Fantastic Four #50

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #50 - The Startling Saga of the Silver Surfer released by Marvel on May 1, 1966.

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    The Silver Surfer takes on Galactus in an epic battle! Meanwhile, Johnny has received the deadliest weapon of all time--The Ultimate Nullifier!

    The Silver Surfer tackles Galactus in a cosmic battle, pleading with Galactus to spare Earth, but, as the Watcher points out, Galactus cannot be convinced, as what he is doing is not truly evil. Galactus simply "does what Galactus must."

    Meanwhile, Johnny has returned from the quest the Watcher had sent him on. He has come back with the deadliest of all weapons ever devised: THE ULTIMATE NULLIFYER, a fatal device that can destroy an entire galaxy! The astute Watcher, knowing he cannot participate directly, has led the FF to this weapon as leverage to force Galactus to leave.

    Galactus realizes that it is the Watcher's doing that the Humans now possess such a device, accusing, "You have given a match to a child who lives in a tinderbox!" The Watcher agrees that Humans are much like children, but then asks Galactus to give notice to the bravery of Mankind, who are still in their infancy.

    Thus, Galactus eventually stays his hand and leaves the Earth, although not without first stripping the Surfer of his Space-Time traveling powers.

    After Galactus's departure, Ben notices Alicia showing special attention to the Surfer, and shambles off, surly and feeling more like a "thing" than ever. Reed and Sue go back to their domestic bickering. Johnny finds himself enrolling in college and meeting Wyatt Wingfoot. Meanwhile, a strange man has been observing Ben and concocting an evil plan!


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    Galactus' Hunger? Or the Ultimate Cataclysm? 0

    GalactusThe fiftieth issue of Fantastic Four is the final chapter in the Galactus Trilogy. And Stan Lee and Jack Kirby really bring a great finish to this story arc. Kirby's art is awesome, with coruscating energy and mind-bending cosmic scenery on nearly every page!After meeting Alicia Masters, Silver Surfer becomes an advocate for mankind, taking on his Master, Galactus!Silver Surfer, defiantIn an all-out, action packed climax, there are energy bolts flying every which way. Meanwhile, Johnny S...

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