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    Character » Wyatt Wingfoot appears in 293 issues.

    An ally to the Fantastic Four, Wyatt has saved the team on several occasions and shared many adventures with them.

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    Born on the fictional Keewazi Reservation, and son to Will Wingfoot (a great sports star), Wyatt generally dismissed the stories and legends of his tribe and went, like his father, to Empire State University where he met his room mate, Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four. Johnny had taken a leave of absence from the team to attend college, during when Wyatt and Johnny became best friends.


    Wyatt Wingfoot was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Fantastic Four #50 (1966).

    Major Story Arcs

    Black Panther

    The Black Panther invited the FF to travel to Wakanda and at the time Wyatt happened to be with the group. Wyatt joined the FF on their journey to the Black Panther's land where Black Panther captured all the visitors but Wyatt. Wyatt used his strength and tracking skills to eventually free the Fantastic Four from the Black Panther's traps. Later Black Panther loaned Johnny Storm a vehicle to travel to the Negative barrier which had at the time surrounded the Inhumans city. Johnny had hopes of trying to, once again, free his girl friend, Crystal, who was trapped within the dome. Wyatt and Johnny left the FF for this mission.

    Wyatt became good friends with most of the team members of the Fantastic Four and started aiding the team in several of their missions, taking the FF headquarters as his new home as well for some time. Eventually left the team, but reappeared when the deadly Terminus attacked the Earth.

    Return to the Fantastic Four and Love

    With the defeat of the villain and the death of his Grandfather, he was offered the chance to lead the tribe, which he declined and briefly joined the Fantastic Four as an ally. It was here that he met, and fell in love with She-Hulk. The two shared many adventures together, but never seriously furthered their relationship. Eventually, he separated with her when he left to go back to his tribe to aide in the negotiations between the US government and his tribe for the oil reserves beneath his tribe's land.

    Alternate Earths

    Earth-9997 (Earth X)

    Adopting the guise of Redwing, Wyatt Wingfoot is Captain America's sidekick and helps the star-spangled sentinel battle against the alien Hydra. Redwing later falls under thrall of The Skull but is freed from his control by Captain America.

    Following Captain America's death, Redwing delivered an eulogy at the heroes funeral. Redwing also refused to aid Captain Marvel on his quest to defeat Death and blamed him for Captain America's meaningless death.

    Other Media

    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

    Wyatt Wingfoot makes a brief appearance as the team's pilot in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Players can talk to him when they are in Stark Tower, and he has a special dialogue with the Human Torch. He is also the character who gives the player Black Widows laptop which must then be given to Weasel. He is only available as a non-playable character in the Stark Tower portion of the game and disappears when that portion is over.


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