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    In virtually every comic universe across almost all comic book publishers, exist races or groups who are native to Earth but hidden from human society. This page lists such clandestine races from major comic publishers.

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    The Seeker of Inhumans
    The Seeker of Inhumans

    Clandestine races can range from variants or sub-species of humans to a populace that has evolved, devolved or mutated beyond human beings. They can include races that have never been human to begin with but have lived on Earth since their conception, to entire groups of people who have been transformed into inhuman creatures. Of course not all clandestine races have managed to remain hidden from the rest of the world and knowledge of their existence is often well known through their respective comic universe.

    Popular concepts around clandestine races are:

    • Humans born with the X gene who are mutants from birth
    • Subterranean creatures who have devolved to a more “basic” form
    • Groups of humans transformed into “horror” creatures such as werewolves and vampires
    • Earthly civilisations and species that have always existed apart from human society
    • Hybrid or mixed race groups who are part human
    • Experimental creatures grouped together to form a team

    Note: Do not attach this concept to issues to represent mutants or zombies!

    List of Clandestine Races

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