Fantastic Four #49

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #49 - If This Be Doomsday! released by Marvel on April 1, 1966.

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    The Fantastic Four must work together to save the Earth from the evil hands of Galactus! Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer's motives are weakened by the wonders of Alicia Masters and he decides to defeat his master!

    Galactus has arrived on Earth, claiming it as his own to sustain him until he has drained it of its life-energies! As the Fantastic Four strike at the great titan with no effect, the Watcher speaks to Galactus, making a plea to spare humanity. Galactus cannot be bothered with such trivialities.

    Meanwhile, The Silver Surfer, who has come around after being struck by Ben last issue, makes his way to the abode of Alicia Masters, where she helps him get back on his feet. Upon hearing what the Surfer's master has in store for Earth, she urges him to stop Galactus from pursuing his horrible deed. Although at first stand-offish, the Surfer responds to Alicia's kindness, and his resolve for the mission slowly begins to weaken.

    Back at the Baxter Building, Galactus has begun constructing an energy-converter atop the building, materializing parts out of thin air. Meanwhile, inside, the Watcher shows the Fantastic Four exactly how Galactus devours his planets: by turning the oceans into pure energy, and then ravaging the planet until there is nothing left. Galactus is set to make the final deadly connection, but finds that it will not work!

    Ben is outside and has begun destroying the energy-converter, declaring that he will continue to do so every time Galactus tries to fix it. Reed then strikes the behemoth off the side of the building, hoping to topple him. However, it is ineffective, as Galactus is equipped with an anti-gravity device.

    Galactus tires of dealing with the "insects," unleashing a cyborg pest-controller called the PUNISHER to deal with any further interruptions. The Robot makes quick work of Ben and Reed, while Johnny is sent on a special mission by the Watcher to retrieve something that might turn the tide!

    Just then, the Silver Surfer appears. Thanks to the kindness of Alicia, he has been convinced that Galactus is the wrongdoer at last, and is here to engage his master in Battle!



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    The Punisher vs. The Fantastic Four! 0

    The infamous 'fastball special'In issue 49 of Fantastic Four, the action really heats up! Galactus has built a giant energy converter atop the Baxter Building, and despite their best efforts, the Fantastic Four cannot beat him by any conventional means - but it sure is fun seeing them try! Among other tactics, they use what might be the second ever Marvel use of the 'fastball special' (first seen in Amazing Spider-Man #19).Meanwhile, Silver Surfer just happens to fall through Alicia Masters' sky...

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