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In the 60's or 70's, a Daemonite named Helspont made his first documented move against humanity. Helspont tried to start a nuclear war between the most powerful nations on Earth in order to get humans to destroy themselves so the planet would be empty for the Daemonites. Lord Emp, a Kherubim, created Team 1 to combat Helspont and the villains he had gathered to help him. The team included Mr. Majestic, Regiment, Zealot, John Colt (the mind of Spartan), Think Tank ( Henry Bendix), Slay and Isaiah King. Almost every member of the team would go on to be a major force in the Wildstorm Universe, but their first fight against Helspont was to be their last time working together.

Since Helspont wasn't acting alone, he was more dangerous than they had expected. Along with some Daemonites he had working for him, Helspont had also allied with a man that was known as Slaughterhouse Smith. Smith was a super powered human that could shoot lasers from his eyes and hands as well as fly. He ran a large gang that pretty much owned New York. Helspont thought he would be good to have working with him so he recruited him and his men (one of which would go on to become Pike, a member of Helspont's second The Cabal) to help him.

Slaughterhouse Smith knew that helping Helspont meant betraying his race and he was perfectly fine with it. He had never felt like he was part of the human race to begin with, so killing everyone to make way for the Helspont's Daemonites was not a problem. Helspont led Smith, his men and some Daemonites in an attack against a US missile base in order to get access to a nuke.

In less than half an hour they had complete control and Team 1 was sent to stop them. Before they showed up though, Helspont turned on Smith. He announced that he planned to launch the first missile at New York City, where Smith's family and only friends lived. Smith tried to stop him, but Helspont had control of his men so Smith could do nothing but stand there.

As Helspont got ready to launch the missile, Team 1 arrived and a fight ensued. Various Team 1 members paired up with named and unnamed villains on Helspont's side, but Helspont himself was locked in battle with Mr. Majestic. Helspont was winning and he launched the missile while he fought Majestic. What exactly happened next is unknown since the story ends after the missile is launched without telling the reader anything. Since Mr. Majestic shows up after the fight in other books, he obviously wasn't killed by Helspont. Helspont also failed to destroy New York.

Before the comic ends, Regiment, a member of Team 1 is seen riding the bomb and New York is still in place in following comics so he must have disarmed it, though he may have died in the process. After the Team 1 incident, Helspont disappears for a while and isn't seen for decades.


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