Fantastic Four #61

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #61 - Where Stalks the Sandman? released by Marvel on April 1967.

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    Sandman’s stalking the FF! And when Mister Fantastic falls into the Negative Zone, his teammates fear for the worst!

    After ridding Doctor Doom of the Silver Surfer's power last issue, the Fantastic Four return to the Baxter Building, only to find themselves attacked by their own weapons. None of them manage to stop the Fantastic Four, although it's obvious that someone has set them up to attack the Fantastic Four. Meanwhile, in Latveria, the Silver Surfer is being taunted by Doctor Doom's henchmen when his board returns to him, now that Doom has lost his power.The Silver Surfer regains his powers with the return of his board, and destroys Doom's castle in revenge for all that has happened to him.

    Back in the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four are suddenly trapped by sand which starts filling the room, before it reforms into the Sandman, wearing a new costume. As the Fantastic Four fight him, Sandman reveals that his costume allows him to mix chemicals with his sand to create new effects, such as making an oil slick. During the fight, Mr. Fantastic suddenly realises that Ben is leaning against the Space-Time generator lever, which could destroy a city if Ben isn't careful.

    Somewhere in Europe, the Royal Family of the Inhumans is hiding out, when Crystal says that she wants to be with Johnny. She gets Lockjaw to teleport her to New York to find him, and inadvertently interrupts a football match. Fortunately, Wyatt Wingfoot is around, and knows whom Crystal is from Johnny's descriptions of her. He then tells her that Johnny's flown off to the Baxter Building after hearing of the Fantastic Four being attacked by the Sandman.

    Johnny arrives at the Baxter Building, but can't do much against the Sandman, especially with his new costume. As the Fantastic Four continue to fight Sandman, Reed decides that there's only one way they can defeat him for sure, and opens the door to the space-time room (aka the Negative Zone). Sandman jumps out of a window to escape, not wanting to get sucked into the Negative Zone, but Reed is sucked in in the process, seemingly dooming him to be stuck in the Negative Zone forever.


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