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The Inhumans, free at last! Black Bolt shatters the barrier that has trapped the Inhumans in the Hidden Land. In New York, the Fantastic Four must play military strategist and world savior in the global battle against Doom!

After being defeated by Doctor Doom at the end of last issue, Reed is giving a speech to the world to unite together. He then tells some generals that he plans to find a way to defeat Doom, as long as defences are kept up. After he's finished, he heads to his lab, asking not to be disturbed for anything.

Doom, meanwhile, is attacked by some Russian soldiers, hoping to claim credit for defeating him, but are easily defeated. After the battle Doom goes to where he is still keeping the Silver Surfer, taunting him how helpless he is. Some time later, the scene switches back to America, where Reed is still working when he's told that Johnny is practising his speed, hoping to get fast enough to take Doom by surprise. After a demonstration, Johnny decides that he's ready enough, and he and Wyatt go off to find Doom.

Over in Attilan, Black Bolt has summoned all of the Inhumans to the centre of the city. He gives them directions to some shelters, then uses his incredible voice as powerfully as he can, breaking the barrier that has trapped the Inhumans (since #48). Whilst this is happening, Doctor Doom has been flying around the world, doing various things with the stolen Silver Surfer's power, to make people fear him. Reed sees this on a monitor, and then tests his invention for stopping Doom on Ben: a small glider-like device which lets out a burst of electricity, enraging Ben. Reed says that it's vital that it makes Doom angry, as that is the key to defeating him.

In the ruins of Attilan, which was destroyed in the process of Black Bolt breaking the barrier, Crystal declares that she's going to find Johnny, wherever he is. The royal family (Triton, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, and Black Bolt) agree to go with her whilst Attilan is rebuilt. However, after they leave Maximus begins making plans to conquer once more...

Meanwhile, Reed keeps working on his device to stop Doctor Doom, who at this very moment has decided that he's done testing his power, and will now conquer mankind...


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