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    With a flip of tarot card, Marie-Ange Colbert - the mutant known as Tarot - could foresee future events with crisp clarity or animate the image on her card to do battle for her. Tarot was a member of the White Queen's Hellions.

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    Massachusetts Academy
    Massachusetts Academy

    The White Queen (Emma Frost) was on a personal mission to gain a foothold within the Hellfire Club and maintain it. In doing so, she came up with a brilliant idea: for the Hellfire Club to continue, securing future members would be integral. The White Queen decided to create a team of young Mutants loyal to her alone (though none would be aware of this) who would be eventual recruits of the The Inner Circle. In doing so, they would, unquestionably, give their power to her and she would reach her goal. She would build, fund and run a school, similar to Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X), that would instruct young mutants in the use of their powers. It was named Massachusetts Academy, and it not only held high regard as one of the foremost private schools in the country, but it also served as her own training grounds for her team of proteges.

    The White Queen needed to locate, secure and recruit future students; her Hellions, as she would name them. This needed to be done as quickly as possible. She would use her vast wealth and all of her telepathic might to comb the corners of the earth to search for her future pupils. To increase her mental powers, she even had a mutant tracking device created called "Mutivac', similar to Cerebro, with which she found the most success. She actively sought out young mutants that she thought could be of use, in both powers and personality.

    Enter Marie-Ange Colbert

    First Hellions team
    First Hellions team

    Not much has been revealed of the early life of Marie-Ange Colbert prior to her enrollment at the Massachusetts Academy. Marie was born in Lyons, France, and was sent to a very strict French convent school at a very young age; nothing is revealed about her parents, or why they chose to send her there. The only link to Marie's past is a deck of tarot cards that she owns. The deck once belonged to her grandmother, whom she was named after, and was passed down to Marie directly by her grandmother. Marie, a few times, indicated as well that it was her grandmother that taught her how to use the tarot cards. Tarot has also mentioned that her grandmother was a powerful prophet and divined many incredible things. **It can be presumed that her grandmother also had special gifts [powers] that would set her apart from baseline humans. As with most mutants and those who are in their genetic linage, they tend to share mutant powers as well (As with the Masterminds). Power usually increases with each generation, and whether this is mutant or mystical in nature is not explored.** What is clear is that they both shared the gift of future sight, garnering the ability to see events before they occur and possibly change them as well. Though it would be apparent that Marie's future was one that could not be changed, but rode like a wave. Nothing is revealed beyond that.

    While at the convent Marie would use her tarot cards regularly, attempting to divine her own future. In fact, Marie would become heavily reliant upon her cards, never making decisions on her own but letting the cards do it. However, her readings would always come through fragmented whenever she tried to see her future. One thing was certain. A woman would come for her soon, and her life would be changed forever. This woman would be Emma Frost then known to the world as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle.


    Tarot was created by Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema and first appeared in New Mutants #16 (1984).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Arrival of Emma Frost and Christopher Aaronson


    The White Queen had just completed locating her future students and quickly embarked on her mission to meet and recruit each of them. The next two individuals on her list were Christopher Aaronson and Marie-Ange Colbert. She would attempt to recruit Christopher first. The results would surprise Emma though as he would decline her offer out-right. Intrigued by these happenings, especially since she found him immune to her mental commands, she would offer him the chance to stay at the academy for a while and he could make his final decision later. She was convinced that she could change his mind. With Christopher in tow the two of them would got to France to meet up with Marie.

    Just as had Marie foreseen, a woman did come to her, the White Queen along with Christopher arrived seeking to speak with Marie and have her enroll at the academy. Immediately after their arrival at the convent Emma and Christopher quickly went to the entrance of the old, dilapidated building that was the convent. As Emma reached for the door-knob, the door would open. To the surprise of both Emma and Christopher, Marie stepped out and greeted them. Emma almost surprised, which for psychics is rare, greets her back and introduces Christopher. While Emma was talking to her, trying to convince her to enroll at the Massachusetts Academy and Christopher stood in awe of Marie's beauty. Marie was lost in thought. She was not toying with the idea of going with Emma, for Marie had already made her decision. In fact, Marie had already made her mind and was going to accept the offer. In fact, she had made her mind many months ago when she first foresaw these events in her tarot cards. Marie is a prescient, a mutant with the ability to see the events of the future before they occur. Marie's future sight had already informed her of the arrival of Emma and Christopher. Marie already knew when Emma was set to arrive, she knew who was coming, and she even knew that a future loomed in the horizon for her and the young American boy who accompanied Emma. Marie's divined reading showed her that the two of them[Marie and Christopher] would fall in love and that their lives and souls would be bound together inextricably. So while Emma continued her speech, Marie contemplated her future. Emma's presence at the French convent was just the beginning of Marie's destiny, a destiny Marie felt could be altered. Marie was more then eager to go, more then willing to bid her old life "adieu."

    Tarot & the Hellions

    The Hellions were trained, day in and day out, by their Headmistress the White Queen, Emma Frost. It was her goal to make them into a cohesive unit capable of pulling the victory in the most unlikely of circumstances. On the field, the Hellions, pulled together quite well. Under Emma's teachings, they became a well oiled machine. They supported each others weaknesses and played up each others strengths. Off the field was a whole other matter, they were the exact opposite. Personalities differed from each other as well as their social status'. For the most part the Hellions got along okay but there were simply too many alpha male/female personalities that make it nearly for the team to mesh of the battle field. This was especially the case for Marie. Marie was very different from a majority of her teammates. Most of her team were for a lack of better words, quite simply mean. Marie was by nature very introverted, shy, very emotional, quiet spoken and sympathetic. She had no problem with being in the background. Marie did very little to draw attention to herself, if anything the spotlight hindered her rather than helped her.

    Hellions VS New Mutants
    Hellions VS New Mutants

    Marie's membership in the Hellions was a very rough transition for her. Much of the anguish she went through was a result of her prescient powers. As with many precogs, because she could see the future, she for the most part knew her teammates already, before even meeting them. In contrast though, the teammates didn't know her at all. As a result she didn't interact very much with the rest of the team. Where most of the others grew bond's and lasting relationships she would be on the side, simply toying with her cards.

    Marie was bullied quite a bit by the others. Most of the time by her more mean spirited teammates like Roulette and Empath. Empath knowing full well that Marie had a crush on him, would use his power on her intensifying her emotions, basically torturing her. She allowed his actions rarely fighting back, because her feelings for him. Roulette on the other hand bullied her for a whole other reason. Roulette used her looks, flirtatious nature and luck powers to drive men wild. Empath was one individual on the team that she like to flirt with most. When she saw that Marie, too, was flirting she reacted by being mean to Marie. This created an animosity that only a rivalry between the two. The only individuals that Tarot would ever act out against would be the two heat wielding, short tenured, members: Firestar and Magma. Apparently Empath had a "thing" for his fiery teammates and would find himself taken by both and had no problem showing it. Tarot would have no problem either, showing her discontent with these two individuals. In battle she would even choose to not aid them with her future sight not caring what would happen to them. Further pushing some her teammates away, during a battle with the Hellion's heated rivals the New Mutants. Tarot's battle with Mirage would reveal information that Tarot would much preferred to have stayed secret. Mirage would use her powers to draw forth a mental image of Tarot greatest desire. When it was fully created, Danielle realized that Tarots greatest desire was one of the New Mutants. Apparently Tarot had a crush on one of them. Though never touched on again, it's likely that it may have been Cypher. Needless to say her teammates would be none the happier with this information and would not let her off the hook for some time.

    Though quite submissive and taciturn to her teammates, when on the battlefield she was vicious as any animal. Ready and willing to use her powers to further the interests of the Hellions and that of her headmistress, Emma Frost. On more than one occasion she wildly called out the images of her tarot cards to injure her enemies and protect her teammates. Favoring her darker cards like the Death Card or Devil Card to fight with.Tarot as she would be dubbed would actually be one of the more active members of the Hellions while in a battle. Regardless of her interpersonal relationships on the team, a future night was soon to come that would end the team known as the Hellions as they knew it. As day would turn to night, the lives of most of the Hellions would turn to death. Although, it's very likely that Tarot foresaw the events that would shortly take place. Tarot would do nothing to stop it. For Tarot, her predictions were unchangeable events, she see them as wave to be rode not to be changed.

    The Hellions No More

    The member's of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle were being murdered one by one leaving only a few members left, including Donald Pierce (the White Rook) and Emma Frost (the White Queen). Fearing for her life, the White Queen, would throw a ball and invite the X-Men. Her intentions were to use the ball as a means to ease tension between the two separate mutant factions [the X-Men and the Hellfire Club]. Her thoughts were that if another faction had the capacity to attack the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, and be as successful as they were, the X-Men couldn't be far from the next target. This, of course, couldn’t be a truer statement. Though, through numerous different interactions between the two groups through-out the night, it seemed as though it would be an impossible task. As arguments seemed to break out each time both sides would meet. In most cases it was the youthful immaturity of some of the more mean-spirited Hellions like Roulette, Jetstream and Empath. The X-Men, for the most part didn't create many of the fights. The exception was with Iceman. Younger then his team-mates, the antagonizing of the Hellions worked in getting a rise out of him. He did some antagonizing as well leading to a few fights.

    The End
    The End

    Towards the end of the night Emma would call a closed meeting with her and her Hellions and Storm and her X-Men (her part of the team was referred to as the Gold Team). It was during this time that the biggest fight would start, nearly creating an all out fight between the teams. Tarot and the other Hellions readied themselves for battle and powered up, the X-Men did the same. The Jean Grey though would interfere, mentally putting a stop to the fight. The White Queen would also use her mental powers, allowing her to keep her young teams anger reduced and keeping her team at bay. This meant she didn't have full use of her powers since they were actively being used not on one but her whole team. The X-Men's telepath Jean Grey, was also in a weakened state, and even more so when the White Queen used her power's, as the psychic feedback was dealing tremendous damage to her already frail state, along with what she had just don't(stopping the fight). Due to their power's not being fully available they would be caught off guard by the next occurrences. Two ass ailments, one man and one female, would enter the room. Though only one could be seen. The female attacker quickly tried to assassinate the White Queen, but was rebuffed and taken down as fast as she entered by Emma and her team. Tarot would take a defensive position close to Emma enabling her to protect her headmistress. While they attempted to question her, the other assailant would make his presence known. Jetstream and the superhumanly strong Beef (a newer field ready Hellion promoted when Thunderbird left) were nearest to the door. With everyone’s attention on the female assassin no one would see the next attack coming. There was a bright flash of light and everyone turns and saw another individual poised for battle. Trevor Fitzroy had made himself visible and (to everybody’s disbelief) quickly attack both Jetstream and Beef. He would begin to absorb Beef's life essence (in effect killing him) and throw him out of the high-rise building they were all in. Beef plunged to his death and landing in the middle of the street. Jetstream though, would not be thrown, Fitzroy would keep him and absorb his entire essence killing him in mere moments.

    The following events in the night would have most of the group of Hellions be killed in the same manner. Many of the Hellions would survive the initial battle only to be captured and detained by Fitzroy. Later he would absorb their life energies killing all of them. Unfortunately Tarot would fair no better. Although of all her teammates she was the most effective in battle she too would meet her demise. Amidst the battle she was cornered by a pair of Sentinels and was shot as she attempted to animate one of her cards. The White Queen would be placed in a coma and the X-Men would take on damage too, as they had been under the impression that Jean Grey had died.. All the training in the world could never have prepared Tarot and her teammates in the Hellions for the attack they would encounter. Her death along with the Hellions, though unfair, would lead to the eventual reform of the White Queen, her training of Generation X and finally her joining of the X-Men. It apparently wasn't in the cards for her to live. Or was it......

    Postmortem Appearances


    The Hellions including Roulette would have two more appearances, though they would be postmortem [after death]. In one occurrence Emma's sister Adrienne Frost was attempting to take the title and role of the White Queen in newer formation of the Inner Circle (one that Emma was not apart of). She created a psychic program in the danger Grotto (a room very similar to the Danger Room) that would have Emma and her new team of teenage mutants, Generation X, relive the last days of the Hellions. With them eventually sharing the same fate as the Hellions, and dieing in the same ways as each member of the Hellions did. All the members of Generation X would take on the appearances of each of the Hellions, save Jetstream. He would not have a living counter part, and would act on his own accord, as he would have when he was alive. The plan would fail though, with the Generation X team being able to see through the ploy and breaking free before the Hellions deaths. Emma and her team would live.

    Resurrection & the New Hellions


    Tarot would not be seen for a very long time. Why would she, she was dead right??? To the rest of world she was. Her teammates that lived saw pictures as proof of it. Thing is, she did not remain dead for long.

    On a night in San Francisco, while her old friends James Proudstar ( Warpath) was wandering the streets trying to clear his mind. She made herself presence known without clarifying as to how giving him a cryptic warning. James was very surprised and having a hard time dealing with the fact that one of his good friends was alive in front of him, especially since he had seen pictures of her death. She was very different from what he remembered. No longer was she the meek, quite girl who never made a decision without referring to her tarot cards. She was very confident in appearance, standing tall, using a clear loud voice and very stern. Every movement she made was for a reason, as was her meeting with James. She wasn't there to chat. She told James that one of his teammates, a member of X-Force, would soon betray him and to take heed. James tried to question her and get more information but she would not budge and told him nothing. She made her warning and turned to walk away. James tried to follow only to be informed not to. He continued and she turned around and even more different the before. She was cloaked in a black shroud and pulled out a huge scythe aimed at James. She took on the characteristics of her "death" tarot card. She warned one last time, not too follow, and continue to walk away. James taking the better part of valor listened to her warning and was going to walk away. He looked back to her only seconds later and she was gone, completely disappeared.

    New Hellions
    New Hellions

    Not long after Tarot's meeting with Warpath she would make yet another appearance. This time she would show up with a new team that she was apart of, the New Hellions. Along with her were: her paramour King Bedlam who was the organizer and leader of the new team, Magma, Paradigm, Feral and Switch. Although they would present themselves as allies to Warpath and his team, X-Force, nothing could be further from the truth. Their true intentions were to use X-Force to free and animate the cryogenically imprisoned Armageddon Man from the United States government. Once freed they would use him as a weapon and blackmail the U.S in giving them millions of dollars. Due to the level of danger involved in freeing Armageddon Man, they were to use Paradigm to possess and control the members of X-Force to do the dirty work for them. As they felt that X-Force was completely expendable. It was during this time that Tarot's earlier prediction would be seen. Jesse Bedlam, King Bedlam's younger brother and current member of X-Force, would defect from X-Force apparently joining his brother's New Hellions. The New Hellions were nearly successful, if not for the actions of Tarot. Not wanting to see anymore deaths she would decide to attack her teammate Paradigm, in effect releasing X-Force. The tide of the battle would quickly turn, seeing the New Hellions defeated and fleeing from their lose. Thankful to Tarot, X-Force would offer her membership in the team as a means of protecting her from from King Bedlam and thanks. She would decline the offer saying that her life and soul are completely bound to that of King Bedlam's. That she would go to be with him. She would leave immediately without a backwards glance. When she arrives to him, angered he would nearly hit her when she stops him by saying that she loves him and that without him she could not live. Cryptic as it sounded when she said it. Fan speculation leads many to believe that her words meant that she was somehow brought back to life by the mutant powers of King Bedlam.


    Tarot would not be seen or heard of again until the ramification of M-Day were shown. Evidently she was shown to be one of the mutants effectively depowered and no longer a mutant. As a result she lost the use of her mutant powers, as did 98% of the mutant population around the world. King Bedlam was also among the mutants who were depowered and as a result was no longer able to keep Tarot alive. Without King Bedlam sustaining her, Tarot died again.


    Tarot & The Hellions in Nocrosha
    Tarot & The Hellions in Nocrosha

    Tarot, along with most of the other Hellions, is among the mutants resurrected by Selene by means of the Transmode Virus.

    Mutant, Magic OR Both??

    There has been much speculation as to whether Tarot's powers were solely mutant in origin or if she had magical gifts as well. The fact that she relies so heavily on Tarot cards gives the assumption that she may have some type of arcane might as tarot cards are directly connected to it. Also it's hard to decipher if her precognitive powers were truly mutant in nature, as Emma's mutivac's registering Tarot's energy signature could have been her animation of the cards and not her foresight. Finally in her initial battle with the New Mutants, Illyana was to engage Tarot and instinctively drew her weapon the magical SoulSword. The SoulSword can only inflict damage on magical individuals. Illyana also had an innate sense to those that were magical in origin around her. If Tarot didn’t possess magical powers, there is no obvious reason for a trained sorceress, the Ruler of Limbo to pull her weapon on her.



    Prior to resurrection:

    When Tarot first manifested her mutant gifts they came in the form of Precognition and Post cognition. The ability to see events that have yet to occur. In addition, she was able to animate the images on her tarot cards with pure Psionic energy. Once created these avatars could do battle for her in their own physical form. Not invincible but actually Energy/Will based constructs, if hit with enough force whether physical or psionic they would disperse.


    Tarot is able to foresee the events of her's or other's futures with the combination of her mutant powers and the use of her tarot cards.


    Tarot was also able to see past event with the combined use of her mutant powers and her tarot cards.

    Psionic Will-Based Constructs:

    Tarot could materialize and animate tangible images of the 2-D avatars/images on her tarot cards. Once materialized they are completely under her mental control and do her bidding. Able to enter battle for her, protect her or even aid her in flight.


    Through use of her animate tarot cards she would grant flight. This was done by standing atop any of her fly cards and she would be lifted into the air.

    After Tarot's "apparent" resurrection:

    When Tarot re-emerged from her apparent resurrection she could use her mutant powers more finely. More in tune with her powers she was now able to assume the traits of the images on her tarot cards. Giving her a number of increased attributes of the card she was currently using. Her abilities were only increased when the cards were in use.

    Metamorphic/ Power Mimicry:

    Tarot could physically assume the strengths and characteristics of the avatars on her tarot cards. In effect allowing her to become more effective in physical combat. Additionally she could wield the weapons and armor that her tarot cards were equipped with. Each skill was dependent on the card that she was using at the time

    Superhuman speed:

    Capable of moving and running faster then the finest athlete.

    Superhuman Stamina:

    Tarot can exert herself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue impairs her.

    Superhuman Strength:

    Tarot had increased levels of strength to what level were never measured.

    Superhuman Durability:

    Tarot was more durable able to take more damage before she was incapacitated.


    Previously she could ride her tarot cards once animated, it's assumed she could flight if the appropriate card was selected and she mimicked the power.

    Death Touch:

    The death card could potential have a death touch and as a result she would too.

    Special Equipment:

    Tarot constantly keeps a deck of tarot cards with her. Most usually the deck her grandmother gave to her.

    Special Abilities:

    Tarot is skilled and received training in the use of the mystical tarot cards. As such she has finely tune this skill to a pin-point accuracy.


    Marie-Ange Colbert
    Marie-Ange Colbert

    Known Relatives:

    Unnamed Mother and Father; Marie-Ange (grandmother)


    Citizen of France; with no known criminal record. In America with use of a student VISA.

    Place of Birth:

    Lyons, France.

    Marital Status:



    Unrevealed. Formerly Student, Adventurer, Terrorist and Fortune-Teller.


    High School level classes while as Massachusetts Academy and French Convent School (unrevealed name).







    115 lbs.


    Green. When in use of mutant powers, eyes become a glowing white with no evident pupils.


    Red, in some instances black. In AoA timeline Tarot's hair was black.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

    Age of Apocalypse
    Age of Apocalypse

    In this alternate reality, Tarot was also a member of the Hellions but she had black instead of red hair, a group of young students located at the Massachusetts Academy. The significant difference though is that Emma Frost was not the individual that would bring them together and it would not be for the Hellfire Club. In sharp contrast the young mutants were students and being trained to be future agents of their High Lord Apocalypse. In the mainstream reality Earth #295, the Hellions were not truly bad, just trained by bad individuals, here though they actively participate in criminal acts which is why they were would seek out for their arrested. After the fall of Apocalypse, Magneto made it his initial mission to search out all renegade mutants and followers of Apocalypse. His first targets were the Hellions, who were caught unaware at their school. Tarot was easily defeated by Nightcrawler and brought in to stand trial. She, along with the other Hellions that were present during the invasion, is presumed to be currently incarcerated.

    Other Media


    Marvel: Battle of the Atom

    X-men: Battle of the Atom
    X-men: Battle of the Atom

    Tarot is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

    • [Undead Hellions] Tarot
    • [Undead] Hellions

    Tarot is featured as a boss in the Nechrosa event.

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Spider-Gwen appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [French Hellion] Tarot

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