Fantastic Four #56

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #56 - Klaw the Murderous Master of Sound released by Marvel on November 1, 1966.

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    Ulysses Klaw returns for revenge! Following his defeat in Wakanda at the hands of the FF, Klaw attacks the Baxter Balding armed with sonic super powers! While attempting to escape from the Hidden Land, the Inhumans have an unfortunate accident.

    This issue opens on Reed and Ben examining sub-space (AKA the Negative Zone), with Sue worrying about what the dangers could be. As they continue studying it, their laboratory is sealed by an unbreakable wall of solidified sub-sonic waves by Klaw, whom they faced alongside the Black Panther several issues ago. Unfortunately, he has used his sonic converter to turn himself into solidified sound.

    Back in Attilan, where the Inhumans are trapped behind a barrier, the Inhumans are worrying about Black Bolt, who screamed for the first time in years (back in #54). Maximus taunts them, claiming that he knows a way through the barrier, but this only angers the other Inhumans.

    Klaw, meanwhile, is planning on capturing Sue whilst she is separated from the others, as he can use her as a hostage until the Black Panther is delivered to him. He bursts into the room she is in and tells her of his plans. Back in the sub-space room, Reed works out a way for the Thing to get through the sonic barrier trapping them, and he does so. The Thing and Klaw then start brawling, with Klaw trying to overload Ben with energy.

    Meanwhile, Johnny and Wyatt are still looking for Crystal and the Inhumans, hoping to use Lockjaw to teleport them inside the barrier. Lockjaw teleports them to some other dimension, where they feed him to try and get on his good side.

    Klaw has greatly weakened Ben in the meantime, and decides to kill Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman whilst he has the chance, hoping that the Black Panther will strike back at him in revenge. He frees Mr. Fantastic, and plans on killing them, when a small rocket flies into the Baxter Building. Mr. Fantastic reveals that whilst trapped in the sub-space room, he sent a message out to the Black Panther asking for two vibranium bands, which he can use to defeat Klaw as they absorb sonic energy. Reed successfully defeats Klaw, and then thanks the Black Panther for his help.

    Meanwhile, over in Europe, the Silver Surfer lands atop a mountain. A mysterious man watches from a castle, then starts making plans involving the Surfer...


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