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    Generation X was a Marvel super-group that was a junior team off-shoot of the X-Men. The team was led by former X-Men member Banshee and reformed Hellfire Club villainess White Queen. A new incarnation of Generation X will center around young mutants with powers that are difficult on a 'team setting.' This new group will be taught and led by former Generation X and X-Men mainstay, Jubilee.

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    Generation X Beginnings

    The first Team
    The first Team

    Mutant teams are not uncommon in the Marvel universe. The X-Men are the primary team, and then there are many offshoots such as X-Factor and the New Mutants. Generation X formed in 1994 and it changed the formula for the X-books in several ways. They were not mentored by Charles Xavier (Professor X), they did not train at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning and originally the only offshoots from other X-teams were: Banshee- a somewhat minor character, Emma Frost- a former villain from the Hellfire Club, and Jubilee-the youngest X-Man. Despite (or because of) these changes in formula, Generation X proved to be very successful. Also, Generation X didn't initially identify themselves as such until later in the book.

    They trained at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters (later renamed back to its historic Massachusetts Academy name when Xavier's got some bad press) and had a Danger Grotto (also known as the Biosphere or the Grotto for short) made from Shi'ar technology and bits of Krakoa the Living Island. Generation X formed as a result of the Phalanx Covenant.

    Generation X Mentors

    Banshee (Mentor) - Although Banshee technically wasn't a member of Generation X, he was a mentor and played a large role in their history. Sean Cassidy was a young rich mutant with undiscovered powers. His parents died, leaving him and his cousin Black Tom Cassidy with a huge fortune and a castle, Cassidy Keep. Soon, Sean gained complete control over his inheritance; winning his cousin's share in a dice game. Sean later became an Interpol agent and also got married to Maeve Rourke. While he was away on a mission Maeve discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to their daughter, Theresa Cassidy.

    Maeve was killed soon after in a bomb explosion, so Tom had to take care of Theresa. Sean returned and was devastated from his wife's death and also livid at Tom for not taking care of Maeve. Sean knocked him into a chasm that broke his leg. Tom was vengeful, and promised to get revenge on Sean by never telling him about his daughter.

    Sean left Interpol (Deadpool screwed up a mission of his), and went freelance. Sean was discovered by Factor Three, a villain team, and their leader Changeling invited him to join. Sean was horrified and refused, but Factor Three kidnapped him. He was forced to do their bidding, by a handful of explosives they had placed on him. After working for them for a long time, Sean ran into the X-Men on a mission in New York. Professor X easily disarmed the bombs and Sean, code named Banshee, helped the X-Men stop Factor Three. He later accepted an offer an offer of membership into the X-Men.

    He ran many missions with the X-Men, fighting criminals and falling in love with Moira MacTaggert. However, while fighting a criminal (Moses Magnum) his vocal cords were damaged and he lost his powers. Banshee remained an ally of the X-Men as his voice and powers gradually returned.

    It was during this time that he learned of his daughter's existence. Theresa had become Siryn, inheriting her father's sonic scream. She had thought Tom was her father, and she was overjoyed to learn of her real father's existence. Unfortunately, she felt obligated to Black Tom Cassidy and was using her powers to help him commit crimes. With Sean's help Theresa reformed and became his partner. He rejoined the X-Men, but they soon put him in position as the mentor of Generation X.

    Emma Frost (Mentor) - Emma Frost was the other mentor for Generation X. She has spent most of her time as a villain, the White Queen of the über-rich, socially elite Hellfire Club. She was part of the Inner Circle, the important members, the ones who really mattered (it even included a former Brotherhood member and supervillain, the original Mastermind). The Hellfire Club plotted world domination which brought them into conflict with the X-Men. During the ensuing fight, Emma engaged in a psychic battle with Jean Grey(then called Phoenix Force). Emma lost, but eventually healed.

    While in the Hellfire Club,Emma established the Massachusetts Academy to train young mutants. Her students,the Hellions, were rivals of the New Mutants from the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Unfortunately, Trevor Fitzroy, a powerful time-traveling mutant set loose a Sentinels attack on Frost and the Hellions to earn points in the Upstarts game. All but two (Warpath and Empath). of the Hellions were murdered, while Emma was left comatose.

    After Generation X

    After Generation X, Banshee was saddened because Moira MacTaggert died (killed by Mystique). He founded the X-Corps, a more violent branch of the X-Men that is more dangerous and affiliated with former criminals from Magneto's Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. He actually was brainwashing the criminals, but Mystique stopped him, freed the members, and cut his throat. After healing, he was killed trying to save a jet of civilians. He is currently dead, but he left Siryn everything and apologized for the X-Corps problem. He is now dead.

    Banshee mutant power was that he had amazingly strong lungs and vocal cords. He could let off a "sonic scream". He could let off blasts of deafening noise that paralyze, kill, or incapacitate. He could project sonic blasts that stun, nauseate, disorient, knock out, deafen, or put into a trance his enemies. He could fly at the speed of sound and let off blasts of sound that disintegrated steel.

    Emma Frost traveled to Genosha, an island for mutants. It was destroyed in a Sentinels attack. She survived because of her previously unknown other power-she could turn into a diamond form with enhanced strength and amazing durability. She joined the X-Men, and started to training five telepathic quintuplets, the Stepford Cuckoos. One died and the others blamed her. She also had an affair with the depressed Cyclops. Eventually, when Jean Grey found out, she was furious, easily destroying Emma's telepathic defenses and traumatizing and humiliating her. Emma was shattered emotionally. Soon after, she was shattered physically, in her diamond form. However, Beast was able to put her together again, and she identified her murderer-one of the four remaining Stepford Cuckoos. The girl fled, and the three came back.

    Soon after, Phoenix Force died, and this left the door open for Emma Frost and Cyclops. They led Xavier's school after he stepped down. After she had led the school for a while, the Phoenix Force returned and resurrected Jean Grey. Trying to trap the Force, Emma offered her body as vessel. However, it overwhelmed her, and wouldn't leave until Jean Grey forced it too. Later, her actions allowed William Stryker to kill young mutants.

    In House of M, she was married to Cyclops and was one of the two who kept their memory through the event (the other was Wolverine).

    Emma Frost is an extremely powerful telepath, and thus possesses all of the normal telepath powers. Sometime after Generation X, she can now also herself into a nearly indestructible diamond form.

    Speaking of indestructible diamond-hard forms, after Generation X, Hollow's whereabouts have remained a mystery, assumed to be at the St. Croix estate in Algeria, until recently, when she resurfaced in a Mutant Growth Hormone drug dealer facility, in a test tube among other women in test tubes.

    After Generation X, Jubilee and Skin lived in California. Skin worked in a burger joint and Jubilee tried to make it big in Hollywood. That is, until they were both crucified by the Church of Humanity; Skin didn't survive the ordeal.

    Monet, Jubilee, and Husk later emerged as members of X-Corps, a team founded by Banshee during a troubled time in his life. The trio participated only to keep an eye on their former mentor and the group later disbanded after it was revealed that Mystique and her former teammates of the Brotherhood had been manipulating the organization.

    Monet then later joined up with the international search and rescue team X-Corporation and was even asked to be loaned for a mission with the X-Men.

    Monet has since landed on her feet as a founding member of X-Factor Investigations and has participated on missions with the X-Men most notably in the search for the first mutant baby since M-Day (see Messiah CompleX).

    Following M-Day, Jubilee and Chamber both lost their mutant abilities, causing the latter to fall into a coma and live on life support due to the nature of his former abilities. Chamber was transferred to a private hospital in Britain, but was occasionally visited by Pete Wisdom. Chamber was later revived through a serum of Apocalypse's blood and encountered the group New Excalibur, but brushed off their assistance after feeling generally betrayed by his friends with the X-Men. Due to the transfusion of Apocalypse's blood, Chamber's skin turned blue and he developed similar facial features to Apocalypse. A familiar link between the two mutants has since been hinted.

    Jubilee, on the other hand, felt there was nowhere to turn after the X-Men turned away all depowered mutants from their home in the Institute. She was last seen in a mutant half-way house where she was impaled by debris that fell from an explosion Omega Red had started.

    Chamber later joined the New Warriors as Decibel, using power implants similar to those utilized by the Thunderbolt's Songbird. He was joined by his former teammate and friend Jubilee (now taking up the code name Wondra). While Chamber has shown to be more carefree and thankful for his second chance at life, Jubilee has become a jaded field leader often taking note of possible conspiracies. The two are main members of the depowered mutant team and still maintain their close friendship.

    Penance, now known as "Hollow", has since been seen with the Loners with a strange affinity towards member-gone-bad Phil Urich (a former Green Goblin).

    Husk joins the X-Men after their move to San Francisco.

    Skin and Synch were revived during Necrosha and are thought to have died again after the final battle.

    Jubilee has been infected by the vampire virus in recent days during the Curse of the Mutants arc.


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    A second incarnation of Generation X, that focuses on young mutants with powers that either are hard to control or fit in with society, will be filling the pages of Marvel Comics very soon. These 'lovable Losers' will be led by former Generation X founding member as well as X-Man, Jubilee, the team will consist of Nature Girl, Eye Boy, Bling!, Quentin Quire, Morph (Deeds), and Nathaniel Carver. Other characters that are confirmed to play a role in the series are Generation X founding member Chamber as well as Shogo Lee, Jubilee's adopted baby son.


    • Nathaniel Carver 'Hindsight': is a young man that can see into other people's past, which also enables him to 'feel' their history.
    • Benjamin Deeds 'Morph': is a shape-shifter.
    • Bling!: has diamond-hard skin, and can shoot out projectiles of her own skin as weapons.
    • Nature Girl: can communicate with animals and plants, and is otherwise mute towards humans.
    • Quentin Quire 'Kid Omega': is an Omega level telepathic and telekinetic mutant.
    • Eye Boy: Has eyes that cover his body, which enables him to sense movements and feelings of others.


    Since the original Generation X disbanded, Jubilee has had stints on many different teams. Starting with X-Corps, she then re-joined the X-Men on multiple occasions before and after losing her mutant pyrokinetic abilities. At one point, a powerless Jubilee joined Wolverine on a few missions to combat a crime syndicate of ex-mutant killers.

    She also became the field leader of the New Warriors, which consisted of several young heroes that recently lost their mutant abilities, using tech suits for battle. Jubilee became a vampire when Dracula's son kidnapped her as a pawn to use against the X-Men, however, decided to stay a hero with much help from Wolverine, the X-Men, and a group of other heroic vampires. Jubilee came back to the X-Men once more for a long stint as a leader and also intel, after rescuing an abandoned baby boy and bringing him to the mansion.

    The perpetual teenage vampire became a mother when she legally adopted baby Shogo. Most recently, Jubilee (and Shogo,) became close friends with Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat, as she became the heroine's assistant at her temp agency. Returning back to the X-Men once more, Jubilee is now in charge of leading the new group of young mutants that make up Generation X.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth 295 - Age of Apocalypse

    Age of Apolcaypse
    Age of Apolcaypse

    The Generation X of Earth-295 during the Age of Apocalypse was named Generation Next. The main roster was: Colossus and Shadowcat as leaders, Chamber (field leader), Husk, Vincente, Mondo, Skin, Know-it-all (aka M).

    This group was created by Magneto, to prepare a bunch of young mutants to fight Apocalypse. Magneto asked Colossus and Shadowcat to rescue Illyana Rasputin, due to she was the last time traveler alive. They used M´s powers to find her.

    Other Media

    TV Pilot

    Generation X TV-Movie
    Generation X TV-Movie

    In 1996 a movie length TV pilot was aired on Fox but the series was not picked up. The team was mentored by Emma Frost and Banshee under the membership of the comic book characters M, Jubilee, Mondo, Skin and the additional characters that are especially made for the series namely Refrax and Buff.


    Generation X

    No Caption Provided

    Driven by guilt over the brutal slaughter of her former pupils, Emma Frost finds herself tormented by strange ghostly manifestations that are threatening her new students, and it is up to the teenage mutants of Generation X to stop the havoc.

    • Written By: Scott Lobdell & Elliot S. Maggin
    • Publisher: Berkley (June, 1997)
    • ISBN-10: 1572972238
    • ISBN-13: 978-1572972230

    Generation X: Crossroads

    No Caption Provided

    The young mutants of Generation X have rented a pair of Winnebagos and are driving across the country on their first-ever road trip. But there's more than sight-seeing on their agenda, as between trips to Devil's Tower and Mt. Rushmore, they find themselves caught up in a popular anti-mutant radio talk show-- and shadowed by a vicious terrorist with a vendetta against all mutants!

    Join Banshee, the White Queen, Husk, Chamber, Jubilee, Skin, Synch, and M as they take a cross-country journey they'll never forget!

    • Written By: J. Steven York
    • Publisher: Berkley (November, 1998)
    • ISBN-10: 0425166317
    • ISBN-13: 978-0425166314

    Generation X: Genogoths

    No Caption Provided

    Genogoths. Since the time of Darwin, they have been the dark protectors of the X-gene, guarding humanity's next step in evolution and protecting lesser-powered mutants. Now, one of the Genogoths' inner circle is running for her life -- and asking Generation X for help.

    • Written By: J. Steven York
    • Publisher: Berkley (September, 2000)
    • ISBN-10: 0425171434
    • ISBN-13: 978-0425171431

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