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The Journey of the Second Superboy

Reprinted from Adventure Comics #205

A youthful spy from another world arrives in Smallville and is adopted by the Kents!

Is Superboy the only youth who can fly? Is he the only one on Earth with super-powers? The answer -- no! For out of trackless space comes a rocket, bearing another youth who also is endowed with amazing powers -- a lad who teams up with Superboy to battle crime! How does this all come about? Read... The Journey of the Second Superboy!

The Impostor From the Year 2958

Reprinted from Adventure Comics #250

A criminal from the future roams Smallville in disguise. See if you can guess what identity this villain has assumed!

Future history will record for all to read that young Clark Kent was actually Superboy! A thousand years from now that may not matter! But what happens when a criminal of the future comes back through time disguised as someone in Smallville? Read how the Boy of Steel meets this baffling challenge to save his secret as well as future civilization by unmasking... The Impostor From The Year 2958

The Dreams of Doom

Reprinted from Superboy #83

Superboy and Krypto share the same terrible nightmare... and, incredibly, their dream comes true!

Dynamic Superboy and his superdog Krypto usually overcome all foes, no matter how mighty, through the use of their astounding super-powers! But one incredible day they face a menace so mighty, so staggering, that even their tremendous powers are useless before the awesome threat to their continued existence on Earth! And it all begins frighteningly, inexplicably, with... The Dreams of Doom.

How Luthor Met Superboy

Reprinted from Adventure Comics #271

Learn how Lex Luthor, once Superboy's friend, became the Boy of Steel's arch-enemy!

Everyone knows that Superman's arch-foe is Luthor. But what brought on the enmity between the two? Did you know there once was a time when Luthor and Superboy were good friends -- that Luthor even saved Superboy's life? What, then, was the original reason for Luthor's insane hatred of the Man of Steel? You'll find out when you read... How Luthor Met Superboy!

The Helpless Hero

Reprinted from Adventure Comics #264

A youth from space defeats Superboy by distorting his mighty powers!

In Smallville, one day, people are startled as a weird change comes over the super-powers that Superboy uses! Telescopic vision... super-breath... x-ray vision... even flying... all of these powers become amazingly distorted, doing harm instea of good! And the troubles of the Boy of Steel are caused by a boy of space who uses a fantastic super-power of his own to make Superboy become... The Helpless Hero!

The Splitting of Superboy

Reprinted from Adventure Comics #255

When Red Kryptonite splits him into a good Superboy and an evil, non-super Clark Kent, the Boy of Steel must battle himself!

Ever since his career began invulnerable Superboy has performed super-feat in Smallville! No one has suspected that in his other secret identity he has posed as meek, timid Clark Kent! But one day, by a freak of fate, Clark Kent comes to life as a separate person and turns into Superboy's enemy! Thus it is that the Boy of Steel faces his most trying hours, matching wits with his former secret identity, in... The Splitting of Superboy.



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