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    Fitzroy is a mutant from Earth-1191 with the ability to absorb a person's life force and create a space or time portals.

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    Fitzroy was a member of the Summers Rebellion. He would join and leave without warning. At this time he had very little knowledge of what his powers could do. After Layla brings Madrox back to the future, Fitzroy saves them from Sentinel attacks. Madrox wonders why they do not stop him now, Cyclops and Ruby are fully aware of the damage that he will cause, but Ruby claims that all that matters is the here and now, not the damage that he could do. Later back in Atlantic City, Cortex kills Fitzroy because he is the only one that can stop him. Ruby wants Layla to bring him back, like she did with the butterfly and some other creatures. Layla is able to bring him back, but in doing so, he has no soul and no morals. Fitzroy does kill Cortex and saves Madrox and the other mutants that were being attacked. Layla says that she did this because she has to keep things the way they are.

    Later Fitzroy joined the X.S.E. around the same time as Bishop and Shard. He was cocky, even at a young age, and took special pleasure in teasing Bishop . While they were both training with the X.S.E. Fitzroy and Shard shared a relationship, with Fitzroy confessing to her that he was the illegitimate child of Anthony Shaw, who was ashamed of him. Soon after that Fitzroy's half brother was killed, just as Fitzroy predicted to Shard. It is strongly implied that Fitzroy was the one that had him killed to gain his father's favor.

    Fitzroy was called home by his father, a member of the Hellfire Club, quitting the X.S.E. He formed a group of Hellions, taking pleasure in the suffering of others they inflicted until the X.S.E. stopped him. However his father was able to prevent the charges from sticking and Fitzroy returned to his old ways.

    At some point during his prison sentence Shard and the X.U.E. broke him out of jail and tried to recruit his aid in their quest to change the past. He proved uncooperative and was returned to prison. Later, after being freed and captured by Bishop again Fitzroy, fearing his father's wrath, made a deal with Bishop. He would provide information of the location of the Exhumes in exchange for his freedom. Bishop reluctantly agreed, but it was his sister Shard that investigated the tip, leading to her death and conversion at the hands of the Emplates.


    Trevor Fitzroy was created by John Byrne and Whilce Portacio and first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men issue 281 (1991).

    Major Story Arcs

    Time Fugitive: Murder of the Hellions

    Fitzroy was incarcerated again, this time escaping from his cell using his mutant abilities and creating the time portal that led himself, Bishop, Malcolm, Randall and a horde of future criminals into the present. Once in the present he joined the Upstarts, conflicting with his teammate (and ancestor) Shinobi Shaw. Soon after his arrival he was responsible for putting the White Queen in a coma and killing almost all of the Hellions (including many unnamed members that had never appeared before).

    Fitzroy's adventures in the present brought him into conflict with Bishop, The X-Men, X-Force and Selene. He was later forced to serve Selene as part of her Hellfire Club.

    The Last X-Man

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    Later, Fitzroy traveled to another alternate future in which all technology was medieval. Using his technology and time-traveling robots he gained control over this timeline. He then transported Shard to this time to keep her captive and Bishop followed. After defeating Bishop, Fitzroy created a portal and his plan was to become the "master of time." As he was entering the portal Bishop grabbed him and held him half in and half out of the portal until it closed, cutting him in half.

    The Return of the Upstarts

    Trevor Fitzroy resurfaced when the Upstarts reformed and killed the Nasty Boys (using them as a bait to find the X-Men). They were killed again, by the Sentinels.


    Fitzroy is a mutant with the ability to drain someone's lifeforce and use it to create a portal through space or time. In the beginning his time portals were unstable and he needed the assistance of Bantam to keep track of and direct them. Sometimes people or objects that had entered one of Fitzroy's portals in the future remained stuck between times until he drained a lifeforce in the present, allowing them passage through.

    These portals were one way, and if someone attempted to pass back through them the portals drained their lifeforce, killing them. Similarly if Fitzroy attempted to open a portal without having absorbed sufficient lifeforce, the portal would instead drain his own life, giving him the appearance of death.

    Fitzroy had a suit of bio-mesh armor made of omnium, a steel alloy stronger than titanium. This suit is very powerful and near indestructible, though Jean Grey was once able to shatter it. Fitzroy also sometimes uses Sentinels from his future timeline that are programmed to do his bidding.

    Other Media


    Fitzroy and Bantam
    Fitzroy and Bantam

    X-Men: The Animated Series: Fitzroy had a guest-starring role in the double episodes, One Man's Worth. Here he is sent back from the future under the orders of Master Mold to kill Charles Xavier.


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