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    The Kherubim are an alien humanoid race from the planet Khera who are locked in an eternal struggle with the Daemonites.

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    The Kherubim were an ancient race of interstellar conquerors whose true origins were uncertain. It was claimed that they emigrated to their homeworld of Khera around a billennia ago where they left their original distant and ancient home around a dying sun. In reality, it was a progenitor species that spawned their kind who dispatched Planet Shaper Engines to colonize new worlds. These planets thus created newborn Kherans that incorporated any native species as servitors which added further genetic diversity to their kind. As a result, the Kherubim were in effect a race of cosmic cuckoos that stole homeworlds from other species.

    At some point, a Planet Shaper landed on the world of Khera that was dominated by the primitive Titanothropes. Atlas-class war machines within the engine activated in order to cull the native race and ensure that they did not interfere in the development of the Kherubim. The Titanothropes became subsumed into Kheran society where they somewhat resented their masters but continued to serve them. In time, they formed an empire centered around Khera that meant heaven in their language.

    Their society eventually was divided into a number of factions that included subspecies:

    Similarly, on the planet Daemon, a Planet Shaper Engine arrived on the planet and attempted to turn the native Daemonites into a servitor species for the Kherubim. However, the process failed and the Daemonites rebelled against the Kherans and killed them. Thus, the Daemonite Wars began with the Kherubim locked in an eternal and near endless struggle with the Daemonites. This conflict saw entire galaxies turned into warzones and planets became the sites of battlefields between the two races.

    The New 52

    Following the Flashpoint, the Kherubim became incorporated into the greater universe. They were revealed to had once attempted to enslave the Daemonites before the servitor species rose up against them. Khera was one of various interstellar empires that dominated space where they stood alongside the Czarnians, Daemonites and Thanagarians.

    When a Daemonite spawned plague decimated Thanagar, the Thanagarians attempted to mine Nth Metal deep underground on their world. However, the expense in the process made their rulers consider purchasing mining equipment from the Kherubim.


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