Adrienne Frost

    Character » Adrienne Frost appears in 126 issues.

    Adrienne Frost is the sister of Cordelia and Emma Frost, known for her psychometry, backstabbing ways, and conniving plots.

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    Adrienne Frost is the oldest daughter of Winston and Hazel Frost. She was one of the first people that her younger sister, Emma Frost, retaliated against. Emma had learned of Adrienne's secret modeling career and revealed it to their father. Unknown to her, however, Adrienne had learned that their brother, Christian Frost, was gay. After she revealed the information to Winston, he arranged to have Christian's lover framed for dealing drugs and deported. Shortly after, Winston had decided to name his heir, having already dismissed Christian as a non-acceptable option. Much to the surprise of Adrienne and Cordelia Frost, he settled on "rebellious, little Emma" who had impressed him with her guile and attempts at deceitfulness. During this announcement, a doctor from a mental institution arrived to pick up Christian. Emma was enraged and refused the family fortune, which then went to Adrienne. Emma, on her own, had fallen onto hard times and attempted to extort ransom money from her father with a fake kidnapping. Unfortunately, Winston refused to pay, and the fake kidnapper became a real kidnapper. Adrienne, seeing an opportunity to burn her father, released the ransom video to the public which forced him to pay.

    Generation X

    Much later, Emma, following Banshee's advice, approached Adrienne to ask her to help fund the Massachusetts Academy. Although Adrienne refused at first, she used her power to learn that the team Generation X was secretly based out of the Academy and agreed to loan the money on the condition that she be allowed to become the new headmistress. Shortly after Emma Frost and X-Man teamed up against Dark Beast, Adrienne set up a Danger Room session modeled after the day the Hellions died at the hands of the Sentinels. With Emma playing her old self, and Generation X playing the Hellions, Adrienne disengaged the security protocols assuming the students would be killed. However, the team and Emma were able to escape and confronted Adrienne, now claiming the White Queen name and costume for herself. She left for London, claiming that she'd return with a better plan when they least expected her. While in London, Adrienne embezzled a massive amount of money from the London branch of the Hellfire Club. Keeping her promise, Adrienne returned and revealed that the Massachusetts Academy was harboring mutants. Parents of the human children at the Academy caused a riot attempting to get their children out, allowing Adrienne to plant bombs around the school. Although Banshee was able to disarm most of the bombs, one remained and exploded in front of Synch, killing him. Emma was furious, both at Adrienne for killing one of her students, and at herself for letting someone get close enough to do so. Knowing her telepathic abilities were ineffective on Adrienne, Emma pulled a gun and killed Adrienne. Luckily for Emma, she inherited Adrienne's fortune, allowing her to fund Generation X once again.


    Psychometric abilities, allowing her to read the psychic impressions left on objects by sentient beings.


    Known Relatives: Winston (father, deceased), Hazel (mother, deceased), Emma (sister), Cordelia (sister), Christian (brother), Steven (husband, deceased), Stepford Cuckoos (Esme, Sophie, Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe, cloned nieces).

    Citizenship: U.S.A.

    Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts.

    Marital Status: Widowed.

    Occupation: Former CEO and Chairwoman of her own company, former headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy,Criminal.

    Education: Unrevealed.


    Gender: Female

    Height: Unrevealed

    Weight: Unrevealed

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Brown


    Adrienne Frost was created by Jay Faerber and Terry Dodson.


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