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    Cyblade is a member of Cyberforce. She is a meta-human who possesses the ability to create and manipulate electromagnetic energy. The energy manifests itself through her fingertips where it can then be used to perform functions limited only to Cyblade's imagination.

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    Dominique Thiebaut has been leading a double life. By day, she's an awkward teenager with amazing power that she can barely control being trained by the seemingly kind-hearted Cyberdata Corporation. By night, she's one of Cyberdata's best operatives. Wielding psychic energy to create explosive blades of energy, she's a specialist in wetwork ranging from thieving to assassination. The corporation's Brain Box technology, implanted directly in her cerebral cortex, keeps the personalities separate, and her double life a secret from even herself. When she sustains an injury that destroys the Brain Box, the truth is revealed to her by her handler, Steven Rashell.

    Rashell is part of a resistance that's infiltrated Cyberdata and has been trying to free the other cybernetically enhanced mutants. Now, Dominique must decide her own destiny. Rashell's plans are interrupted when Cyberdata sends an assassin after him. He narrowly escapes and leaves Dominique in the hands of the corporation. Cyblade's first set of new orders, straight from the Director of Cyberdata, is to find and kill Rashell.



    Dominique Thiebaut was born into a royal family who ruled a small fictional European kingdom called Chalenne. Her great-grandfather, Aubrey II, bore only one child, Marie, a female. With her father's blessing, Marie married a man named Jean-Michel Thiebaut who was a colonel in the kingdom's army and eventual Prime Minister. Marie and Jean-Michel bore two children, one who died at a young age and the other, Patrick, who would later become Dominique's father. Patrick was a man less morally sound than his parents and was obsessed with wealth and power. Out of political reasons he married a shy girl named Claire. Their first child was a son, Michel. Two years later, Marie bore a second child but died during the process. The baby was named Dominique Aurore Marie Thiebaut, a meta-human, who would later be known as Cyblade.

    Typical of many royal children, Dominique was a spoiled child. Atypical of many children, she was a meta-human, or mutant. The first signs of Dominique's power manifested when she was attacked by armed gunmen at school. It is at this point a group known as Cyberdata secretly began scouting her. Seeking to help protect his child, Dominique's father hired Madame Jocelyn to teach her martial arts and gymnastics. Under her strict tutelage Dominique became an expert martial artist and gymnast who would settle for nothing short of perfection. Michel and eventually Patrick began to see the changes that took place in the once cheery Dominique, but not before it was too late. Shortly after Patrick dismissed Jocelyn, Dominique's father and brother would meet tragic ends - ends that Dominique believed she could have prevented. Unbeknownst to Dominique, their apparent deaths were orchestrated by Cyberdata, and a member of the corporation attended the joint funeral.

    After the deaths of her family, Dominique decided to leave her homeland and traveled to the Middle East. There she simultaneously studied to become a doctor and participated as a freedom fighter. During a mission where she accompanied Madame Jocelyn she suddenly blacked out. When she came to she was informed that she had to have an emergency medical procedure that was provided by their employers, a company known as Cyberdata. In reality Cyberdata had performed cybernetic surgery on Dominique to enhance her mutant abilities and to secretly implanted a brain-box within her that would allow them to control her. She was assigned to become a Special Hazardous Operations Cyborg (SHOC). From this point on, Dominique became known as Cyblade.


    Cyblade with Cyberforce
    Cyblade with Cyberforce

    While working for Cyberdata, Cyblade performed numerous missions for the group and eventually met two other members, Heatwave and Stryker. Both had discovered the atrocious crimes Cyberdata was committing and planned to leave the group and form their own. From them, Cyblade learned of the brain box within her head that allowed Cyberdata to control and manipulate her into committing villainous acts for the benefit of the company. She allowed the two to remove the box and joined with them to create Cyberforce.

    Before leaving the company Cyblade would find her long thought dead brother Michel. She learned from Madame Jocelyn that Michel was also a mutant and was being conditioned to be a S.H.O.C. She also learned about her mentors role in the death of her father. Enraged, Dominique attacked Jocelyn only to find out that the woman was also a cyborg. The fight between the two triggered an explosion just as Michel was coming to and the explosion deformed the older Thiebaut. It was after this incident that Cyblade would oppose Cyberdata no matter the cost and join forces with Cyberforce.

    Cyblade was instrumental in building Cyberforce. While with Cyberdata she had become a very successful businesswoman, amassing a personal fortune. Coupled with her ties to royalty, she possessed a great deal of wealth which helped in obtaining resources for the group.

    After the Devils Reign incident, where Heatwave sacrificed himself to stop Mephisto, Cyblade became leader of Cyberforce. She remained field leader until Cyberforce disbanded.

    Personal Information

    • Height: 5'10" ft/in
    • Weight:125 lbs
    • Eyes: Black
    • Hair: Purple
    • Citizenship: American
    • Gender: Female
    • Marital Status: Single

    Powers and Abilities

    Cyblade demonstrating her signature pink blades
    Cyblade demonstrating her signature pink blades

    Cyblade is a meta-human born with the ability to create and manipulate electromagnetic energy. The energy manifests itself through her fingertips where it can then be used to perform functions limited only to Cyblade's imagination. Most commonly she creates 'blades' of energy from one, or both, hands which have been shown to cut through various objects and reach up to 5000°C. She can also psionically control the energy to travel from her to any point that she can see, however the energy dissipates the further it travels. Thus, if she fired at someone 25 feet away they would be hit with the equivalent of 25,000 megawatts of power. But, if that person was was 2,500 feet away they would only be hit with 500 megawatts. Cyblade also is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained in Aikido and Jeet Kun Do as well as the use of a sword. Her training coupled with her mutant ability allow Cyblade to be a dangerous threat both in melee and at range. She has also demonstrated tactical ability and leadership skills during brief tenures as the leader of Cyberforce.


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