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    Joe Sinnott was a legendary Marvel comics inker who had been in the business for over 70 years. A true legend in the business.

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    New York native Joe Sinnott, 85,  is a Legendary inker at Marvel Comics, delineating the artwork of Marvel stalwarts Jack Kirby and John Buscema. Although a fantastic penciler he became a very sought after inker over the years.   

        Sinnot entered the art field in 1949, when he attended the Cartoonists and Illustrators School (now the School of Visual Arts) in New York, where an instructor gave him his start. When Joe started at Timely, in 1950, where he penciled and inked his own stories. He did everything from war, westerns to science fiction, romance and horror.    Joe has even colored a handful of issues including Silver Surfer #1.  

    Sinnot's role shifted to straight inking after Lee and Kirby's 1961 launch of "Fantastic Four" which ignited the superhero trend at Marvel.   Joe became the most sought after inker!     Sinnott has admittedly said Jack is his favorite artist to work with! 

    Although he is most well known for his work on the Fantastic FourThor, The Avengers, and Silver Surfer .    He also worked on many of the old Timely Horror stories including Tales of Suspense, Mystic, Mystery Tales, Spellbound, Journey into Mystery, Journey into Unknown Worlds, Strange Tales, Uncanny Tales, Astonishing and  Adventures into Terror (just to name a handful).   

    Joe has also worked on some of the most notable issues in the Marvel Comics history.  Including the first appearances of Silver Surfer,  Galactus, and Doctor Doom.   He also worked on the first issue of SIlver Surfer.  

    Sometimes his name is listed in the credits with just one T: "Joe Sinnot."


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