Galactus' Ship

    Object » Galactus' Ship appears in 232 issues.

    This is Galactus's spaceship and home.

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    Taa II - The Worldship

    Taa II in comparison to Battleworld
    Taa II in comparison to Battleworld
    Galactus' ship is so technologically advanced that even Reed Richards admitted that he could not fully fathom and comprehend it. It is virtually indestructible and is the greatest source of all energy within Eternity. It is essentially Galactus's home. It is built of massive proportions. It took Galactus millenia to construct, created of the first planet Galactus ever destroyed. In honor of his original world he named it Taa II. It is also known as the Worldship. Galactus is capable of calling it to him from any location in the universe.

    The Star Sphere

    Galactus uses a smaller spherical ship to travel the cosmos to consume planets. It is used to reserve Galactus' energy. Despite being smaller than Taa II, it is still massive.

    The ship has been integrated with a few characters. When Galactus learned that Khoon had valuable maps to a transdimensional corridor, he absorbed his life and information into the navigation system. When Morg destroyed Air Walker his consciousness was downloaded into the ship's mainframe, where he remains conscious and tries to lead the ship to uninhabited worlds.

    The ship contains Punishers for its defense should Galactus not have the strength to defend himself or wishes not to. The ship is supplied with extremely advanced technology, including immense navigating computers and regeneration chambers.

    Through the ship are devices seemingly at Galactus' will to control. He sometimes uses long tendrils located in the ship to help him convert a planets energy when he consumes it.

    The ship was once destroyed when Morg used the Ultimate Nullifier against Tyrant, killing everyone on board including Air-Walker. Naturally, Galactus was revived and rebuilt the ship.
    The ship was once again destroyed in a battle with the Hunger. It was set to explode by Thanos and Pip, hoping to weaken or destroy the being. After this, it is revealed that Galactus had sent for another ship, suggesting he has multiple star sphere ships.

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