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Origin of the Justice League

Table of Contents Description - A complete, 3-part novel, in which a glowing meteor from outer space sparks a menace that unites the world's greatest super-heroes!

Story Description - How did the Justice League of America come into being? What was the strange menace which united them? Where did this menace come from? When did the champions of justice discover that the one weapon which would help them triumph over the menace was -- teamwork? The answers to these questions are revealed for the first time in... The Origin of the Justice League!

Birth of the Atom

Table of Contents Description - A reducing lens -- a beam of sunlight -- a fragment from a white dwarf star -- combine to turn six-foot Ray into the smallest super-hero on Earth!

Story Description - From the strange combination of white dwarf star and sunlight -- product of the awesome forces of nature at her mightiest -- steps a tiny titan into a world of giants -- The Atom! Dedicated to overcoming evil -- enlisting his services on the side of law and order against crime and injustice -- he is to startle the world by the amazing inventiveness of his brilliant mind and the sheer physical power of his atomic body!

How Aquaman Got His Powers

Table of Contents Description - When a atomic depth charge streaks toward the ocean floor, the King of the Seven Seas is forced to reveal the amazing story of his childhood and youth!

Story Description - The amazing story of Aquaman's youth is the secret of one man -- Aquaman himself! Until now, nothing could wrest the mystery of his past from Aquaman's sealed lips! But when an atomic depth charge streaks toward the ocean floor, the astounding secret must be revealed! This, them is the strange, untold tale of -- "How Aquaman Got His Powers!"

The Man From Robin's Past

Table of Contents Description - Dck Grayson's boyhood friendship with Sando, the Circus Strongman, enables Batman and Robin to find the link that cracks a smuggling ring!

Story Description - The prisoner in the cell was a circus stongman -- but now his strength was sapped by worry! And though Batman and Robin tried to help, the prisoner refused to talk or clear himself! It was only when Dick Grayson visited him and chatted about the years before he became Robin, that they found the link needed to help... The Man From Robin's Past

Origin of Flash's Masked Identity

Table of Contents Description - Whether to appear in public with or without a mask is resolved for The Flash in a startling manner!

Story Description - Reader, has it ever occurred to you to wonder why The Flash wears a mask? It may surprise you to learn that there was a time very early in the career of the Scarlet Speedster when the question of whether or not to wear a mask was paramount in the thoughts of his mild-mannered alter ego, Barry Allen! You'll read all about the thrilling and momentous decision which the young Police scientist had to make, in -- The Origin of Flash's Masked Identity!

Story of Superman's Life

Table of Contents Description - How the famed Man of Steel came from Krypton to Earth... how he gained his amazing super-powers... how he became Superbaby... then Superboy... and finally Superman!

Story Description - Who is Superman? What other planet and super-civilization did he come from? How did he gain his super-strength, x-ray vision and other miraculous powers? How did he, as Superbaby, first obtain the secret identity of Clark Kent? Where did Superboy get his super-suit? Some of the fantastic facts have been previously revealed, but only a few at a time! Now, at last, here is the full, exciting story from beginning to end... The Story of Superman's Life!

Special Feature: Origins of Legendary Heroes (Text only story)


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