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    They didn't want me here, so now I'm gone.
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    Long time no update.

    I haven't updated my blog in a long time.I'm going to be leaving ComicVine in the near future, if I still have any followers left here that want to be able to find me, message me and I'll let you know...

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    Kull Volume 3 Comes to a Head-Scratching End

    Barry Windsor-Smith's awesome companion piece to the previous issue's cover Issue 10 was the final issue of Kull volume 3, and effectively the end of Kull at Marvel. There's a lot going on in this iss...

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    I didn't know Tony was gone. I've been listening to the old podcasts - usually when driving which isn't that often so I've got a lot to catch up on.Why does it always seem every change around here is...

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    Kull Meets His Match

    The first of a pair of matching Kull coversKull volume 3 was just finding its footing in the early 1980s. Unfortunately, the Sword and Sorcery revival was dying out. While long running plot setups are...

  • GC8 wrote a review of Blade of Justice.
    Late Era Marvel Kull Was at Least Ambitious

    The third volume of Kull the Conqueror is the least fondly remembered incarnation of the Kull comics when they were under license to Marvel, however there is one way that this series exceeded the othe...

  • GC8 wrote a review of The Treasure of Catfish Pond; Night of the Dark Destroyer.
    The Jonah Hex Cookbook

    Jonah Hex in a collapsing mine The Jonah Hex story in this issue is a fairly lackluster affair about Jonah helping a strong but dull-witted man whose best friend was killed by a crooked local banker a...

  • GC8 wrote a review of Buried Alive.
    Lots of Action in Episode 4

    Lobby card for episode 4The fourth chapter of "Son of Zorro" is filled with action. It kicks off with the fight in the depot where Boyd's men plan to blow the Mail safe with Zorro and Peggy inside.Lat...

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  • GC8 wrote a review of I Was Trapped By Titano the Monster That Time Forgot!.
    Titano! Simon Drudd! And the Man Who Knew When the World Would End!

    Titano the Giant CrustaceanIssue ten of Tales to Astonish was not one that was particularly notable for the storytelling, but it does feature some great art, presumably by Jack Kirby and Don Heck as t...

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    Guess They Were Focused on Issue 200

    The Cover Tells the Whole Story Issue 199 of Justice League of America, "Grand Canyon Showdown", concludes the tale begun last issue "Once Upon a Time in the Wild Wild West...".The art is good, though...

  • GC8 wrote a review of Once Upon a Time, in the Wild Wild West....
    The Justice League in the Old West

    DC's Western heroes meet DC's modern superheroes In the run up to issue 200 of Justice League of America, there was a two part story that sent four JLA-ers back to the American West in 1878. This issu...