Ed Carlisle
    • Edgar Weston
    • Tex Slade
    • Eddie Duane

    Taken from Biographies, Crisis On Multiples Earths, 2002, DC Comics.

    Biographical material researched and written by Mark Waid!

    Gardner Fox's story "Flash of Two Worlds" (The Flash #123, Sept. '61), had the Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash meet Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, who lived on a parallel world. This began the D.C. parallel earths concept.

    Justice League Unlimited episodes Legends, Parts One and Two are dedicated to Gardner's memory. The episodes feature the Justice Guild of America, a homage team of Golden Age superheroes.

    Character Creations

    This is a list of his larger creations. He has many more smaller creations that only lasted a few issues!

    All characters are DC Comics unless otherwise noted:

    Other Companies

    Skyman (Columbia)

    He didn't create but he worked on the original Ghost Rider series, Straight Arrow, White Indian, & Durango Kid ( Magazine Enterprises).

    Crom the Barbarian (Avon).

    He also wrote horror for Warren and Skywalk Publishing.

    For Marvel he created the original Red Wolf.


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