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    Marc Slayton is a Kherubim half breed, he was member of Team Zero, Team One, and Team7, a former trainer for StormWatch, and leader of WildCORE for Dept PSI. He lost his leg at Purgatory Max when all the villains broke out. Currently a director of International Operations. He can turn himself into mist, and has the ability to generate psionic tendrils from his hands. Best hand to hand combatant of Team7.

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    In his long life Backlash aka Marc Slayton (formerly S'ylton) is a Kherubim half breed of Lord S'ylton (mother unknown) lord of the Kherubim colony Atlantis. His father died sinking the ancient city trapping the last of the Drahn underwater. Marc survived when Ferrian Lord S'ylton's first Knight escaped from the city. Ferrian raised and trained Marc who has been in his estimated 3,000 years of life a ninja, knight, military intelligence operative, USAF Sergeant Rescue Commando, USAF Colonel, special forces operative, StormWatch drill master and leader of WildCORE.

    Backlash is considered to be one of the best hand to hand combatants in the world, he has fought and bested (and in some cases been bested by) Grifter, Zealot, WarGuard member Talos.

    Team Zero, 1 and 7

    During WW2 Marc worked as an Intelligence operative and was recruited into Team Zero for Operation: Blue Plate. Marc and that era's Grifter were the only survivors. Later as a Sergeant in the 60's-70's he stopped the Daemonite sabotage attempt on the Icarus rocket and was recruited into Team One which became the foundation for WildC.A.T.s, StormWatch and Team 7. In the late 70's-80's he joined Team 7 which fell under the command of I.O. and during mission he along with the rest of the team were setup and exposed to the GenFactor.

    After the fallout of Team 7, Marc helped the other members escape from I.O. He agreed to work as an I.O. agent if I.O would allow the rest of Team 7 to escape custody. Marc's mission was to be a mole in the new UN team StormWatch. Bendix who had worked with Marc in Team One, was the current Weatherman and Director of StormWatch, convinced Marc to work as a double agent allowing him to keep his deal with I.O. without compromising StormWatch.


    Backlash was tasked to train up the new lead agents for StormWatch, StormWatch: Prime. During this time Marc with the rest of StormWatch Prime had helped Striker and the rest of Cyberforce escape from Cyberdata (Cyberforce #0). He led and trained the team until the last days of the Gulf War when the Iraq forces were retreating and destroying everything in their wake. StormWatch: Prime was ambushed by the Mercs after the team split up during the mission under the command of Marc. Flashpoint, Sunburst and Nautika were listed as KIA and Marc stepped down as the team leader and took the position as the head drill master full time training the new StormWatch members removing himself from the active mission roster. Marc began a relationship with StormWatch agent Diane Lasalle and they fell in love.

    After the events in WildCATS #4 vol 1, a Daemonite survivor infiltrated SkyWatch; the StormWatch's space station HQ, and took possession of Diane La Salle who was at the time in charge of the WarGuard. In the Daemonites escape they unleashed the WarGuard to distract StormWatch. Backlash joined in the fight and hunted down his possessed girlfriend and removed the Daemonite forcefully with his psi-whips leaving Diane a dying shell.

    Solo and WildCore

    Marc along with long time surviving Team 7 (crippled pre-Gen Factor) member Cyberjack, was contacted to deal with the Kindred on South American I.O. base on Caballito island named Eden's Gate. Marc was called in to save Lynch, his former commander of Team 7, and members of Lynch's staff, for info that could lead to saving Diane. There he worked with Grifter, Lynch and Cyberjack in stopping another one time member of Team 7 (left for dead pre-GenFactor) who was now the leader of the animal Kindred calling himself Bloodmoon.

    Becoming a Criminal

    With the information that Slayton gained from I.O. he managed to decide that the best way to save his formerly possessed girlfriend was by breaking into the Purgatory Max prison where he wanted to free a criminal known as Taboo. Slayton broke into the prison and worked his way in, he then made a deal with Amanda Reed (Taboo's alias) that she would help him in return for her freedom, however if she broke his trust he'd kill her or send her back. During the breakout they were surrounded by the guards on the Arctic ice cap (where Purgatory Max is situated) and eventually were rescued by their getaway ride driven by Cyberjack. After this, both Backlash and Taboo are together, and because the Daemonite that they're after is actually possessing a high profile Hollywood film producer, they are able to track him down with ease to a party. During the party, the Daemonite tries to kill Lord Emp, since he is part of the Cabal. Backlash stops this, but unfortunately both him and the Daemonite are stopped by Savage Dragon, the police officer in the area. Because of this S'yrin (the Daemonite's name) escapes, along with Pike, his follower. Even though Savage Dragon wants to arrest Backlash since he's in the FBI's most wanted for breaking out Taboo, Lord EMP demands that the Void teleports them all out, because Backlash saved his life.

    Taking Down the Daemonite

    Together they hunted the Daemonite and purged the psychic trauma from Diane. However, the latter eventually broke up with him and Marc went on with life. He eventually came into contact with his Daughter, Jodi, whose mother had ended up dying and thus she went looking after her father. Marc tried to be a good father to his daughter and at one point they were attacked by Deamonites who took both of them, but Backlash managed to fight them off. During this time he was also having a hard time dealing with Taboo as well, because of his break up with Diane.

    Eventually Grifter comes by, having wanted to take a piece from Cyberjack who wasn't there. He eventually sets it up in his Motorbike, but learns that Backlash was living there (but not there at the time) and finds himself irritated at the fact that Cyberjack is harboring Backlash there, taking into account he hates him. Backlash on the other hand was at a bar when eventually a bunch of thugs come in. When they start pushing around the townspeople inside the bar, Backlash starts fighting him and then one of them transforms into a huge monster. Around this time, the Grifter shows up at the same bar and the two of them end up fighting the monster together.

    He continued to operate independently, participating in major events; WildStorm Rising where Backlash fought Hellspont one on one and Fires From Heaven where he met his son Aries and joined Dept PSI.

    Once they Joined Dept PSI Marc and Amanda worked to fight the Drahn, Tapestry and built the team WildCORE using Lord EMP's old list of possible WildC.A.T.s candidates. During this time Marc fought the Kindred a second time and combated Dinosaurs while on vacation. His time with Dept PSI ended when WildCorps was slaughtered leaving only Marc missing a leg and Taboo alive but missing. Since then he has been made Director of I.O. and after the WORLD STORM event rejoined Team 7 and his daughter to save the world.

    Family Ties

    Since then Taboo and Marc have been dating and living together. Taboo was pregnant and Marc was going to ask her to marry him until a mission that included dinosaurs killed the unborn baby. Marc was last seen putting the ring back into his pocket as he moved to console Taboo. Since Marc left Dept PSI, Taboo has not been seen.

    He has two children from former girl friend Lynn Morinaka in 1980 after a stint of shore leave. They are Aries (real name unknown) his altered son under the control of Kaizen Gamorra and Jodi Morinaka aka Crimson who later took the handle Jet after WildCORE fell. Jodi currently holds the name Backlash and has been told that her actions will not be excused by Backlash just because she is his daughter.


    Previous powers:

    As a one time carrier of the Gen-Factor Backlash had access to a healing factor as well as high-end telepathy and telekinesis. All of which he lost when his Kherubim heritage purged his system of the Gen Factor.

    Half Gen-Factor:

    Whips: During his final mission with Team 7 ( as seen in Team 7 Objective: Hell #3) he was able to generate Psi-Whips; telekinetic generated psychic tendrils that can rend, coil and produce energy to shock opponents and objects.These Whips have been shown to be strong enough to one-shot a military APC.

    Avoiding bullets with ease
    Avoiding bullets with ease

    Superhuman speed, strength and agility: Due to his Kherubim ancestry Slayton has a degree of superhuman speed, strength and agility. He has been seen dodging volleys of gun fire without hardly any effort and lifting objects well outside the normal scale for a human.

    Psychic Backlash: Whether this is due to his Gen-Factor or his Kherubim heritage is unclear however Marc is immune to telepathy in fact if a telepath attempts to enter his mind it causes them immense pain.

    Dematerialization: Due to his Gen-factor Marc can turn himself into mist rendering him completely intangible for a certain period of time. He has even used this ability to enter an enemy's body and kill them for the inside.

    Telekinesis: In extreme circumstances Backlash has been able to use telekinesis. He used it once when faced with Helspont to force the Daemonite back.

    Expert hand to hand fighter: Due to the fact that he is over 3 thousand years old Backlash is considered to be the best hand to hand fighter in WildStorm and has shown on multiple occasions that he is far superior to a lot of WildStorm's experienced fighters. He has beaten Zealot in hand to hand twice, once without seemingly any effort.

    No Gen-Factor:

    After the total loss of his Gen-Factor his Psi-Whips were enhanced to a point where Marc could one-shot Daemonites with little effort. Since the loss of the GenFactor Marc's ability to mist is severely limited and he can only perform is a couple of times a day compared to the unlimited time he could before.

    He also has a cybernetic bionic leg, from his time as a director of I.O. to replace his damaged one.

    Armageddon Future

    It seems that the original Backlash has been replaced by his daughter, Jet. (Backlash #25) who has married Geek from the Dept PSI team BlackOps.


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