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    A cross-over event in New Mutants, X-Force & X-Men: Legacy. Eli Bard infected himself with the docile transmode virus to resurrect & control the dead. As Selene's former lover, he sent the resurrected to attack the X-Men and intended to use the dead Genoshans to make her a goddess.

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    Previously, the Purifiers had discovered a heavily damaged Nimrod, and used it to attack Xavier's Institute For Higher Learning. Although it was discovered & destroyed, the remnants from the Nimrod were reclaimed by the Purifiers who then transformed it by attaching the head of another of the X-Men's foes: Bastion.

    With Bastion's computerized logic & programmed hatred for all mutants, the Purifiers followed Bastion's instructions. He sent them down into the depths of the ocean where they found the dormant remains of the defeated Technarch creature, Magus. They collected a sample of the techno-organic creature, and began to experiment upon it. Bastion's knowledge allowed the Purifiers to make the techno-organic sample docile & controllable. With the transmode-virus Bastion was able to infect or resurrect & control notable figures who were responsible for the deaths of mutants: Graydon Creed, Cameron Hodge, Donald Pierce, the Leper Queen, Bolivar Trask and William Stryker.

    Eli Bard

    Caliban; Infected & Resurrected
    Caliban; Infected & Resurrected

    However, unbeknownst to Bastion a new Purifier member had an agenda of his own. Eliphas had been a Roman Senator thousands of years ago. He was granted immortality when he became Selene's lover. He agreed to help her sacrifice all the souls in Rome, which would make her a Goddess. Unfortunately, his last good deed was his undoing. Eliphas warned a homeless orphan child to leave the city, but the child warned the guards who subsequently captured Eliphas and Selene. Although believed to have been executed outside the city's borders, they freed themselves. Selene was angry with Eliphas and spurned him, threatening to kill him if they were to ever meet again.

    With thousands of years the man who became known as Eli Bard had plotted & schemed how to return himself to his former love. He infiltrated the Purifiers and became close to their highest ranking members. There, he discovered Bastion's plans involving the techno-organic virus, and observed their progress and successes. While the Purifier's were distracted fighting X-Force, Bard exposed himself to the docile Magus sample. Instead of becoming infected & drained of life, he was able to then use the virus in the same way that Bastion had.

    Resurrecting Dead Mutants

    Selene With Her Deadly Inner Circle
    Selene With Her Deadly Inner Circle

    Eli Bard travelled across America to Arizona. There, he found the graveyard of Warpath's people; the slaughtered Apache tribe, and Caliban who had been shot in the back during the Messiah CompleX. Eli Bard resurrected them all, controlled them and lead them back to Selene. They became his offering to her, to allow him back into her life. Eli Bard offered his new ability to raise dead mutants as a means to grant Selene a chance to relive her original plan from Rome; to drain the souls of millions of dead mutants to transform her into a Goddess. Together with the mutant-tracking powers of Caliban, they began to hunt down deceased mutants, who would then be forced to obey Eli Bard's commands.


    Selene welcomed Eli Bard's new found abilities and the chance to become a Goddess. She surrounded herself with deadly mutants. A new Inner Circle (the name previously used by the Hellfire Club) who comprised of Blink, Mortis, Senyaka, Wither & Eli Bard. She used her team to attack her enemies and keep them distracted long enough to achieve her real goal; resurrecting the millions of dead Genoshan mutants in order to sacrifice their souls.

    Genosha became Selene's island nation of the dead. Renamed, it became known as Necrosha.

    Resurrected Mutants

    Below is an alphabetical list of the mutants who have been resurrected. Alongside each name is the issue in which that character first appeared since their resurrection, or was announced to have been resurrected.

    Alphabetical List Of The Resurrected Dead:

    Please note that the listed titles refer to these volumes: New Mutants, X-Force, X-Force Annual, X-Men: Legacy, X Necrosha, and X Necrosha: The Gathering.

    Collected Editions

    Non-U.S. Editions


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