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Jackson Dane was born in Battle Creek, MI ; after several tours in the military, he was recruited into I.O.'s Team Seven from the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta, better known as Delta Force.

Major Story Arcs

Team 7

After many missions as a part of Team 7 (codename : Arclight), during which he distinguished himself as the one with the most combat experience, Dane was exposed to the GenFactor along with the others. And just like the others, he manifested powerful psionic abilities. After Craven's attempt to nuke Team 7 to test their powers, Dane joined the others in hiding from IO. During Team 7's later mission into Southeast Asia to destroy a weapons dump, Dane and Cray stood against a hostile troop of Russian soldiers. It was during this fight that Dane brought Cray back to life after he had been mortally wounded. However, Dane then faced a powerful Russian psi whose attack left Dane in a vegetative state.

Dane was brought back to IO for examination and was moved to the highly classified Level 9 of the IO HQ. Level 9 was where all the previous test subjects and failures had been hidden away. Sensing Dane's incredible potential, the Level 9 inhabitants decided to use his body as a weapon for their vengeance against Craven. The rest of Team 7 were called in to help stop the attack and managed to free Dane from their control.


During the next few years, Dane was rehabilitated, though he still suffered from some memory loss. A strong sense of patriotism eventually brought him back into government service. His first assignment was as a member of the SOG, and then as the head of a newly requisitioned Team 7.

Because of his lauded military record, Dane was granted unilateral recruitment capacities, hand-selecting from every service what he considered to be the best of the next generation special forces personnel into his own unit. This Team 7, codenamed "Wetworks"', served IO for several years before they too were betrayed by Craven. While on a suicide mission, they encountered resistance from vampires and ended up being exposed to the golden symbiotes which they now wear. Learning that they had been set up by Craven yet again, Dane and his team went AWOL, entering the patronage of industrialist Armand Waering. Under Waering they struck a deal whereby Dane's team would act as a strikeforce against the plans of the Vampire Nation in return for Waering's financial support.

During their second encounter with the Vampire Nation, the team learned that the vampires had the ability to control the symbiotes to a certain extent and both Crossbones and Flattop died as a result (Mother One's responsibility for their deaths is still a secret.)

Since then, the team has struggled in many ways. Chief among these was the radical changes the members were going through as a result of their symbiotes. Dozer swelled up to an overly muscular form, Grail has become encased in a field of destructive energy, Jester has recently been proven to have been killed by his symbiote which in turn then absorbed his soul, and Pilgrim vanished without a trace for a while. Yet through all of these hardships, Dane has managed to keep the team together and now with the return of Pilgrim and Dozer learning to better control his form, Dane has a full team again with a new addition in Blackbird, Pilgrim's brother.

Dane was challenged to a fight by the Vampire Queen which not only resulted in both of them being heavily injured but in Dane regaining the memories of his past encounters with her. It has also been revealed that Waering was a werewolf, using the Wetworks team as his weapon in the ages-long war against the Vampire Nation.


The team disbanded after the Night Tribe war ended, but Dane reformed the squad to deal with a new threat attacking Earth from another dimension.

World's End

After the global Armageddon, Dane brought Wetworks and his allies to Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe was stuck under permanent cloud cover and was being ravaged by the Night Tribes. Dane and Wetworks strive to rescue the human population.

Powers & Abilities

The golden armor each member is joined with gives them increased strength, limited invulnerability and a mental link to one another as well as various individual powers. Dane developed powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities


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