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    Jetstream was given cybernetic implants by the Hellfire Club. They were to protect him from his powers and to travel with self generated jet-like propulsion. He led the Hellions until his death.

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    The White Queen ( Emma Frost) was on a personal mission to get a foothold on power within the Hellfire Club and maintain it. In doing so, she came up with a brilliant idea. For the Hellfire Club to continue perpetually, future members are integral. The White Queen decided to create a team of young mutants loyal only to her (though none would be aware of this) who would be eventual recruits of the Inner Circle. In doing so, they would, unquestionably, give the power to her and she would achieve her goal. She would build, fund and run a school, similar to Professor Charles Xavier ( Professor X), that would teach young mutant in the use of their powers. It would be named the Massachusetts Academy, it would be here that she would, too, train her students to be her personal army.

    The White Queen needed to locate, secure and recruit her future Hellions, as she would name them and she needed to do it fast. She used her vast wealth and all of her telepathic might to comb the corners of the world to search for her future students. To increase her mental powers, she had a mutant tracking device created, similar to Professor X's Cerebro. She sought out special individuals, those that had gifts that would aid her in her goal.

    Enter Haroum ibn Sallah al-Rashid

    Haroum was born in the Rif Mountains in Morocco. A Moroccan Moor and Berber he was raised in a small village where he lived a very regular life.

    Around the time of his puberty, Haroum was surprised to find that he was a mutant. Though he was unaware of the technical terms he was able to concentrate thermo-kinetic energy and super-heated plasma and release it from his body. Haroum shared mutant powers similar to his future rival Cannonball, but lacking Cannonball's protective forcefield, the use of his powers severely injured him. Detecting the new mutant's powers emerge, the White Queen found him and provided medical care, saving his life by turning him into a cyborg. He moved to America and enrolled in the Massachusetts Academy under the code-name Jetstream. 


    Jetstream was creared by Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema and first appeared in New Mutants #16 (1984).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Jetstream & the Hellions

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    In the Hellions first battle as a team they would engage the New Mutants and succeed in winning the battle. In fact, it would be Jetstream that would single-handedly take two of the most powerful team out of the battle. Both Cannonball and Magma were unaware that Jetstream was rocketing full tilt through the air right behind them. Side note. Cannonball would only later (a lot later) in his time as X-Men would he show such mastery over his mutant power's. Whereas Jetstream, seemingly, began use of this skill very early in.) Though in contrast, Jetstream's impulsive nature and hot-headedness would put the team in precarious situations as well. In a battle with the New Mutants once again he would do battle with, only, Cannonball this time. Making careless mistakes and underestimating his opponent Cannonball would easily defeat Jetstream on his own turf.

    The Hellions No More

    The member's of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle were being murdered one by one leaving only a few members left, including Donald Pierce (the White Rook) and Emma Frost (the White Queen). Fearing for her life, the White Queen, would throw a ball and invite the X-Men. Her intentions were to use the ball as a means to ease tension between the two separate mutant factions [the X-Men and the Hellfire Club]. Her thoughts were that if another faction had the capacity to attack the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, and be as successful as they were, the X-Men couldn't be far from the next target. This of course, couldn't be a truer statement. Though, through numerous different interactions between the two groups through-out the night, it seemed as though it would be an impossible task. As arguments seemed to break out each time. In most cases it was it was the youthful immaturity of some of the more mean-spirited Hellions like Jetstream, Roulette and Empath. The X-Men, for the most part did create many of the fights. The exception was with Iceman. He did some antagonizing as well leading to a few fights.

    Fitzroy Kills Jetstream
    Fitzroy Kills Jetstream

    Towards the end of the night Emma would call a closed meeting with her and her Hellions and Storm and her X-Men (her part of the team was referred to as the Gold Team). It was during this time that the biggest fight would start, nearly creating an all out fight between the teams. Jetstream and the other Hellions readied themselves for battle and powered up, the X-Men did the same. Jetstream especially wanted to take Iceman on, have argued earlier in the night. The Jean Grey though would interfere, mentally putting a stop to the fight. The White Queen would also use her mental powers, though it would so that she kept her team at bay, which meant she didn't have full use of her powers since they were being used already. The X-Men's telepath, Jean Grey, was also in a weakened state, and even more so when the White Queen used her powers, as the psychic feedback was dealing tremendous damage to her already frail state, along with what she had just done (stopping the fight). Due to their powers not being fully available they would be caught off guard by the next occurrence. Two assailants, one man and one female, would enter the room. Though only one could be seen. She quickly tried to attack the White Queen. But was rebuffed and taken down as fast as she entered by Emma and her team. While they attempted to question her, the other assailant would make his presence known. Jetstream and the superhumanly strong Beef (a newer field ready Hellion promoted when Thunderbird left) were nearest to the door. With everyone’s attention on the female assassin no one would see the next attack coming. A bright flash of light and everyone turn and saw to their disbelief. Trevor Fitzroy had made himself visible and quickly attack both Jetstream and Beef. He would begin to absorb Beef's life essence (in effect killing him) and throw him out of the high-rise building they were all in. Beef plunged to his death and landing in the middle of the street. Jetstream though, would not be thrown, Fitzroy would keep him and absorb his entire essence killing him in mere moments. The following events in the night would have most of the group of Hellions be killed in the same manner as Jetstream. The White Queen would be placed in a coma and the X-Men would take on damage too. All the training in the world could never have prepared Jetstream for the attack he would encounter. His death along with the Hellions, though unfair, would lead to the eventual reform of the White Queen, her training of Generation X and her joining of the X-Men.

    Living in Another Man's Shoes

    The Hellions including Jetstream would have two more appearances, though they would be postmortem (after death). In one occurrence Emma's sister Adrienne Frost was attempting to take the title of the White Queen in newer formation of the Inner Circle (one that Emma was not apart of). She created a psychic program in the danger Grotto (a room very similar to the Danger Room) that would have Emma and her new team of teenage mutants, Generation X, relive the last days of the Hellions. With them eventually sharing the same fate as the Hellions, and dieing. All the members of Generation X would take on the appearances of each of the Hellions, save Jetstream. He would not have a living counter part, and would act on his own accord. The plan would fail though and Emma and her team would live.

    There would be one other appearance from the Hellions in the mainstream reality (Earth #616), but Jetstream would not be shown.


    X Necrosha #1
    X Necrosha #1

    He was briefly revived by Selene as part of her undead mutant army during Necrosha.


    Jetstream, similar to Cannonball, is able to concentrate his self generated thermo-kinetic energy and super-heated plasma energy beneath his feet at first (later from his entire lower part of his body). When focused and released beneath him, it would create a thrust to aid him in jet-like propulsion, propelling him in the air like a human rocket. At his peak Jetstream can reach Mach 1. In addition to his propulsion powers he is also able to view his environment in thermal vision.

    However unlike Cannonball, his body did not provide him with protections or natural immunities to the dangerous effects of his tremendous powers. The Hellfire Club would supply and surgically implant a cybernetic bionic system into his body. The enhancements granted Jetstream more focus, containment and power to his mutant gifts. It also prevented Jetstream from damaging his body when his powers were in use. These cybernetics were implanted all through-out his body, he was also be installed with a bionic backpack. This backpack could fold away into his back which contained computerized scanning devices and aerial navigation components. The added equipment would provide Jetstream with telescopic vision, and an internal radio with a 20 mile range.

    Officially he was no longer human or a mutant, but a cyber hybrid of the three.



    Known Relatives: Unrevealed.

    Citizenship: Moroccan with no criminal record. Still a minor (then around 16-17).

    Place of Birth: Rif Mountain in Morocco.

    Marital Status: Single.

    Occupation: Formerly student and adventurer. Now deceased.

    Education: Massachusetts Academy, high school level classes.


    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 145 lbs. (66kd)

    Eyes: Black

    Hair: Black

    Unique Characteristics: Jetstream was given cybernetic implants to enable fine control and great power to his mutant gifts which included a computer like backpack that could pop out of his back.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse


    In this alternate reality, Jetstream was also a member of the Hellions, a group of young students located at the Massachusetts Academy. The significant difference though is that Emma Frost was not the individual that would bring them together and it would not be for the Hellfire Club. In sharp contrast the young mutants were students and being trained to be future agents of their High Lord Apocalypse. In the mainstream reality Earth #295, the Hellions were not truly bad, just trained by bad individuals, here though they actively participate in criminal acts which is why they were sought out for their arrests. After the fall of Apocalypse, Magneto made it his initial mission to search out all renegade mutants and followers of Apocalypse. His first targets were the Hellions, who were caught unaware at their school. Jetstream, who wears a complete suit covering his head, was easily defeated by Nightcrawler and Sunfire and brought in to stand trial. He, along with the other Hellions that were present during the invasion, is presumed to be currently incarcerated.


    Jetstream was created by both Chris Claremont & Sal Buscema.


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