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Cybernary was created for use in Wildstorm comics by Nick Manabat and Steve Gerber. Her first appearance is in Deathblow #1 which was released in 1993.


The original Cybernary was a woman by the name of Katrina Cupertino. On the island of Gamorra she was a successful criminal that worked with a man named Cisco. On one job she and Cisco hijacked a truck full of Hunter Killer weaponry and Gamorran technology and delivered it to a group of buyers. Unfortunately the cargo was being tracked and a squad of Hunter Killer cyborgs showed up at the exchange point. Cisco got captured and was taken to a lab to be turned into a robot. Katrina attempted to rescue him but was forced to take his place. Her body was worked on for months until one of Kaizen's advisers threatened to close the project. To ensure that the new cyborg couldn't just be thrown away after all his hard work, Cybernary's creator killed Kaizen's daughter and downloaded her mind into the body, but left Katrina's in there as well.

During Deathblow's attack on the Gamorran base, Cybernary was able to break free and escape. She stayed on Gamorra for a while and made it her business to destroy other cyborgs under the service of Kaizen Gamorra. After one of her attacks on the cyborgs she was found by dwarves that inhabit the island that work with technology. They tried to figure out what had happened to Cybernary and in the result made her aware of her own past. Cybernary partnered with Miranda, a cyborg that lived with the dwarves and they tried to find Cisco. When they did it was too late. He had been turned into a monster and Cybernary was forced to kill him. In the time after her escape, Cybernary's creator had been brought back to working condition and he wanted to go after his prized creation. Kaizen let him go but when he came across Cybernary, she killed him too. Cybernary and Miranda left the island but Cybernary vowed to destroy it one day.

Savant Garde

Somewhere along the way, part of Cisco's mind was recovered and put into a demolition droid and renamed Met-L. Cybernary, Miranda and Met-L stayed together and worked alone until they met Savant. While Savant was on an adventure with Mabel (and guarded by Majestic), the two groups met and fought over a magical device that transported them to another dimension and dragged along Sheba and Innuendo, two characters they had also run into. In the on the other Earth, Cybernary met a version of her previous self (Katrina) and helped her fight a war against Tapestry alongside Savant Garde. After their adventure they returned to Earth and Cybernary and her crew joined up with Savant.

During one adventure, Cybernary learned that "her father" (really it was the evil John Colt in the guise of Kaizen Gamorra, the Yumiko Gamorra personality's father) had been killed and that triggered a program in her mind. Savant Garde barely got to her in time to stop her from releasing a virus that would killed all but the cyborg population of the planet, but after they averted her attempts, they were able to remove that programming.

Cybernary 2.0

What happened after her time with Savant Garde is unclear, but the next time Sybernary showed up, she was in a lab beneath Gamorra. Scientists were working to fix her memory so Yumiko Gamorra's personality could be brought to the surface so she could be reunited with her father. Unfortunately, before they could finish, Midnighter crashed the Carrier into Gamorra tower to kill him and there was an explosion down below that killed all the scientists and released a confused and upgraded Cybernary into the ruins of Gamorra tower.

Not long after that, two groups learned of Cybernary's existence, the Mecha-Jin (cyborg ninja's of Gamorra's underground) and human leaders of Gamorra. Both groups knew Cybernary possessed the mind of Yumiko Gamorra and that made her the rightful heir to Gamorra's throne. The humans wanted to use her as a puppet so they could rule and the Mecha-Jin wanted her to be their leader and free all cyborgs from human control by taking charge of Gamorra and giving it to the cyborgs. Cybernary was captured by the humans but a cyborg named Mecha Max that worked for them was secretly one of the Mecha-Jin and he took her to their leader. The Mecha-Jin were led by a cyborg by the name of Mother Cybernary. The cyborg resembled the original Cybernary and even said her name had once been Katrina, but her origins are unknown. Hearing what the cyborgs wanted, Cybernary decided to take the role of Gamorra's ruler and declared the island a Cybernation.

There were more forces in play in Gamorra than Cybernary knew. Unbeknown to her, Kaizen Gamorra was still alive and had a plan to regain control, the leader of the humans had been shamed when he lost Cybernary and he wanted to kill her, the Mecha-Jin were beginning to doubt her because of her human connections, and The Authority were watching Gamorra closely since they had just killed one dictator and didn't know what Cybernary was up to. The humans sent an army of Coda assassins to kill Cybernary and she was eventually overcome when a little girl Cybernary cared for came into the room and distracted her. After she was defeated, the real Kaizen Gamorra came back into the picture to rally his people and a war broke out between the humans and the Mecha-Jin.

While The Authority decided if and how they would step in, Mecha Max took Cybernary to his group's base on Mother Cybernary's orders. Mother Cybernary was able to save Cybernary's soul in the form of energy and she asked the Engineer's help in reconstituting her. The revived cyborg looked like a mix of Mother Cybernary and Cybernary and demonstrated the former's control over technology when she activated a force field around the section of island the Mecha-Jin base was in and separated it from the rest of Gamorra. Cybernary called the island the cybernation of "New Gamorra" and became its leader.

World's End

The fate of New Gamorra after World's End is unknown, but right as the destruction of the planet was beginning, Cybernary attempted to assassinate her father for his crimes against her and humanity. As she was about to kill him Kaizen tried to persuade her that she should join him since he wasn't responsible for what had happened to her and attempted to justify his evil actions as necessary for the defense of his people. Cybernary didn't buy it but right as she attacked High clones burst into the tower and she fought alongside her father to kill them. After the battle, Kaizen told his daughter that the world was in trouble and he was the only one capable of restoring order since he was the only one that had known to take precautions against what had happened. The island of Gamorra being protected by a force field and rising into the sky seemed to support his statement and Cybernary agreed to stay with him.

Later, when Kaizen Gamorra attempted to destroy The Authority and pillage the crashed Carrier, Cybernary helped him by defeating and capturing Jack Hawksmoor. When their plan eventually failed, Cybernary was defeated and depowered by The Engineer.

After the defeat of the Red Blade, Cybernary teamed up with Zealot to start building an army of human females.


Though she looks like a sex droid, Cybernary is outfitted with war ware that would put a Hunter Killer to shame. She's superhumanly strong, fast, agile and durable and possesses greatly enhanced senses. She retains her mind so she still has all her street smarts and weaponry skills (plus what was added). Katrina had natural telepathic and empathic abilities that are not only still functional, but now work in conjunction with a battle computer to give her "near-supernatural anticipation of her opponent's movements." Cybernary has been able to easily kill squadrons of Gamorra Hunter-Killer cyborgs, dozens of Coda assassins, platoons of Children of Gamorra, and even several High clones at the start of World's End. Cybernary's standard weapons are guns and swords, but her body comes with many surprises. She can generate powerful lasers and whip swords, can sprout blades all over her body, and cover her weapons with electricity to be more destructive. Her nanotechnology seems to be able to grant her whatever weapon she needs at the moment. In addition to being physically tough (Cybernary is bulletproof), her "sim-skin" can modify its appearance as well. Cybernary can even use her sex droid side as a weapon, accessing specially crafted pheromones to control other individuals (even cyborgs) that are in close proximity or in physical contact with her. Her Hunter Killer side can take over to perform tasks more efficiently or keep her going when things might stop her organic side. Her Hunter Killer side also has a system that keeps her chemically balanced to protect her from biological and chemical attacks.

After her death in Cybernary 2.0, Cybernary seemed to gain the ability to transmit herself as an electrical signal. When she bonded with Mother Cybernary she gained yet another ability, to control machines.


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